SportRack Trunk Bike Rack Review –

SportRack Trunk Bike Rack Review –

Today, we will be reviewing the Sportrack
Three-bike Anti-Sway trunk-mount bike rack, Part Number sr3152. This bike rack is also available in a two-bike
trunk-mount rack, Part Number sr3161. Lets begin by pointing out some of the features
of this particular bike rack. As you will see here, the bike rack is fully
adjustable to accommodate many different trunk styles as well as rear hatch styles. As you will see here, the bike rack is easily
adjustable by turning the two large knobs at the center of the rack. You will need to adjust this
to fit the rear of your vehicle.

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  1. Strap rack are alright but you also have to consider using those clip to hook up can eventually damage the cars Paint. My opinion is the best bike rack are the roof mount rack and the hitch rack. Nice video though clear and simple but like I said I prefer the other two types of rack.

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