Specialized Tires

Specialized Tires

can take an ordinary ride and turn it into
something exceptional. [MUSIC PLAYING] We know this better than anyone. After all, the first product
we ever made was a tire. And after almost 40 years,
we’ve gotten pretty damn good at making them. Our goal is to give riders
exactly what they need, whether it’s by lowering
friction and rolling resistance or by revolutionizing
rubber compounds, treads, and protection, specialized
tires make the difference. If it takes some sleepless
nights in the wind tunnel, so be it. If we have to tear through
shale slopes in the Alps, we’ll do it. We’ll do whatever
it takes to fill the gaps between
fast and blinding, strong and bulletproof. We’re here to give
riders the exception. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I have the butcher control and for whatever reason it isn't true. My rim is perfectly fine but the tire isn't

  2. I just put some Pro Roubaix 23/25 tires on my Roubaix. Gonna see if they help on Rough roads more. I've been running Espior Elite 23. And 2.2 Captain Control on my MTB.

  3. Specialized tires are nice I've had the Butchers and am currently running the Ground Control on my Ibis. I don't know if I had a bad batch of Butcher's but mine fell apart really fast as in the side lugs started tearing off. It was a bummer because they weren't cheap tires and they were bad ass.

  4. I've done nearly 10.000km with the stock tyres that came with my Specialized Allez, and they're still going strong! Great work 🙂 You can see the bike in action in one of my videos actually!

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