So You Want to Drift Your Car

So You Want to Drift Your Car

– When it comes down to
things we wished we could do in our first car, drifting is likely among
the top of the list. I mean let’s face it, you remember your
front-wheel drive Corolla. With e-brake and the automatic. And you go on lunch break in
January and drift your car around some high school
neighborhood streets. Drifting your car is just a thing I think everyone wants
to do with their car. It’s for a good reason. It’s fun. It’s loud. It’s ridiculous. What else could you want to do in a car when you 16 years old or 36 years old. It doesn’t even matter. I mean what other reason
could you possibly have, when it comes down to owning a car. Lighting up a set of tires
puts a smile on your face, form ear to ear. That is just hard to match. And pretty much anything else when it comes to the automotive sport. I’m Alex, Alex.Fi on the Insta page and today we’re going to be
talking about you wanting, to drift your car. (loud upbeat music) (car motor running loudly) While you’re here don’t
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you’re looking to build, or the Corolla you plan on tossing around through the high
school parking lot. We don’t judge. Just don’t do it next people, cause then if you run into somebody, there’s this thing called insurance and then that hurts people. Then occasionally
sometimes people don’t like when you run over their children. Taking it back a few decades, drifting wasn’t known like it was today. As drifting was often
associated with lack of control and failure to enter-and-exit
turns appropriately, in the world of racing. Boo. Then a man by the name of
Kunimitsu Takahashi came in, in a Skyline KPGC10 and
decided to just, just (bleep), all over the competition. Originally in the motorcycle racing scene, Takahashi ended up jumping
into the automotive scene, due to an accident in
his motorcycle career. As he entered into everything
from GT2 to Formula One. There’s one technique
he used continuously, to beat out the competition. Drifting. (loud tire scraping) To combat some grip issues with Bias Ply Racing tires at the time and inclement weather, Takahashi approached
turns at an insane speed. Sending him into a slide with a little bit of throttle control. A little-little tidly
bit with a little toe, a little sponge bobby
a little. (whistling) And then power out onto the straights. For the racing category he was in, it would launch him to the first place. Because he be, “Oh hey what’s
up guys. How’s it going.” And people could not figure out, what the hell was even going on. Because it was just not, something people really did that much of. Now fast-forward in the
Japanese racing scene in the mountains began to become inspired, by that whole racing style. Finding out they to, could accomplish quicker times by maximizing a control oversteer, through the two gauge setting. Twoge. Togue. Illegal but hey, (bleep). One of the individuals to take
most notice of this new style was a young, nimble, lack of facial hair, Keiichi Tsuchiya. I’m gonna get that right. Keiichi Tsuchiya, Oh my God. Nani. Keiichi Tsuchiya also known
as the (clears throat) Drift King. – You know what DK stands for? – Donkey Kong. – Drift king. (loud electro music) Started to popularize the sport
way back in the mid 1980s. The nighttime street racing. Now, Tsuchiya wasn’t the first drifter nor was he always the most popular. But he did hit the market at the time that people wanted to know
just what drifting was. And he was dangerously good at it. With nothing more than
his 1986 Toyota Sprinter. Over time Tsuchiya began to climb, out of the illegal night-racing
and began to even step foot into official events like
the Fuji Freshmen race, and the Japan Touring Car Championship. And oh boy their bud, was
he just (mouth popping) (beeping) good. All right, by the way, I’m
trying my best with the name but I’m a little backed up. I haven’t had coffee yet. I’m trying my best. So, he was so good, that
the Initial D anime, was based of his persona. And the climb to the top of
the racing scene as a whole, drifting would eventually
creep into its own event, in the mid 1980s. Powered by Tsuchiya and
the local tuning magazines of the time. And like a proper plant that needs to get that adequate
amount of water and sunlight it began to grow. It began to get nurtured
and taken cared of. Put a little bit of fertilizer in there, and you’re ready to rock and roll. The sport in Japan
skyrocketed in popularity, leading up to professional
grand championship events, occurring in the late 90s and early 2000s. Instead of it being a rambunctious group of random people just sending it, through these back road hillsides. These events began to churn up
professional drifting teams. Styles and media coverages. All of a sudden people were actually, making it into an art and a craft. Building cars specifically
for drifting and nothing more. Just like everything cool,
USA began to take notice. As the Japanese grassroots
drifting was starting to get all up to speed. And eventually, the drifting
idea had hit the shores of the good ole United States of America. Transition. So there’s your history about
actually drifting your car. But what about, (hands clasping) actually wanting to drift your car? That’s a fantastic question there guy. Drifting your car is more
than just throwing lunch trays under your rear wheels and
sending it in the snow. It’s a craft, okay. (blowing a kiss) It’s like making the prefect risotto. You just you gotta know what you’re doing. Or like making a perfect funfetti cupcake. So let’s start with the essentials. If you’re looking to drift your
