Sophie Turner shows you how to change a car tire | Vogue Paris

Sophie Turner shows you how to change a car tire | Vogue Paris

[Singing] I keep on hoping
we’ll eat cake by the ocean, woo! When you’ve got a flat, scan your surroundings for
a level, straight stretch of road. Make sure the car is secure. Draw as much attention
to yourself as possible. Make sure your car is equipped
with the necessary tools. A jack, a lug wrench and a spare tyre. Find a makeshift wedge
to place behind your wheels, so your car doesn’t roll. Use nice even strokes. Turn the lug nuts counter clockwise until you break their resistance. You’ll want to loosen your nuts
but you don’t want to lose your nuts. So, find a safe place to keep them.
Oh, found it! Here’s a lug nut.
Wait, is that what that is? [Laughs] Grasp the flat tyre with both hands
and pull it towards you. Replace the spare on the hub, take your lug nuts…
It’s hard to say. Lug nuts. Take your lug nuts out of safe keeping
and screw them back on. Make sure you clean up after yourself and head straight to the nearest mechanic, and give yourself a well deserved
pat on the back. Hi Vogue, this is Sophie Turner
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  1. Pro Tip: loosen the lug nuts before jacking up the car. (Just crack them loose THEN jack the car up) and be sure to place the jack at one of the lift points or you'll damage your car.

  2. Women- Just do anything and you will earn shit ton of money by showing off your bobs and vagene.

    Men- Keeps seeing what those women are doing.

    Yet after all these years, men will be men.

    Good luck, women folks.

  3. Why did i click? Gggrrrr. Not a national treasure! Watch other things she's in guys- shes one note! Maisie Willuams seems way more put together, talented and trying to be something she is not!

  4. Sophie can do just about anything, with the exception of Good Acting. What horrible comic timing! She's horrible in GoT, she's terrible in X Men, she's just pure shit in this one as well.

  5. Useful. But it is a good idea to loosen you lug nuts before raising the car. It holds the tire in place to make it easier to loosen.

  6. Very refreshing young lady in a fancy industry slightly over dominated by stars from the US. What a pleasure to watch you:). With my wife we are on the team of Lady Turner.

  7. Don't loose the nuts while they're in the air. They can be incredibly had to turn some times and if you pull with too much force, the car can come off the jack. Loosen them while the car is still on the ground, and THEN jack it up.

  8. I must say, practical ability is a bit impressive, but im saying that as a very theorical personage…Her linguistics were a bit oddball tho, her accent sounded like someone had 'slammed a hammer' on her words, on kimmel or colbert was it?

  9. Imagine waking up and seeing that beautiful face, and hearing her beautiful voice saying: "good morning!"

  10. Alright it's pretty much established that Sophie is young, famous and beautiful but in this video, she really looks like a drag queen

  11. Yeah Vogue. Get a man who's taken so much soy that he's a she and have the HE change a tire and call if feminist. FamiNAZI!.

  12. Hearing Sophie Turner say “You want to loosen your nuts but you don’t want to lose your nuts” made me bust my nuts. 🤣

  13. Draw as much attention to yourself as possible.

    Allow a man to pull over and do it for you.

    Aaaaah, feminism…

  14. Nah she's ugly, sorry mates. There's nothing about her that would make me consider her even remotely good looking.

  15. For real tho, loosen those bolts before you jack up the car. If the flat is on the traffic side, don’t bother, just wait for roadside assistance.

  16. This video is misleading and wrong in some places. I don't recommend driving without really tightening the BOLTS in cross or star pattern. Could be causing the BOLTS to get loose and the last thing you did wrong in your life. Also loosen the nuts before you lift the car and check if there's enough air pressure on your spare wheel. Otherwise, all the work is senseless. 😀

  17. i fucking hate that hairstyle. It looks like an cone icecream dropped and landed upsidedown on her head

  18. Looks way better with her hair down . This makes her look like Boy George “Red gold & green “

  19. Even with your parking break set it is standard to not raise your tire all the way off the ground before loosening the lug nuts. It should go without saying that most people do not carry a battery powered impact wrench in their car.

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