Sh*t I Never Knew: Winter WD-40 Wheel Wonder UPDATE!

Sh*t I Never Knew: Winter WD-40 Wheel Wonder UPDATE!

– We put WD-40 on these
big chrome Hostiles about three months ago, and they’ve been beaten the hell out of
them in Wisconsin winters. – [Fuller] You literally took it to the lake and jumped it this morning. – Yep, and then we did that. Did a little power drifting on the ice. And now we’re cleaning off the WD-40. You can go on the other
side and see those two. Those have been just sprayed off. Now these I’m soaping
off and cleaning good to see if we got any new pitting. These were used wheels so they
had a little bit of pitting, but not much. ‘Cause everybody keeps
asking us to test out the WD-40 theory on chrome. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re sacrificing these
wheels to see what happens. ♫ Flex’d By Handz On ♫ Flex’d By Handz On ♫ Flex’d By Handz On ♫ Flex’d By Handz On ♫ Flex’d By Handz On ♫ Flex’d By Handz On ♫ Flex’d By Handz On ♫ Flex’d By Handz On ♫ Flex’d By Handz On ♫ Flex’d By Handz On – They were bad, they were completely and totally pure white. They looked like I had
them polar-coated white. With salt and snow. Mainly salt. No, if they’re snug, they’re snug. – [Man] Well then they’re still loose. – Oh, weird. You have to ask Banker about that. I’m making a video about cleaning wheels. Cut that. Hey guys, Shawn again, Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. When we did the WD-40 trick for winter time with the painted wheels a couple weeks ago, we had a lot of people writing in and asking about chrome wheels and quite honestly, we have no clue. That’s actually a couple of months ago. Probably about four months ago. So what I did was,
about a week after that, we have these chrome wheels on the Hummer, and I went and applied this to it. That was probably two and
a half months of winter last two weeks, it’s
been at the paint shop. But, what I can tell so far, is that there’s little to no corrosion, but it’s kinda too early to tell. This is the only perfect wheel. The other three had a little
bit of corrosion already from previous owners. I’m gonna go ahead and
apply the WD-40 again. We’ll run it the rest of the winter and then we’ll come back
and take a look at it and let you know how this thing does. I have no idea if this is gonna work, it still sounds like it should work, but only time is gonna tell. I’ll load this one up. And like I said in the other video, I don’t spray it directly on there. I know half the comedians
really like the idea of spraying it all over
your brake pads and rotors, but people dying isn’t funny. So I just apply it to the rag
and I get the rag sopping. And remember, you’re not trying to… Wipe it off, you’re trying to wipe it on. The minute your rag goes dry, you need to put more on the thing. And I’ll usually go through
and give it two coats. So that I know it hit every spot. Stop yelling, I’m making videos! And I try to get it on all
the spokes on the sides. The biggest area of corrosion on these, and I can tell because the other three already have a little bit of it, it is between these spokes
and in front of them. So I’m gonna try to
get the majority of it, the thickest amount of WD-40 on this area in front of those spokes and then between them. Because like I said, I got
to see that that’s kinda the problem area on these wheels
when it comes to salt. And for all the people that were asking, “why don’t you just use wax?”, we’re up in the salt belt in Wisconsin. I’m talking about a half-inch of freakin’ salt on the road. And then they use these
different liquid chemicals and all this other stuff,
wax doesn’t have a prayer. I have heard there’s a
lot of silicone options and I’m definitely gonna
try some of those out. We actually have
Killerwaxx sending us over some of their silicone options so that we can see if
any of those will work. And if they do, we’ll definitely
get them out there for ya. But as of right now, WD-40’s
the only one I know of. And I know this is what a lot of the semi-truck drivers and dump-truck drivers commented on the video and said they’d been using it for 30 years. And they’re huge supporters and fans. Now, all those are pretty
much gonna be polished aluminum wheels, versus chrome plating. There were a couple that
commented and said that it does indeed work on chrome. Some commented and said it’s gonna turn the whole damn wheel black. But I guess only time will tell. I’m not afraid to take a chance. Wouldn’t mind powder coating these anyways. So I think that’s it. I got it primarily on everything. I usually just put a
little on the cap anyways. That’s painted. But I feel like it protects it still. Painted plastic. But if you look at it up-close, I mean it’s greased down and that’s what I want. I want, basically, that layer of lubricant, whatever the hell WD-40 is. I know it’s a water displacement
and all those cool things. But, the concept is that now the salt can’t get to the actual chrome plating. We will come back at you
guys in a month or two. Probably about two months. When winter kind of wraps up and we’ll take a look at this
and see how it turned out. Watch for part two. Peace.

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  1. Have you ever tried Plasti dip on chrome wheels to protect them over the winter? I just put a set of chrome wheels on my truck and thinking about doing the plasti dip. I have no experience with plasti dip so no clue how easy it is to remove. My truck is black so black plasti dip should look ok.

  2. Idk why but it's FKN , shit I been trying to get SHARKHIDE here in Hawaii for over 10 years you guys can get that all the time, if I had it years ago then my chineseium chrome moto metal wheels wouldn't be pitted & white with corrosion

  3. Yall tried anything similar with vaseline? A buddy in PA swears by it for doorjams, wondering if that might work for my Texas truck heading to Colorado in the next month

  4. What products do you recommend for cleaning fuel octane matte wheels . I've been just using meguiars car was soap but I have a few white streaks possibly from Wisconsin winters . Haven't tried anything not wanting to ruin the matte finish . Thanks

  5. Love the channel👍
    And love the website👍👍very easy to navigate and use. In fact I just placed an order for some 24 inch Aturro tires. How are these tires holding up on the shop truck?

  6. So this works good on mirror finish polished aluminum? If so then I might consider riding my Forces a little early and before winter ends. Idk if it would be worth the risk though.

  7. Haven't read threw the comments but her in Illinois I know guys that use things like cooking and grilling oil to do the same thing, personally I have no experience with this

  8. Wait what, you mean I wasn't supposed to apply WD-40 to my brake pads and rotors? 🤔… I thought if I applied WD-40 to my tires wheels and pretty much my entire car it would help me go faster. In case anybody thinks I was being serious, no I was joking I know you're not supposed to use WD-40 on your brakes that's why I used white lithium grease, it last longer.😉

  9. Dear nerds: WD-40 is around 25% petroleum base oil. It's presumed to be mineral oil. Save your money, but some mineral oil, put that on.
    The MSDS on WD is 50% solvent, 25% petroleum oil, 15% viscosity reducer, 10% inert ingredients. As it's mostly solvent, I wouldn't spray it over any other wax or product that's been applied. As for stopping rust and/or making things easier to clean, that's the mineral oil at work.

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