Small-space hacks from a 5th wheel camper makeover

Small-space hacks from a 5th wheel camper makeover

Hi, I’m Jo Alcorn and welcome to a tiny
home. My parents bought a fifth wheel trailer and it did not look like this
before. So when I entered this space I thought, ‘Oh my god, we need to make it
over!’ and I’ve had a long ride getting to this point. When it came to a fifth wheel,
it was very dated there was the old cabinets and it was just kind of dark
and closed off and I really wanted to make it very open and airy and almost
feel like a tiny home, which is a big, big trend nowadays. So I kind of went a
little outside the box and I had fun with some of the architectural details. I
made sure to open up some of the walls to create the space to be even larger,
which allowed more of the natural light to come in, but it also created a lot more
seating and flow plan. By opening that up, I was able to get a
better picture and idea of the color scheme and I know I turned to Benjamin Moore for the perfect clean, crisp white. But I also knew I wanted to add a
bit more of a color tone in there and that’s where I had fun with just a
little bit of this green-y gray color on the base cabinets in the kitchen and
also on the brand new wardrobe in the back. I saw a small Dimplex fireplace
that would fit perfectly in an existing cabinet. So this insert just fit in
perfectly and all I had to do was plug it in. The ambience from it is amazing
but it also helps with heat. From there, I made sure that I had to shop for new
faucets at Delta and I knew adding in those little black crisp lines were
really going to kind of pop up and elevate it to a little bit of a retro
look. Then I had fun at The Good Tile, where they have gorgeous tiles and
different patterns just on a little vinyl piece. So it was easy to install
and it’s very light. The other thing that you really have to keep in mind when
working on a tiny home is the weight that goes into everything. So I turned to
NEUE Floors, which actually has an engineered hardwood and it expands quite
nicely with the weather, but the weight of it was still very flexible. The other
thing was the color — it really had this Scandinavian, light color. The wide plank
really brought in that homey look. From there, I went into the bathroom and the
bathroom before is quite tiny — there’s not a lot going on, and I thought, ‘Well,
that was kind of boring,’ and I really wanted to amp it up. So I wallpapered it
with this beautiful crane wallpaper and I used the same tile on the backsplash
in the floor. I also kind of splurged a little on the Delta faucet, where it had
the wand and the long black bar to really amp up the game and make it look
stunning and inviting. When you walk into the master now everything is painted out
in the white, we have our beautiful mattress from Sealy. Their Cocoon
mattress comes right out of the box so it was very easy to bring in here and
the foam just kind of filled into place right on the spot. Adding the bedding and
some lighting just cozied up that entire area and it really feels like a tiny
home master bedroom now, where before it just kind of felt like a hole in the
wall. We also added Metrie doors, so I really brought in true interior doors
with a little bit of detail, added the black hardware, so again, you felt like
you were kinda in a small condo. I added architectural beams to the actual living
space from Metrie as well. This architectural detail was kind of not
something that people would expect, but it really made you feel like you were
kinda in a little small chalet or a small cabin by adding those little extra
details. So looking for a sleeper sofa, I was really limited and that’s when I
thought, ‘I’m going to think way outside the box and bring in one large sofa.’ Lots
of people can hang out, and also is an extra place for someone to sleep, and
it’s very comfy for even your morning coffee. When working on a fifth wheel
trailer or a tiny home, you really are limited when it comes to appliances.
So I had to use the existing appliances and I left the countertops and the
cabinets intact. I painted them out and when it came to the countertop, I added
just contact paper. So you really want to make sure that you can find
budget-friendly solutions when you are doing a makeover on a small space. At the end of the day, I am very happy with how this turned out. It’s been a huge transformation! It really feels very homey and inviting, and I know my parents are gonna enjoy it. And if they don’t, I know I will!

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  1. Love it.. Do you just take off the sofa cushions to make up for sleeping? Very classy style with roominess. Thanks and looking forward to seeing the outside.

  2. Wow! that is my dream 5th wheel…well maybe without anybody touching it 😉 I will have to come back watch you video and dream about all that beautiful white with a touch of color. Beautiful!! I noiticed your lighting in the bathroom. Did you have to buy a certain kind of light? Thanks.

  3. What is the name of the fireplace and where did you get it? The comforter? The tile in kitchen and bath? Please provide info.

  4. Would have liked a walkthrough, I don't quite get it. Is it 2 rooms? I see one bed at 2:22 (looks like another matress towards the ceiling) then another bed at 3:05. One bed looks compact in the room, the other (the master) has room around the bed with black sconces.

  5. Dang woman, you are so incredibly talented. The use of the term outside the box is so unfair…you were outside, way beyond, in another galaxy. The perfect scale in pattern on back splash for that space, repeating again in the bath, the sofa, soothing paint scheme, faucet fixtures, flooring and it totally blows my mind that you added beams to the ceiling. That is just not done! Jo, There are rules! Watching as you broke all of them was thrilling! Goes to show when you push the limit, fearlessly, my how you are rewarded. : )

    PS. Are the beams foam? Would appreciate a peek of your site board planning for your designs. In this application they would be almost to scale. Ha!

  6. I am also downsizing and begin demo/remodel on the 5th wheel this Sunday! I have to work fast in order to move in by the end of the month. I look forward to following your page for inspiration and any tips or tricks for full-time life on wheels. I’ll be posting progress pics and videos on YouTube. Check me out in return if you’d like. 😃

  7. "You go girl" What you and similar designers are doing is providing, stylish homes without compromise (maybe size) for those who are finding it difficult to become home owners!! Well done. Now all we need is the red tape junkies to pull their fingers out and let people live wherever they want in their homes!!

  8. Have you ever done a makeover on something smaller like a class B RV? I can be the Guinea pig🙋‍♀️

  9. OMGOSH !!! This 5th wheel is soooooo GORGEOUS !!! Gotta get our 5th wheel renovated like this. So regal. So rich. What an AMAZING job !!!

  10. I wish you had a sort of walk through video tour to I could get a feel for the flow of it. Very nice! Love the colors!

  11. The best most beautiful ever! And I have watched a gazillion! I reckon she is an interior decorator because this is stylish!

  12. I loved everything about this remodel I liked, saved ,rewatched you have a talent to transform plan to magnificent ❤️❤️❤️

  13. This is amazing!!! If I ever get enough money for an RV/Schoolie I wanna hire you to do the reno! Fingers crossed on this next lotto ticket haha🤞seriously such a beautiful design

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