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  1. I'm impressed! I will definetely buy it if I get the chance, another good advantage of this is that it is not such a "thieve caller" like the Helios thing.
    People will not try to rob me becouse of this, and that's great. (in Brazil this is always a concern).
    If you could sell this on Ebay in the future, I would be very interested and pleased to buy it, since most times the only thing out corrupt political system can do is to delay a product and not stop it from getting here, like what they do with stores such as Amazon.
    Think of this as well, I am sure a lot of my friends would like this.

  2. These would be good for motorbikes if they could vibrate when you leave your indicators on which is a problem for motorcycle riders.

  3. I'm an all-weather, all-season cyclist; how well do these things hold up heavy rain, snow or sleet as well as temperature ranges from 100+°F to < 0°F?

    Also, how shock resistant are they? I ride in New York City along some really terrible roads, will incessant vibration and knocks from potholes & cracks wreck these? How about a crash and/or fall?

  4. can someone tell me how big the wheels are on that dude's bike? they kinda look like a 24 or it could just be a really nice 451.

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