SLIME or RE-SLIME A Tubeless Mountain Bike Wheel / Tire With Plain Automotive Slime

SLIME or RE-SLIME A Tubeless Mountain Bike Wheel / Tire With Plain Automotive Slime

in this video I’ll show how to slime or
Re-slime some UST mountain bike tires and wheels with automotive slime a spinning
wheel here is the rear wheel my mountain bike it’s got about good 50-plus holes
in it hasn’t been slimed in about six to eight months but you can see the sign
bubbling out of all the holes here the reason I use automotive slime is
because it’s a lot cheaper than the bicycle on and the stand stuff and I
just don’t have time to make my own like some people at home brew their own stuff
but but this method works good for me it’s been a godsend since where I live
there’s a lot of go head thorns and as you can see it does the job and never
never really get flats on the trail very very rarely do I get a flat and if I do
I can usually get it to hold enough air to get me back home you do need to be
slim every so often this line will slowly seep out of any existing holes
plus if you have tri air where you live when you add new air dehumidifies and
creates a vicious cycle in there I always like to put it on the smallest
cog before I take the veal off okay because of the design of this
aftermarket we’re just breaking out I am I have to remove the skewer to get the
rear wheel off definitely don’t have to take the chain off it’s getting kind of
noisy might as well clean the chain too so yeah I got pretty old tires but since
they’re old you don’t need tools you at all pretty much by hand I just like to
bust the beads off both sides and remove a bit of the tire completely from the
deal when I do this that way it makes a little bit easier to clean it up see I just like to wipe everything off
with some paper towels first and then I’ll I’ll get the hose out on it and
wipe it down pretty good after that so the old scientists accumulate around the
base of the valve stem I definitely want to make sure to keep that area cleaned
out so you don’t get a clogged up valve stem buggers yeah when these things start
rattling around in your tire it’s a great indicator it’s time to resign so
yeah the reason for wiping it down before busting off the hose is just to
get the big chunks off so you don’t have a huge mess in your driveway one hottest
supposedly non-toxic but uh you know unless you get a good rain or something
to clean your drive while you’re gonna have a little bit of a little bit of
green stuff there now so that’s why I do it this way once you get a good clean I like to turn
it inside out and check for any remaining dorms and one huh I’m lon and since we’re cleaning the chain it’s
a good chance to clean the cogs too I pretty much just use citrus degreaser
for everything I think this is a simple green or something similar that I
usually mix it like 5050 so this is what I’ll be using I think I
paid a little over 20 bucks for this gallon size it’s about halfway used up
over about a two-year period so the question arises how much slime we can go
to the slime comm site and go to slime con flesh us / slime – calculator dot
PHP and click on bicycle and I’ll tell you right there says three to four
ounces that’s probably fine I mean in a dry area I would put a little more and
once you get a lot of holes in your tires you’re going to want more I
usually put a five or six ounces once I’ve got a bunch of holes in my
tire so when resetting the beads conventional
wisdom says you need a compressor to get the air to seal but I find you can still
get it down with the pump you just squeeze down on the tire in different
places okay takes a little more elbow grease but it’s not a big good so yeah you can see a little bit of
slime already seeping through that’s probably the one thorn and I removed
earlier don’t see it from the other holes as much because they’re probably
the slime the old slime still sealing the old hole so if you don’t clean it
and scrub it too hard you still have the effect of the old slime so yeah that’s
pretty cool like that that’s how it’s done
put the chain back on you ready to ride

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  1. jesus christ bro, look at the holes! Edit: as a followup, I'd like to know how the hell people rode there back before tubeless. Must've sucked balls.

  2. Hi there, I would like to take some doubts with you.
    Your rims and tires are tubeless ready and what is the size?
    How many ml's did you use on each wheel?
    I see that you are using the product for ATV/MOWER, it works perfectly on bikes?
    I see many comments on the web saying that the product does not work with bike, have you ever stayed on foot?
    The hole is quickly capped when it occurs and when it rains the hole does not reopen?
    Thanks for your attention.

  3. Hello, does the slime coming out of the puncture holes remains liquid ? I was thinking that it would dry, solidify after a while ?

  4. WTF how you ride it with no tubes. or did you put in tubes , because in the vid i did not see any tubes being put in. Don't the airs come out of the rims

  5. i just picked up a used wheel set
    Easton Ea70 XCT tubeless set up loosing air
    going to Reseal like you .

  6. How is this wheel set ??? any issues
    some folks say the freehub body wore out after 700 km and easton does not sell any more

  7. I just remove the core from the valve stem and inject sealant using a syringe for children's couch syrup straight into the tire w/o breaking the sealed bead.  Syringes are free at many pharmacies.

  8. Great your bike some love!does your chain have a split link ,, does it make it weak,,,or are you sneaking it off some how!

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