Sh*t I Never Knew: Winter WD-40 Wheel Wonder!

Sh*t I Never Knew: Winter WD-40 Wheel Wonder!

– Hey guys, Shawn again, Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. This is gonna be an episode
of Shit I Never Knew, it’s gonna be a little quicker than usual. This is gonna be really fast,
because it’s not in-depth, but it’s one that people
keep asking about. I don’t know if it was some
old farmer, or a forum, or where I got this tip, I definitely don’t stand
behind this, as if, you do this idea, and
it wrecks your wheels, that’s on you. I’m not saying that it’s
approved by the manufacturer. I’m saying, this is what
I’ve done for five years living in northern Wisconsin, where we have lots of
chemicals, lots of salt, and lots of road crap all winter. When you have painted wheels,
what I do is I get myself, I buy the gallon jugs of WD-40,
’cause I use so much of it, but this will work just fine. I take this little guy,
get rid of the straw, because, my goal is to preserve the wheel, and protect it from all the crap. What I’m gonna try to
do, and what I always do, is I use this WD-40 as a barrier. The first thing you have to do
is get the wheel super clean, because as always, you
don’t wanna be grinding dirt and garbage into the wheel. It’s already nice and cleaned up, ready to rock and roll for the winter, and this is a winter prep, so this is how it’s gonna stay all winter. And then I take my WD-40,
I do one of two things. If I’m feeling lazy, I just
shoot it all over the wheel. Don’t get it on your brakes,
’cause they won’t work, and you’ll slide and die,
and then try to sue me. But you’re not gonna be able to ’cause I just said that little disclaimer. I get this thing sopping wet,
and I’m literally WD-40’ing, lubricating, every square
inch of this wheel. I almost think of it as
when you’re putting wax on, you know the heavy paste wax, that you’re intending to
come back and take off, only as you’re gonna see, I have no intentions of
taking this stuff off. Because just like a bicycle chain, I don’t know if any of you
have bicycles, or a sport bike, when you put all that chain lube on there, it looks like shit and it’s
super dirty all the time, but it’s still well-lubricated, and if you go and start
cleanin’ it, what you see, is this oil creates a barrier. Obviously, I wouldn’t need
to do the plastic cap, I’m just doing that
’cause it looks like shit ’cause I just sprayed WD-40 all over it. But what I’m doing, is I’m
creating an oil barrier. So all the salt, and
dirt, and grime, and snow is gonna stick to this, but I don’t care. Because it’s not getting to my paint job. And I do inside every
single one of the spokes. Ideally, you would also be doing
the backside of the wheels, so if you took ’em off and did it, that would be the most properest way. I don’t have that kind of time in my life, and I’ve never done it that way. ‘Cause I don’t care that much. So I’ve taken a $4,000 set of Vossens, and run ’em for three years in
the winter on a Cadillac CTS, doing this same technique. And people around here said I was a moron for runnin’ Vossens in the winter. I laughed, because I ran
my wheels year-round, and they looked brand new every spring. Because if you zoom in, Junior,
you should be able to see, and if you can’t see it, I
think you should come over here. I still think you should come over here, or are you gonna get some close-up clips and put ’em over the
top of all my yapping. You’re just gonna come over here? I do feel better if you come closer. ‘Cause what I want you to see, is that there is a greasy film, there is literally WD-40
on this entire wheel. And what that’s gonna do
is just like a bike chain, or a dirt bike chain,
or a sport bike chain, it’s creating a lubricant barrier, an oil barrier, so that even though, when
I drive through stuff, I’ll grab some stuff. Nick’s gonna be really mad. It will (blows) stick on there. But it’s on top of that oil. So what happens then, is when
it’s time to wash your truck, you come through, and you
wash it all off again. And you get it good and clean, just like it was when I
started, and you redo this. So anytime you wash it, you
obviously have to come back, and re-WD-40 it to recreate that barrier. For this one, where I just threw
sawdust all over the thing, we’ll take it back out, we’ll wash it off, and then we’ll come back through and we’ll hit it with the WD-40 again. Until you wash it, you can
keep runnin’ it like this. There were some times
where I got really lazy, with this vehicle actually,
with the CO Avalanche, where I would leave this on
there for like two months, without washing it, and then
when I came and washed it, it would look okay, and
then I would lube it up. And then in the spring, what I’d do, is I’d give it a really
good deep cleaning, and then I come back I reapply the wax, because then you get it back
to a wax for show season. But every time, my wheels look brand new. I had no pitting, I had
no issues with them, runnin’ them year-round. Now some of the manufacturers tell you, you can’t run ’em year-round, you can’t run ’em in the
chemicals, otherwise it’s on you, it voids your warranty, blah, this probably voids your warranty. I’m tellin’ you that a tip
of the day, from me to you, this is what I do, it’s been working, but don’t try to sue me because I’m basically just
handing it over as a tip. So, Shit I Never Knew, is
this Shit I Never Knew? Yeah, this is Shit I Never Knew. I knew this, but I found it
out from a forum or somethin’. And it’s called the WD-40 trick. So I’ll go around, do
all four of these wheels, and then just run it. And like I said, wet rag,
don’t get a clean rag, and then come back, and clean it off, you’re trying to leave it on there. You want that wet rag, that damp rag, and then you’re leaving
that WD-40 on there. Hopefully that helps, give
it a shot if you wish, at your own risk, but I’m tellin’ ya, that that’s what I’m gonna
be doing with all of these. I’m actually gonna try it
on a chrome wheel this year. And try to run chrome wheels all year and see if I can get ’em to not pit, too. But, we’ll see how that goes. We’ll followup on that. Remember to subscribe, remember to share, remember to like, let us know
if you’re enjoying these tips, let us know if you’re
not enjoying these tips, and we’ll just delete those comments because we have feelings,
and that hurts them. Have a nice day. Peace. (rock music)

