Solid Skid Steer Tires No Flats! JCB Bobcat ASV CAT Thomas Volvo Gehl Deere

The tire you choose to run on your skid steer has a great effect on the performance and cost of operating that machine. Most operators tend to run pneumatic tires thinking they
are saving money and getting a good deal. However with pneumatics, you are missing out on efficiencies, increased safety, and cost savings you could experience by operating
on flat proof solid skid steer tires. Solideal’s line of solid smooth skid steer tires are a good example of a high quality, long lasting, work horse of a tire with one of the best returns on investment for your machine. you can significantly reduce replacement cost over the outdated solid mold on technology that many have used in the past, and you’ll save money in the long run versus multiple sets of pneumatic tires and have less down time due to repairs or flats. all in all, these tires are the best investment
you can make for your skid steer and will give you three to four times longer
life than a standard skid steer tire Call your MWE sales rep today to see how affordable solid tires can be.

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