Smooth vs. Aggressive: Which is Faster? – The Racing Line Ep. 10

Smooth vs. Aggressive: Which is Faster? – The Racing Line Ep. 10

– There are loads of driving styles, but only one way to
turn the best lap time. And what’s the best
driving style for that? Smooth? (car engine revving) (rock music) Or aggressive? (car wheels squealing) And that’s what we’re talking about today on The Racing Line. (rock music) Now what constitutes smooth, and what constitutes aggressive? Now what if I was a star in the latest blockbuster romantic comedy? (playful music) Well, I had a really nice time. – Me too. (smooching) (disappointed music) – Too safe. You are not going to get
a second date like that. Smooth would be like this. All right, all right, all right. I had a really great time. – Me too. (smooching) – Perfect, strong and
confident, right on the edge. Now, how would Mr. Aggressive do it? (rock music) Rock and roll, rock it,
rock it, rock rock roll. Oh man, I had a really great time, baby. – Me too. – Ah, come here. (smooching and shrieking) (groaning) Mr. Aggressive went
zero to 100 real quick. Now aggressive may work a few times, but it’s high risk, high reward, and if you’re going to
be around long enough to make it to the wedding chapel, or the end of the race, you’re going to have to keep it exciting without going over the edge. So what’s the fastest way
to get around the track, one time? Does aggressive driving
give you a faster lap? Now if this were an action movie, we’d have a fight to the death. Well, that’s exactly
what we’re going to do to find out which is better,
smooth or aggressive. So let’s introduce our
hero, Mr. Smooth himself, BFGoodrich driver Mike Junior Johnson. And now let’s introduce our
antagonist, Mr. Aggressive, also known as Road Rage. (car engine revving) – Hey (beep) hole, get the (beep) off the (beep beep) race track. – As you can see, Mr.
Aggressive and Mr. Smooth have distinctly different personalities and driving styles. So what we’re going to do is
have a race around the track to see which driving style is the fastest. But before we do that,
let’s talk some tires. For this race, we’re
running on true slick. For the layman, tell us about it, Mike. – Well this is a BFGoodrich
g-Force race slick, and as you can see there’s
no tread on this tire, which puts more rubber on
the ground for more grip. – And this is really sticky
rubber, which wears faster, but it’s meant to last only a few hours, rather than the 10s of 1000s
of miles like a street tire. The lack of any grooves
makes this tire downright dangerous in any
conditions that aren’t dry. This is as serious of
a tire as you can get, and it can be life-changing to a driver. And now that we know all about
the tires we’ll be using, let’s go do some racing. – Let’s do it. (car engines revving) – What we’re going to
do is give Mr. Smooth a two-second head start, and see how long it takes
Road Rage to catch him, giving it all he’s got. – I’m going to kick your lily-white butt, because I drive flat out, jam the brakes, whip the turns, floor the gas. I live my life one lap at a time. – Mr. Smooth, ready? – Mr. Aggressive, ready? – Yeah, let’s go, rock and roll, woohoo! – Mr. Smooth, go! (car engine roaring) Mr. Aggressive, go! (car engine roaring) (rock music) (calm acoustic music) (rock music) (calm acoustic music) (rock music) (car engines roaring) (calm acoustic music) (rock music) And the winner of this epic
contest by way of smoothness, Mike Junior Johnson. – What? Smooth, my (beep)ing (beep). What is this (beep beep)? This is (beep)ing (beep). (guitar clanging and breaking) I’m a better driver. Why? – So Mike, what have we learned today? I mean, you drove away
from Mr. Aggressive, and he was driving the
wheels off that car. – That’s just the problem. He was overdriving the tires. When you overdrive the tires,
and you start to add distance, distance will really hurt you out there. Also overheats the tires. Not good all the way around. – Ah, I see, ’cause he looked like he was roaring into the corners. – As you know, sometimes
the guy that looks fast and makes all the noise,
not always the fast guy. The most important part here, Randy, is to have a game plan. If you enter the corner under control, give it up a little early, you’re able to get on that throttle and really drive off the corner hard. – So now we’ve learned a
critical lesson about speed. Drive right on the limit, never over it. It’s just like life, smoother is better. And on that note, be smooth and be fast, driving enthusiasts, and
we’ll see you next time on The Racing Line. Rock and roll, rock and roll, rock it rock it rock rock roll. Rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and a roll, rock and roll. Woohoohoo!