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  1. this is absurd. wd40 is sticky and attract everything. wax ur wheels and u dont spend $$$$$$$ on ur rims painted or polished. u can even wax ur windsheild and headlights to get a similar resluut. the diffrence and why u dont use wd40, wax is slick so it doesnt stick, wd40 collects everything causing abrasion. thats why its best to use chain wax on ur motorcycle not wd40. anoyone who rides knows to use a chain wax after a good cleaning. wd40 will cause issues and premture wear. heres anothertip wax is cheaper than wd40 and wthe application will last many washes more. i drive 90,000 miles a year and my polished and painted set of rims dont have a flaw in them. and i wax a few times a year and was atleast 3 times a weekk winter or not. i like clean. so dont spray expensive oil that needs to be reapplied every time, get some good wax

  2. Really good if you have a bike engine with loads of chrome, just spray it all over give it a wipe of and its good for all winter. And yes don't put it any where near your brakes.

  3. im a mechanic and wd is not abrasive enough to hurt paint you can actually wax your vehicle with it and it will look good and wont mess up paint at all but as soon as dust or dirt or anything comes it will be all over it but will still protect it stands for water displacement number 40 this formula was there 40th attempt and they got it right originally designed for jet engine parts

  4. I used WD-40 on my rims a few years back, I used it regularly for about a year and a half. It works really well but then I noticed that my tires had dried out and cracked on the sidewalls prematurely. This could have had nothing to do with the WD-40 but considering that the name stands for "water displacement formula #40" engineered for NASA to use on there space craft instrumentation to keep moisture out I reconsidered using it near my tires. I figured there was a considerable amount of over spray the way I was doing it and it affected the tires in a negative way, I guess it would be OK if care was taken to be sure none gets on the tires.

  5. If you're just spraying the rim, it might be a good idea to pull the rim off the vehicle while doing this, it will ensure that you don't get any on the brakes and you can do both sides of the rim

  6. Hope you don't get the WD40 on your brake rotors… I'd probably spray that WD40 onto a rag and rub it onto the wheels to keep it away from the brakes. I have seen the same 'trick' of spraying or rubbing armor all onto wheels to keep the brake dust off.

  7. believe it or not silicon lithium spray works great and I learn that from Chip Foose a long time ago in Daytona at the turkey Rod run and yes when you spray it it does come out thick so wipe the thickness off and you won't believe how good it works and don't try it on chrome rims I've never tried it but I believe it would hurt them and also it works really good for factory Alloy rims but before you try anything that you think might hurt your rims practice on your factory donut rim!! Happy New Year everyone

  8. Should get some WD40 inside those fender wells too while you're at it! (That rust spot really sticks out of that gravel guard paintjob.)

  9. I worked as General manager for a company that polishes aluminum and stainless steel on semis and such. Most of the guys that run up north during the winter said they used Pam, like the cooking spray, on their aluminum to help keep the salt off. I've never tried it seeing as I'm from Florida.

  10. I use it on my matte black wheels and the wd40 makes them pop with a more satin/semi gloss finish. great to clean tire dressing overspray on the wheels.

  11. so I'm trying that wd40 on my wheels. & I was wandering do you just put it on your wheels ones for the hole winter or do you reapply it a few time during winter? hope that wasn't cunfusing? thanks

  12. another tip living in places where they use chemical's on the road get a pump up fertilizer sprayer from the hardware store and fill it up with diesel and spray the underside of your vehicle before the snow hits and no rust …old timer tip from Minnesota and his old 1972 truck had absolutely no rust underneath…stinks for a day or two but works

  13. I live around the Appleton area and I have seen several trucks now with your stickers in their windows. Where are you guys based out of?

