SportRack 3 Bike Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack Review –

SportRack 3 Bike Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack Review –

The first step in installing this bicycle
rack is to go ahead and disconnect the wheel mount as it comes packaged already installed
on the rack. We will take the wheel mount and put it behind
the spare tire and then we will re-install the rack. The next step is to take off the spare tire
cover if you have one, then the spare tire itself. Next we can slide on our adapter plate, it
has a variety of different holes in it for different makes and models of vehicles. With the spare and the mount installed we
can put our rack on using its locking bolt. The cradles are mounted loose so you can adjust
them for the different tilts of the top tube on your bike. We will leave them level for now and we will
install a couple of bikes to show how they fit. The cradles are loosely set on the rack, we
will set the bike on there to get the tilt we want. That is how a standard frame bicycle will
work on this rack. Now we will show you an alternative frame
bicycle. We will do the same thing, we will test fit
it and set the cradle where we want it, and tighten it down. As you can see an alternative fame bike will
work just fine on this rack with a simple adjustment. Now we will go to one final detail of this
installation. What we need to do next is install the stabilizing
strap that catches the top edge of the door, and goes down to the bike rack through the
buckle to give it additional support. We will show you a few of the features of
the cradle here on this rack. First off as you can see, you can offset the
cradle to match or fit the top tube of the bike. What is also nice is that this rack comes
with caps to go over the bolts so you do not scratch up your frame. Lastly, you have a nice rubber edge going
all the way through which has grooves that allow your cables to fit and not rub up against
the frame. Also, the security of this rack is really
good too. You have one simple key for two functions. One locks this cradle in place so you cannot
take this bike or the ones behind it off. Also to take the whole rack off, there is
a locking knob too, one key does both. With the knob locked, you cannot unscrew it
or clamp it down. With it unlocked, you can clamp it down or
loosen it up. There you have it for the SportRack spare
tire mount bicycle rack, their frontier deluxe model, part # A30813STL.

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  1. Nice rack. Bought this and works great. Little bit of a tight fit though with 2 road bikes and one mountain bike but besides that its great.

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