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  1. under powered car respond better to aggressive driving than over powered cars that being said it wheres out your tires alot more

  2. anyone else the major flaw in this test? smooth was let 2 seconds early and finished 1.54 seconds early so if they were let out at the same time aggressive would be 0.66 seconds faster even with his retarded swerving in straights

  3. All Randy needs is a dragon print smoking jacket, an Afro and a bottle of Couvoisier…super smooth! great driving tips, Randy making the world better one shift at a time

  4. Look below me if you'd like to see hundred's of YouTube commenters who are watching a race education video attempt to educate two racers

  5. He gave the smooth one a 2sec headstrt….nd in final lap timings smooth one was only 1.96sec quicker than the agressive one…so…which proves both of them compltd the race in same time….which concludes , drive smoothly or agressively…the lap timings will be always same….so better ride smoothly..🖖✌🤘

  6. Excellent advice on the track. driving to win = SMOooOOTH.
    Not so much with chicks. Mr. Aggressive gets the hot babes.

  7. If Smooth got a 1:35:39 lap time but had a 2 second head-start, Aggressive turning in anything faster than 1:37:39 would mean that Aggressive won.
    Aggressive scored a lap time under that – 1:37:15.
    How was "Smooth" declared the win here?

  8. but truely, mr aggressive was off the line 5 seconds later.. and it was 2 seconds at the end. so, aggressive IS the way!!!!

  9. Base on the final lap time provided without the 2 second head start, mr. aggressive would’ve won the race by about 2 tenth of a second ahead of mr. smooth 🤔

  10. That wasn't aggressive that was stupidity, aggressive doesn't mean swaying side to side creating extra metres travelled, nor does it mean drifting or powersliding this was not an accurate portrayal

  11. Should be a need for speed carbon style runs Smooth vs. Aggressive should take turns and leading and trailing and one run each! That was just one simple test and waste time on love plot? Come on The Racing Line that board line top gear level of testing there! rant over.

  12. Not gonna lie, didn't care for this one. Aggressive doesn't necessarily mean sloppy or "stylish" the drifting was unnecessary and unrepresentative of an aggressive driver.

  13. we all know a very subtle amount of oversteer rotates the car faster and is indeed faster, the aggressive style in the video was way exaggerated, since aggressive would be faster, but maybe after a few laps, your depicted laps would be better described as more fun

  14. I think this is a bad example because being aggressively doesn't mean completely disregarding the apex

  15. If you had let them both off at the same time they theoretically would have finished very close with regards to lap time lol. No idea why the aggressive driver got the handicap

  16. I think we have different ideas on aggressive driving. Because my aggressive happens to be faster than my smooths.

  17. Overall I think smooth is almost always faster. However, there are times to be aggressive, just not too aggressive. Look at dirt track racing. Drivers can drive really smooth, but if they need to make a pass they’ll throw it into the corner hard and pull a slide job. However, you have to be careful not to be too aggressive doing that. I’ve seen guys throw it in too hard and they’ll push up the track too much on the exit and get passed back. You have to find that happy medium

  18. A lot of my friends miss understand the meaning of smooth.. they always drive well under the limit, telling me that smoother is faster so they couldn't possibly go any faster. They call me aggressive but I don't actually slide the car, I'm just testing the limits and traction several times throughout the corner but still very smooth.
    This video did not help them understand as the aggressive guy was just being an idiot, all over the place and sliding the car.
    Why doesnt he just get some rotation and correct the steering every now and then? And the smooth guy maintain full traction the whole time with no rotation?

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