Spotlight: DuraTrax® Evader™ DT 2WD RTR pre-runner truck

Spotlight: DuraTrax® Evader™ DT 2WD RTR pre-runner truck

SICK scale detail and a sweet low price. Together, they make the 1/10 scale, ready-to-run
Duratrax Evader DT electric truck one-of-a-kind. Killer custom style surrounds the tough-as-nails
two-wheel-drive chassis. Tucked neatly beneath the expertly painted
pre-runner body the Evader DT’s off-road wheels and tires go the extra mile in realism, right
down to raised lettering on the sidewall rubber. The good looks keep coming at you: from the
front bumper, skid plate and light bar to the side mirrors and truck bed complete with
roll bar, cooler, and tire rack with functional spare. And what else would you expect but a bar-style
bumper bringing up the rear? Hit the throttle of the included Tactic radio
the Photon Speed Two motor springs into action and it’s easy to imagine that you’re ripping
up a river bank, catching air and coming down easy — confident that if a Stress-Tech part
breaks, Duratrax will replace it, free! Now beauty’s skin deep, but rugged runs to
the bone. Your Evader DT outlives abuse with its hardened
steel axles and drive shafts, leak-resistant metal caps on oil-filled shocks and even a
speed control mounting strap for security on rough off-road tracks. Enjoy pre-runner style action in four striking
scale looks Want even more speed, strength and style? Upgrade anytime with widely available Duratrax
Evader option parts. Get an electric RTR rig that rocks: Evader
DT, the real deal in racing trucks.

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  1. Looks good, especially in black. The proprietary wheels are both a curse and a blessing. A curse for Evader DT buyers who want to try aftermarket items, but a blessing for owners of Evader ST's and BX's, as well as some other vehicles with similar hubs, who want to convert to a more scale-appearing style.

  2. awesome! its got everything! EXCEPT BALL BEARINGS. what a blow, thats a huge let down, and will probably stop me from buying one.

  3. This is a really cool fun truck. I just finished my review of it and really enjoyed it. It's a unique setup, basically in a class of its own, which is hard to pull off.

  4. i got one coming in the mail that i bought used. it already has a BB kit, as well as a 35amp EZ-run brushless system with a 3900kv motor. got if for $125, minus a radio and battery.

  5. @TheSupersolder yo well this truck is bigger than the losi, but if i where you save a bit more money then get a 4×4. you will have a lot for fun.

  6. You can put a 7 cell in it easly if you take out the foam thing in the battery tray and get a long 7 cell, not a hump pack

  7. i break every thing i own and im 11 years old. my dad got me this awesome evader dtx trucks (blue and cool) that he said was almost impossible to break and the next thing you know 2 or 3 months later on the 4th of july the thing was bouncin around on the grass in my grandfathers front yard and i rolled it and 5 minutes later it stopped… the right rear dog bone fell out and to this day it is still busted. the body was cracked also from when i drove it under a scion tc… stupid import scion.

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