car it’s important to know, what you’ll want to expect. When you start tossing your car around, like a dirty shirt in a hamper. It’s gonna take a lot of abuse. At least initially
because you have no idea what you’re doing. Most individuals that jump into drifting, end up buying a secondary. (melodic music) This is important. Not their only car. But a secondary car. Because if you use your only vehicle, you’re a dangerous soul. (wind blowing)
(car tires screeching) (laughing) Drifting your car out of the
gate actually doesn’t require, too much. Simply funds to support your
car when it inevitably breaks or when you begin to
truly shear off tires. Individuals who jump
into cheap 240SX’s as if, that’s actually even a thing. I don’t even know why I said it. 350Z’s, 370Z’s, 3-Series Miata’s and more, just to get a start with some
sort of real world drive car with an e-break. Now you’re gonna wanna keep
an eye out if you’re looking to buy a secondary car that has an LSD. If you can. Cause it’s gonna make your
life just a little bit easier. If you wanna weld your open
diff, you definitely can. It can just be more of a
pain over time; especially, as it begins to break over,
and over, and over again. And then when you go to
turn into a parking lot, you’re that guy with the
little (car squeaking). You know what I’m talking about. If you know, what a
welded diff sounds like. Once you pick the car you want and you got the cash
saved up for the repairs, going out there is the
next most important thing. We’ve talked about this before, but simply just going for ride-alongs, getting involved in the
local farms and practicing, are gonna be your best and fastest way to get good at drifting. A lot of times if you
wanna be good at something, you should probably go
hang out with the people that actually do it and
are pretty good at it. It’s gonna give you the
best chances at success. All right. But you should expect
a few, (clears throat) hiccups, along the way. So you want to drift your car. Well grab your Nankang’s and XXR’s because it’s about to get loud. Drifting your car will
involve you being okay, with doing everything to your car that is not inherently really gonna feel, like it’s supposed to do. Unless you actually build a drift car. You will break things. You will spend. Lots of money. Your car will get damaged. You will, spend a ton of time on your car for only to break, when
you take it back out, on the first hard turn. And you’re gonna have to
be okay with that because, drifting is neat. You’re gonna spend quite a chunk of change on weekend events. But that’s okay. Because, drifting is neat. The biggest misconception
people have about drifting is that they don’t need to have a fully built drift car machine, a million dollars, or
all the time in the world to actually go and do it. It’s a lot like autocross actually, if you just know that
the event is going on and you have a car you
think you can swing around. You can probably go out
there and just go send a bud. You will want some spare change for sure. And the car you’ll want
to own is something that can get people to drive happy with minimal modifications. But you don’t need to completely
dedicate your life to it, you’ll just want to, after you start jumping out on that track. And going every other way except straight. When you’ll go built up your
potential drift machine, you’ll more than likely see people running affordable style wheels, versus the super expensive
multi-piece or forged monoblocks and things like that. Because they usually just
end up kissing walls, every once in a while. XXR’s, Aodhan’s, and
JNC’s will be more common than you think. However more and more people
are going more towards, the sport compact wheels styles. Like Cosmis Racing, Konig, and NK, due to their cost coming down
quite a bit in comparison of what they used to be. Plus you get flow formed wheels
at a pretty decent price. Konig is on top of this right now. Tires (spitting) whatever
fits and whatever is cheapest, will reign king for the most part. But if you’re looking to
dial in a proper tire, you’ll see auts using
Nankang’s everywhere. Federals have gotten more popular in time, due to the longevity of their tire. But tires are more of a personal opinion in the good ole drift scene. It just kind of depends
on what you like to run and what others will run for you. A lot of times people just buy
a million of the same thing because they can buy more in bulk and get a little bit of a better deal. Coilovers with a higher
spring rate than normal to minimize body roll maximize
inertia through turns, is gonna be important. Fortune Auto coilovers in DC
reign king, in this department. Fortune Auto coilovers being rebuildable and adjustable over time. Which means as you
practice and get better, the coilover can evolve. (loud whooshing and beeping) just like you, you little Pikachu. So what do you think? Are you up for drifting? Let us know your drifting story. Whether it was legitimate or whether it involved you
running into a mailbox. And let us know in the
comment section below. So that we can either laugh
with you, talk with you, or maybe just giggle over here. So whether that’s the car
that was meant to go sideways or not, we’re completely impartial. Don’t forget to subscribe as well. And if you’re looking for
wheels, tires, or suspensions, be sure to check out Where we got it all boys and girls. Fortunato, Nk’s, Cosmis,
Work’s, Nankang’s, Asus it’s a song. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries and we will see you guys later. Peace.(hard foot stepping)

