SOLVED – How To Remove Broken Lug Nut From Mercedes | Remove Broken Bolt with EZ Out Extractor Tool

SOLVED – How To Remove Broken Lug Nut From Mercedes | Remove Broken Bolt with EZ Out Extractor Tool

Hello everyone please welcome and join me in Easy Steps Today I am going to share with you Mercedes If you have a broken lug nut how you can remove it in Easy Steps and this can be any car and these are the lug nuts and they are broken right in here I am going to jack up the car and I am going to remove the wheels and then I am going to share with you how to remove it and let’s get started I have removed the wheel as far safety precautions I put the wheel underneath it’s goes in here and if you see 2 of these are broken today and they are very hard to take it off in order to take it off the tools we needed Titanium drill bit it’s 1/4 inch I am going to drill the hole once I drill the hole then I am going to use extractor tool in other words we call it EZ out in order to start safety is number 1 priority on Easy Steps we need safety working gloves you need stud or punch hole right in middle you need to make like a dimple so you can center it and what if as DIY person you don’t have anything and you can use some kind of nail you just make sure right in center just tap it once you center it you tap it as you see there is a small dimple now we going to get Titanium bit and we going to drill it and this is very important we have to do it slowly slowly slowly slowly you don’t have to rush it this is very important as you see making a nice hole drill running slowly then on fast mode at a full speed as you see the hole and now I am going to use the extractor tool this is a extractor tool what we need to do once we put it in we going to hammer it that is good enough we going to use adjustable wrench then turn it around as you see it started to come out it nicely coming out so this is how it’s easy and simple to remove your broken lug nut and I will do the same thing on the 2nd one these 2 broken ones we took it out these are the lug nuts broken off when it comes to safety it’s really important you don’t want to use these old ones I am going to discard these and going to put the new ones Safety is number one priority we going to discard these 3 going to go in trash and these 2 broken part of it and I got the new ones so this is how really it’s easy to take your broken lug nut and it can be any car it’s DIY project and it’s very easy if you follow the instructions and you can do it yourself regardless what car you have so I hope this tutorial will help you out in your DIY project if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below and if you found this video to be helpful please like, share and subscribe Easy Steps Thank You

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  1. i have used these extractors on tight bolts sometimes they snap then its a problem but mostly a good quality extractor will work just hit the bolt with a drift hard enough to break any corrosion

  2. Не стягайте толкова тия болтове , не давайте на гумаджиите да ти натягат толкова неграмотно силно

  3. Thank you very much for your advice. I had a complete wheel failure and i used your method to replace 4 broken studs today. I ran through each broken stud with a 3.5 mm pilot hole and then drilled the final hole with a 6 mm drill bit. I used a smaller gauge easy out. I followed the rest of your instructions to the T and completed the job with great success. Thanks also to the AA for an excellent recovery.

  4. Very informative .trying this tomorrow on my of my car tyre bolt has become round .and the bolt size is same as u have show in video can I use this technique

  5. Great video but your lug nuts are fake. You need to buy OE ones and they will not snap. I will never even go close to the soft cheap quality of yours.

  6. Same thing happened to me on my old Mercedes-Benz, I tried a smaller extractor and it wouldn't budge. Needed a new hub in the end. Wish I had seen this first.

  7. Judging by how the metal on the broken lug bolt looks like, it seems to me that they were over tightened… just goes to show how important proper torque is very important… for your safety and others. Who knows, maybe all the lugs could have sheared off while driving and you wouldn’t know till it’s too late!

    On the old one it's a rounded cone, and of course the cone in your rims is rounded.
    The straight cone comes with the new bolts doesn't fit in your Mercedes rims!

  9. Chances are that lug bolts that where broken by tightening too tight will come out really easy using this method from vid, but if your lug bolts break while trying to remove, there is a great chance they will not come out using this method..

    But this would work great for those that are broken by tightening to breakage..

    Though if broken by tightening too tight then you can more than likely remove the broken lug bolt end with a simple reverse drill bit or even use a hole punch and hammer it in the reverse direction on the outside edge of the remaining broken lug bolt..

    But if the lug bolts are rusted in and break while trying to remove, this method shown in vid may not work alone, but if you apply a great amount of heat it just may..

    And if the lug bolts are cross threaded and break while trying to remove or even install, chances are your going to need to drill the lug bolt completely out and then re-tap the threads.. Note IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to center tap exactly in the center of the broken lug bolt when doing this..

    Note fwiw i am not shaming this man, he did an awesome job 🙂 2 thumbs up 🙂 BIG TIME 🙂 this is just for those who came here for help… perhaps if your reading this it may provide a bit more information an aiding in removing your broken lug bolts .. Peace 🙂

  10. I think the screw or whatever it is called (I am no specialist), came out too easily. If they got to the point of breaking in two when unscrewed, they won't come out as easily. It is just a point of you, don't judge!

  11. Slowly, slowly… Then revs drill to max! For anyone watching that is gonna DIY- use lubricant on the drill bit and its not about speed but pressure (ie how much material you are shaving off). Less is more because if you break a hardened bit off in there your DIY just became how to replace a wheel hub. Otherwise great quick video of the right way to do it.
    Plus take you rotor off!!! if possible.
    And use the right wrench! or at least the wrench in your hand the right way! LoL

  12. Good video but the new lug nuts are the wrong ones. Your old ones have a radius and the new ones are designed for wheels with only tapered holes. Putting those on the same wheel will not secure the wheel completely.

  13. I tried this method and it didn't work for me. For one thing when you drill in the lug nut it takes a while for the drill just to make an impression into it. About an hour or two. It's not as easy as the video shows. Because you are cutting into thick metal (the lug nut). And the nail doesn't make a dimple in the lug nut that easy. Because the lug nut is of a thick metal material …therefore you are going to struggle with the drill in trying to make a hole into the lug not thus using the easy out tool.

  14. My nail bent from hammering it in the center of the lug bolt and my Titanium bit broke at the tip. I am going to add some heat first because my lug bolts are of steal or harder metal.

  15. A few comments, safety glasses a must.. good start… Your are not using safety working gloves, they are just gloves to stop your hands getting dirty. The titanium bit is not titanium, it's most likely HSS with a titanium nitride coating, better to use a left hand twist cobalt drill, some are titanium nitride coated , they are not cheap though. As you drill it might twist the broken thread out. I would always give a good soak with penitrant spray first and perhaps a few good wacks with a parallel punch or drift to shock any corrosion. Freezing spray is an other option as is heating with a gas torch , it all could help. It's a lug bolt not a nut… I'd always use a tap wrench or mole /locking wrench, you will slip with an adjustable spanner. A nail is mild steel, it won't touch a steel bolt, use a center punch, a masonary nail will work but they are super hard and very likely to shatter.

  16. You can use a RH drill bit, but you get better results with a LH (left-hand) drill bit.  That starts the process in the right direction, rather than jamming the broken lug nut further into the threads.  I have an extractor set (#1-#5) that came with left-handed cobalt drill bits, so I already have those on hand.  Other YouTube videos have recommended LH drill bits for this job, as well.  In some cases, the LH drill bit will back out a broken bolt, but I don't believe that will happen here; the extractor (easy-out) will then be needed once you've got the hole drilled.  I also have a set of square, tapered extractors that are plain (no "swirling" along their length).   I think these are better yet, as they have four sharp edges that bite into the lug nut before turning.  However, either style should work.

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