  14. Guys, don't do what this knucklehead is doing to his wheels. Wd-40 will collect so much junk from the road that you will constantly have to repeat the process/clean and re-apply, each time taking a chance on scratching your painted wheels. And who wants to do this shit all winter long. Not everyone owns a warm garage!! YES, the more you have to clean the junk off you will scratch through the barrier of the wd40. APPLY PAINT SEALANT!!! Duh! You won't collect as much of the road dirt and junk and it's an easier surface and barrier to clean without worrying about scratching. And you don't want to get wd40 on your brakes, then you have to take the wheels off to clean the brakes. Ppl come up with stupid ideas sometimes, this is one. js.

  15. I have no idea how this style of big rim and low profile mud tires came about, so played out.  every single lifted truck I see now looks like this.

  16. wd40 eats varnish off motor windings and causes rubber to perish. do not use it near rubber tyres. use car wax and lots of layers.

  17. people seem to forget that this is a "Hack". Yes there may be something at autozone for this but we're improvising…

  18. Feel sorry for you guys in the USA with all the salt, fucks everything. Here in New Zealand they don't use it thank god.

  19. dont put it on bare metal . wd-40 is made with fish oil and will cause corrosion over time .

  20. Off road pavement princess if you were truly off-roader you wouldn't give a fuck what the snow in the salt does to your fucking rims scratches and scars show the toughness

  21. You also can use silicone spray the same say which also is good to wipe off your engine as well.
    many marine mechanics use it for this application, I use it all my saltwater aluminum boat, wiping down the whole boat motor everything, silicone spray

  22. The thing is for something not to stick on the wheels why would i want shit to stick to my wheels imagine going to the dunes after this

  23. Yeah I been doing this for over 30 years when I was a teen working at a detail shop… It works on all rims and I also use it in the wheel well and the engine after a pressure washing… WD is awesome stuff to use plus it helps the next time for cleaning!!

  24. I have aluminum polished wheels and we have bad salt problems in the winter up here in regina saskatchewan Canada wd-40 is a good way to stop the corrosion and pitting

  25. I really like your YouTube videos.
    I think that you know your stuff when it
    comes to tires and wheels…Great info
    on mud terrain tires. Question for you

    Can I get a more aggressive
    truck tire and keep it around P235/70R17? Or P265/70R17?

    I’m trying to keep tires in the body-line,
    meaning in the fenders.
    Have a 2013 F-150 4×4 v6. Having trouble finding tires for it. Can you help??

  26. How about an episode on cleaning matte black wheels. I have a set of Fuel Vapors matte. I usually clean with soap and water and I am wondering if there is a better way to do it. Thanks guys, love the vids.

  27. I use WD-40 on my inboard outboard outdrive Mercury it works best in saltwater take the boat out of the water take some WD-40 hose down your outdrive with WD-40

  28. Try this! We use this on ATVs and our Truck all the time when we travel! Similar to what you are doing with WD-40! Disclaimer: use at your own risk!!! Maxima SC1 Clear Coat Silicone Aerosol:

  29. Just got some d610 gloss black 20×10 Fuel Mavericks from yall about 2 months ago and noticed when washing these with regular soap and water, then drying them with a fresh microfiber towel that the towel left fine fine light scratches on the dish of the rim. Pissed off about it, but I saw this video today noticing you tried wd40 on your gloss black wheels not for scratching purposes but for the winter. I tried this technique for my lightly fined scratching purposes and it worked. I'm so happy but do know its temporary but that's ok everytime I wash my truck and wheels I'll apply just a little to lip only on all wheels. Won't hurt at all. Thanks man!!

  30. Probably great on glass wheels. May make matte wheels glossy and not matte anymore. What about grease? Does WD last very long. WD is very thin. WOnder how long it will last.

  31. What's the easiest way to take it off? Sorry if I missed it… and whats the best wax to use in the start of spring to enhance your wheels. Asking for a friend. Thanks! 🤣

  32. Real question is why not just wax your wheels? It creates a barrier plus all you have to do is shoot it with some ph balanced soap and water and it comes off.

  33. Hi nice job Q: i have a 2003 Chevy avalanche I’d like to upgrade my side view mirrors to tow mirrors. What do you recommend plz…

  34. Yep that ok. But better take them off. That will not protext. Just take off. And get anotber. Pair tires. Why waste u time on them mud. Tire u going push snow. Not cut threw it. WD40 is a petroleum.

  35. True story, my grandmother used to rub WD40 on her knees and elbows. She walked and bowled till the day she passed away at 97 years old. Carried a little can in her purse lol.

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