Silverline Wheels and Tyres: automatic enrolment case study

[The Pensions Regulator visited Silverline Wheels and Tyres and asked them: Is automatic enrolment good
for your staff?] Antony Barnsley, Owner: I think it’s gotta be, you’ve got to say it’s a benefit
to them which at the end of the day is what we try and create for them. I thought we’d
have a lot of resistance to this but to be honest they’ve taken it on board and no resistance
at all, they actually quite welcome it. Rhyan Barry, Finance Manager: I’d say my experience on automatic enrolment was a learning experience, not being
a pension expert myself there was lots of information that I needed to take on board
so yes it was a great learning experience for me. But I tried to keep costs to a minimum
for my employer so I spoke to our accountants to see how they would help with auto enrolment
and they offered a free seminar which I went to, so that was all free and all the other
information I gathered from The Pensions Regulator’s website. Do you know what, I didn’t
find time an issue at all, there were lots of prompts that were sent to me from The Pensions Regulator
on when I needed to do things, when the staging date was, what I needed to do before that staging
date to get everything in place so I acted on those prompts and didn’t find time an issue
at all. [How did you tell your staff about automatic enrolment?] Ryhan: Well as
soon as I found out about auto enrolment I went to tell them face to face to let them
know and to get a vibe on how they would feel towards it. On The Pensions Regulator there’s a poster
which you can post out and you can edit it, it’s a template poster so you can edit it, putting
on your name, and your company name so I put those posters up around the workplace. [What is your top tip for other employers?] Yeah, well I think the first thing I’d say
is not to panic. It’s not difficult, it is a straight forward process that you need to go
through. All the information is on the website, they send out a brochure that explains everything step by step
what you need to do. And if you follow those guidelines,
it’s absolutely fine. Yeah, I think the main effort is that initial information, fact finding
that you have to do to find out exactly what it is that you need to do as an employer so that takes up, took
up the most time for me but now it’s set up and in place I would say that it’s
an additional five minutes to the payroll than before. It’s just ongoing and it really takes
no time at all. Antony: We did try and do it about four or five years ago, we did try
to bring it in, but there was a reluctance on the part of the workforce to put into any
pension scheme at that time. And I think now that the Government are incentivising it,
they seem to be more receptive to it. They are a lot more au fait with it now and
are quite happy to go a long with it. We do have a package that includes pensions now
which we didn’t have before. Mark, Technician: Yea, I think it’s great, it saves me a lot of hassle
in the long run in setting one up. It’s helped me out a lot to save for my retirement.

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