Single Girl Raises Her First Child In The Sims 4 | Part 2

Single Girl Raises Her First Child In The Sims 4 | Part 2

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  1. I made J my husband in my sims, and now it's just weird. I changed his name, but he was originally J.

  2. a trick to get a lot of money is two click ctrl shift c then a text box well show up then type motherlode

  3. Can someone please tell me how to do the 100 baby challenge ? I tried but my max was 7 children. Is there a pack or something? If so what is it? Hellp 😣

  4. I know this is like a weird thing but can you call the next set of twins Hannah and Lilian for girls or if they are boys Harry and William or if they are different genders mix and match after me and my twin
    .p.s we love you Kelsey

  5. I prefer stephOsims video I love the editing and her comments you guys just are too soft to watch genuine content h2hoe for life

  6. I can tell this is going to become one of my favorite sims series ever oh my God I've never seen this much chaos caused in such a short time

  7. Yeah she must have taken a tin of time on the toilet if it was winter and it’s spring she is still on the toliet

  8. kesly:so hows your girl?
    me:shes a pet dang shi—
    kesly:woah woah woah how did you do that?
    me:what do you mean?
    kesly:you just did it again you said music to what you were saying?
    me:i dont know.
    kesly:what the heck is going on here!?!

  9. "We should have a father's day for all the fathers." but there are only 3 fathers. You should do it at the end or midway so you can see all the fathers and you should invite all the moved out kids whose fathers are there so the fathers can hang out with their kids. And you should get married at the end of the challenge, whether it's you or the next person that takes on the challenge. I am rewatching the series so you are going to have a tough time in future episodes.

    Girls names: Heather. Lily, Sophie, or Kelsey

    Boys names: James, Jack, JAckson, or Derek

  10. Hi :3 I'm just posting some sims 4 children notes for anybody who might be new and might not know something 😀
    Also you don't 'need' a high chair, toddlers can eat on the floor ect. I hope you learned something new :3

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