Speedway Motors 2018 SCCA Solo National Championships Music Video

Speedway Motors 2018 SCCA Solo National Championships Music Video

We’re on 100 acres of concrete in the
middle of cornfields. It’s flat, it’s open. This is a fantastic course for nationals.
This is our only chance to get on the big sweeping turns at high speeds and
really see what the car can do. One of our largest events in history we
have over 1,400 folks who are participating with us across this week.
Our goal is to not make it the biggest Solo Nationals we can, our goal really is
to make it the best Solo Nationals we can. The plane side course this year
is definitely a little bit more tight, a lot of slowdowns. I expected to have some
good slaloms, I expected to have some good switchbacks and I expect to have
some nice good straights where you could really get into the power and put some
power down. Vivek did a crazy good job on the corn side, it’s very flowing. This is a vast flowy course which works well with my car and
my driving style. They are longer courses than I usually run in Philly we
usually run about like 40-50 second courses. Both of them Karen and
Vivek did a really great job. Yesterday was a beep show. It was crazy
at one point on Tuesday I saw an arc or two go by. I’ve been autocrossing since 1994 and I
have never driven a car with water so deep. We had to add a snorkel to the car
so that we didn’t land up sucking water into the motor. I drove in probably the
most water I’ve ever driven in in my life and really understand hydroplaning a little bit better. When it’s wet all bets are off
you’re just processing at a million miles a minute. I think the really hard part that
requires a lot of skill and I think where the experience comes in is being
able to slow down enough during the drying conditions. That change in
condition throughout the runs was interesting because the car handled very
differently in different sections. It was challenging. We had a big turnaround that
stayed wet the entire time most of the rest of the course started to dry up so you
almost have to in your brain switch back and forth. I think the Solo Nationals is the place
where yes it’s absolutely the sharp into the sword in terms of competition and
competitors and driving skill but those same top competitors will also bend over
backwards to help another competitor. People drop everything and go and help
each other it’s just I feel like that’s just the culture that’s just autocrossers. Everybody’s here to help each other out and then just coming out and
getting to hang out with your friends that you’ve known for 20 years
really keeps me coming back. We have friends that we only see the once a year
when we come down here and everybody is so wonderful. The people here at SCCA
they’re all great people and they all work really hard to make sure
everybody’s having a great time.

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  1. While still relatively enjoyable, and I do appreciate that these are being made (thank you for that), I have some critiques (could even go so far as to say criticisms – please don't take offense. I offer these as a fellow autocross music-video maker, and I genuinely am just trying to help, not put down what you've made!).

    Firstly I've noticed a somewhat unfortunate trend in the last couple of these. They're no longer music videos. These have effectively become commercials/advertisements with music-video aspects incorporated into them. The flow of the video is badly broken up by the verbal descriptions of the event, and while I get that some people might want to see such things, I really think it is to the detriment of the video as a whole. The separate monologues use up screen-time where more people's cars could be featured, and hinders the creation of a sense of excitement for someone watching this who wasn't at the event. The story should be told with visuals and sounds – and, if necessary, possibly small bits of text – not with spoken words.

    I don't have nearly the budget or equipment for fancy shots (literally using a handful of GoPros and a hand-held, decade-old semi-compact Sony digital camera that I literally have to brace to the bill of the hat I'm wearing at the time for smooth shots), and the amount of time it took to edit this was less than one week, so I couldn't hope to compare to what you've created, but at the risk of sounding like I'm trying to toot my own horn, here, I'd like to offer an example of an actual "Music Video" for Autocross: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXRnPnwQ3YU

    Again, I appreciate what you're trying to do, I just don't think it's quite hitting the desired mark. Nevertheless, thank you!

  2. I agree that this year's edition has gotten away from the celebration of the event thru the use of music and creative editing. Less talking, more bad ass cars, more bad ass music.

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