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  2. My first time drifting involved some good old fwd handbrake janks at shool parking lot. When going home i decided to try a corner and went in it hot and flicked too much. The car over steared in to a snow pile half a meter away from a telefon pole. Well it was near the home so had to go and grab dads suv to pull it out. Smashed bumper, grille, fender and door. And the worst part, many neighbors saw and it was my friends moms car 😂

  3. My first experience was at apple valley speedway ( grange motorsport circuit) and I crashed into a tire wall. And immediately….I laughed my ass off. I will say skid pads a great for beginners cause you can just focus on throttle control and how the transitions. But either way I'm addicted. Cause pulling off a clean drift is more satisfying than setting a fast lap.

  4. I was just telling a friend I wanted to learn to drift the night before this video dropped …. wtf are you guys up to? 😳

  5. First time I ever drifted a car was my 2002 Mazda Protege by accident. I was on my way to work and it was snowing. I was going from one highway to another and the road curved 180°. At the beginning of the turn I lost grip & almost went into the ditch. Somehow I managed to control the car all the way around the turn for a pretty damn sweet drift. Never thought I'd ever drift a front wheel drive car 😂 scared the sh*t out of me at first but once I noticed I had control I calmed down and took that turn like a boss.

  6. I challenge the curb to a drift and I came on top of it. In the event of splitting my axle and bending the sub frame

  7. So one time I was leaving my friends house and I was in my maxima. Me being 18 and wanting to drift I started to cut my wheel left and right. At first it was all good until I started to lose control. So to regain control I cut the opposite way and ended up in at tree with a totaled car. I wish I could send y’all the pic of it bc its crazy

  8. Alex has slowly become my favorite YouTube personality, every FI video I see without him makes me a little sad, thank you on the gram ❤

  9. Start with donuts on a skid pad. go to bigger and bigger circles. Then figure eights. Then your ready to to move on. Power over, clutch kick, shift lock, weight transfer. Learn them all. Put some cans out and learn wheel placement by running over cans during a slide. And the biggest thing I learned is you don’t need a crazy build and high power to start. Get a good diff and suspension and go. Then build up as your skill does. I miss drift sessions! They closed our track a long time ago though. And in Hawaii, you can’t drive to the next track over…

  10. I can only imagine the amount of 15 year old kids here watching this refusing to believe it and thinking when they'll turn 16 they'll get an FD with three piece Works and pull all the cuties.

  11. The extent of my “drifting” experience is putting “Wendy’s food trays” under my back wheels one night after hours and sliding around the parking lot with my fwd eclipse 😂

  12. First drifted on my C5 corvette, never crashed during drifting except crashed trying to corner with cars thats been drifted. (Bad tires are never trustworthy)

  13. It was a rainy night and the street was empty, I needed to make a right turn in my integra and decided to rip the good ol E-brake there bud (shout out to Alex 😂) wellll then I ended up on the curb but nothing was broke except my pride

  14. I did tile at a school during winter in ND so end of the night I'd have a huge empty parking lot with about a foot of snow, most fun I've had in my awd Lexus lol.

  15. i remember trying to drift my mazda 3 sedan in an empty parking lot back in college. It had just rained that night and i remember yanking on the ebrake every once in a while ,scaring my gf. oh man i was dumb 🤣😂🤣 but i had fun.

  16. My differential broke the first time I drifted but the funny part was that I drifted on a Jeep Liberty 2003 😂😂😂

  17. My current drifting experience consists of me flooring it out of a parking lot into three lanes of traffic in my twenty year old pick up truck and banging out first and second gear 😂😂

  18. This video was spicy, consider a so you want a track car……………………………as well as a chaser?

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  20. I was 17 (am now 35) this was about the time initial D DVDs came out, got me an AE86 hatch, thought I was something took it around a curve sideways, And flipped that sucker. Still, miss that car to this day. WHY did I have the euro beats going.

  21. So I figured I'd be bad booty one day and I tried to drift from one road to another at an intersection, in my front wheel drive Honda accord…. let's just say I'm unemployed and dont have a car now because i hit an electrical pole and my bumber and radiator are up to my intake manifold

  22. I learned to drift by rally racing in the rain and mud in Oregon then it just become what we did during spring and summer when the grass and forest was to dry…

  23. Off topic. What do you guys know about Sumitomo tires? I’ve had them on my 2016 WRX since I got it and I’ve loved them but I never even heard of them until I bought my car.

  24. Low key crash my Nissan Versa onto a curb trying to drift it, I sent it and the rode was wet and the car lost grip too soon, understeered a fuck ton, then I lied to everyone saying that someone cut me off and lost control of my vehicle on the wet pavement trying to avoid him. From then on I was more careful drifting in wet pavement.

  25. i have a v6 02 mustang i know very slow but the amount of torque it has is more than enough to spin the wheels before it even leaves the spot its heavy body is resting on and for the past couple days ive been drifting it on my wide streets and honestly thats the hardest ive smiled in a long time it made me so happy when i did a full donut and whipped it back around i know its not the fastest car or the most powerful car but i know im going to have a hell of a good time drifting any corner i could

  26. My fondest memory was the first time I drifted, I was shitting myself thinking I was about to hit a tree on the side of the road but it was bliss when I held the line and was balancing the throttle. Felt as if my mind just knew what to do from all those racing games when I was younger. 😂😂😂

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