Smittybilt Safari Hard Top & Defender Rack Overview | JKU50 Overland

Smittybilt Safari Hard Top & Defender Rack Overview | JKU50 Overland

Hey guys, Ken here with 4WheelOnline. Today we’re checking out the inspiration
for our JKU50 Overland build, the Smittybilt Safari Hard Top. When we saw this top at SEMA 2015 we knew
we’d have to use it on our next Jeep. When it finally became available for purchase
we jumped on it and started the process. The Smittybilt Safari Hard Top is a 1 piece
top made from honeycomb hand-laid fiberglass for extra strength and rigidity. It also has a textured grain finish. The top is higher than the stock hard top
and provides 5.5 inches of additional headroom which makes for a much more comfortable experience
for all of us tall guys. It’s also lined with military spec mildew
free carpet headliner. Portal windows in the top allow extra ambient
light to filter in. The windows are also made from DOT approved
safety glass with a 31% tint. The rear window has dual hydraulic lift struts
to keep the window open as long as you want and make it so you have both of your hands
to put stuff in the back. The 4 door model weighs 320 pounds and the
2 door weighs 275 pounds. Now our favorite part is that the top is made
right here in the USA. Always a good bonus. In addition to looking great the Safari top
delivers increased utility with built in mounts for a Smittybilt Defender Rack to be added
on top. But don’t go thinking that the defender
rack is only available for the Safari top, it’s available for nearly any application
you could want including the stock JK hard top. We added the additional light bar mounts to
the front but there’s tons of options for you to choose from with this rack so be sure
to take a look. We also added smittybilt limb risers to push
limbs and branches out of our way as we drive. You can get Smittybilt Safari Hard Top and
Defender Roof rack for the lowest price at 4WheelOnline and be sure to check out the
rest of the gear we put on the JKU50 Overland build on our YouTube channel.

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  2. very tempted to buy one. but after reading two reviews on, its seems that there is a water leaking problem. is that be solved. is there an updated or newer model that has fixed this problem. or is there an updated version that have fixed the water leakage ?

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