Simple Ways YOU can SAVE THE WORLD!

hey plant its ears it’s Gavin here are simple things you can do to save the world number 10 first up on our list is something that will not only help save the planet but will make your life so much more awesome there aren’t that many things out there that really unify people from all corners of the globe we can’t agree on anything but one thing that we can all get behind is that we hate we loathe we despise junk mail not only is junk mail just the worst but it is a massive waste of paper a report from the environmental paper Network found that every year each American receives 41 pounds of junk mail 2.6 million trees are cut down every year to produce junk mail and less than half of it is ever opened but there is good news it is actually super easy to opt out of junk mail if you want to put an end to those incessant credit-card offers all you have to do is go to WWE pre-screen comm it’s free it’s fast and it’s endorsed by the Federal Trade Commission they’ll put an end to all those obnoxious credit card offers and by the way any offer for a credit card that comes in the mail is going to have a horrendous APR they’re really just sending them out as a way to prey on people who don’t read the fine print and for all other junk mail you can go to WWE my sorg this one costs two dollars to unsubscribe to junk mail but for 10 years cherry on top they can also put you on the Do Not Call list for telemarketers it’s worth every one of those two hundred pennies number nine next up is a bit of a bummer but it actually makes a huge impact if you can find a way to reduce your red meat consumption to just once a week you’ll be doing the planet a huge solid the beef industry is the granddaddy of carbon emitters it requires 28 times the land to produce red meat than it does to produce pork or chicken to raise beef it takes 11 times more water and results in five times the amount of climate warming emissions than other livestock and if that’s not bad enough one serving of beef requires 840 gallons of fresh water to grow Plus cows burp and fart methane which is disgusting and super bad for the environment according to the National Academy of Sciences livestock production is one of the most pernicious industries exacerbating climate change today if you really want to put your money where your mouth is boom there is no better way than cutting meat entirely out of your diet basically if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan you can drive around all day in a Hummer leave all your lights on and run your dishwasher while it’s half full and still criticize meat-eaters for being wasteful you’ll get to look down on practically everyone which let’s be honest that’s all that really matters number eight next up on the list is something that’s fun for everyone if you’re with your romantic partner and you’re both feeling a little filthy cut down on your shower time by going in together who said budgeting isn’t sexy experts agree that as long as you don’t get up to too much funny business in there you’ll be saving about a quarter of the water that you would have been using had the two of you showered separately just a word to the wise the suds can make it an awfully slippery and precarious situation maneuvering around in there with two people so use extreme caution if you start motorboating you old sailor you before we move on be sure to subscribe click the bell button to get notified of new videos and we always appreciate a big thumbs ups number seven it’s wabbit season every dryer has a lint trap for all of those lint bunnies in your clothes it’s action these super important to clean that trap out after every use a dryer with a clogged lint trap is 30% less efficient than an unobstructed dryer cleaning out that trap will save you time money and help reduce your energy demand also if you live in an apartment and you share a dryer with your neighbors it’s just good manners no one wants to touch your nasty link number 6 the ladies are gonna kill me on this one but just hear me out we would be doing the planet a big favor if we just turned down the thermostat like three degrees in fact both heating and cooling your house takes a tremendous amount of energy more than we use for any other household appliance according to national Geographics Green guide American homes produce 6,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and by just paring down your air control settings you can reduce that number by a hundred and twenty pounds a side bonus is that your body naturally burns more calories when the temperature is lower up to a hundred calories a day when the home is below seventy degrees so keep that temperature down and the pounds will just melt away number five I’ve done the research I’ve scoured the internet according to the experts at CNN Money and Edmunds research using cruise control on your car is a great way to save gas this is true only on the highways when the traffic is flowing don’t try to use your cruise control in the city when used properly over relatively flat drives cruise control can help you to save 14 percent of the gas you would have burned without it as well as all those extra tailpipe emissions that would have been spewed out of your exhaust number four we’re all familiar with that old saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure this expression has stuck around because it’s true so when you get to the point when you’re not loving your wardrobe anymore and you feel like tossing those out-of-date threads to make way for some fresh gear don’t throw them out donate your clothes to your local charity shop what’s awesome about this move is that it’s one of those rare win-win situations donating your old clothes reduces the demand for making brand-new clothing for manufacturers which takes a bunch of energy to do and it helps those in less fortunate financial situations to save money on their clothes number three working at the car wash the car wash yeah turns out that getting your car washed professionally is a great way to save water a typical water hose at home spews about ten gallons of water per minute which if we do our arithmetic correctly rate times time equals work so 10 gallons per minute for about 10 minutes Callens of water for each car so as tempting as it might be to get your car washed by the high school cheerleading squad in the Denny’s parking lot to help them pay for new uniforms instead of being a creeper go get a real car wash and disks number two buckle up for another great idea to brighten your day switch out all those old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones this will take about a half an hour tops and will light and the load on your budget not only do they use less energy but they will last way longer experts agree that if every house in the u.s. switched to energy saving light bulbs it would reduce our pollution by the same amount as removing 1 million cars from the road number 1 this next one is super simple and it also falls into that category of saving the planet and saving you money if you monitor the air pressure in your tires and make sure that you’re rolling on the correct level you can increase your car’s gas mileage by 2 percent which will add up to hundreds of dollars of savings over the lifespan of your vehicle and the reduction of hundreds of pounds of emissions into the atmosphere less pollution equals less climate change and that will help to reduce the intensity of the extreme weather we’ve been experiencing over the last few years it’s really easy to do tire pressure gauges are sold at most gas stations and on Amazon for about six dollars and the recommended tire pressure is written on the side of the tires and on the inside of your driver’s side door periodically stick that thing in your tire to make sure you’re properly inflated also side benefit wait till you’re driving with a girl to do it and she’ll think that you know about cars and that you’re handy even though your hand eNOS is fake your bonus points will be real last note on saving the earth if you think this video had practical advice to help save the world please share it with your friends and together we can make a truly positive impact on the planet thanks for watching let me know in the comments below how you’re gonna save the world be sure to subscribe become a badger buddy see you next time

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