Shot by Rubber Bullets or Tased | Would You Rather? | Cut

Shot by Rubber Bullets or Tased | Would You Rather? | Cut

– Hi, I’m Dietrich. – And I’m Daniel. – We’re playing “Would You Rather?” – And, when I die I’m
not donating my organs because they’re mine. (upbeat music) (gagging noises) – I coughed so hard it hurt my wrists. – Could somebody WebMD
that? Is that cancer? – [Narrator] What’s
some of your worst fears about the last three episodes? – I have a feeling that there’s
going to be pain involved. Pain and fear. – There’s nothing hopeful.
If you’re looking for hope you’re in the wrong place. – [Interviewer] So are you ready? – Oh yeah. Yes. Would you rather be shot
with a rubber bullet or tased with a stun gun? (upbeat music) That sounds dangerous. (wailing and moaning) – There’s just no way. There’s
just absolutely no way. (screaming in pain) – Just to be clear, we’re watching a video of police being tasered. – [Interviewer] Alright,
Dietrich do you even think you can do this? – I mean no. I don’t
think anybody should be. – Wait why wouldn’t he be able to do it? – I have a heart thing
so I couldn’t, I wasn’t. – [Interviewer] So does
that mean rubber bullet? – I mean it’s going to
have to be a rubber bullet. – I don’t want to shot by a rubber bullet. – You can not get shot
with a rubber bullet. It is not a good idea.
It could lead to death. – [Interviewer] I’m willing to change it. Do you have another suggestion? Let’s give them another option. – Maybe mace? Pepper spray? – Oh, come on. (laughter) – Come on! – [Interviewer] Would you rather be maced or tased with a stun gun? – I just got a headache.
I just got a headache. This is the EKG that I
got from the physical. – Yeah I would not
recommend you getting shot or pepper sprayed for that fact. – I’m like terrified that
I have a heart condition that I’m not aware of. – Well we can definitely
check you out before. So these just monitor the heart. This gives us a picture as to what’s actually going on inside. – [Interviewer] How’s he looking? – So far he’s looking good here. We’ll do a twelve lead here soon as his blood pressure gets going. – So he’s good to go? – He is good to go. – Oh! – 3 M D 1 D 2. Consistent
with right ventricular conduction delay. You’ve got
a bit a slow tick to you. Something’s not quite firing right. – [Interviewer] Alright, Dan. – Cool. – [Interviewer] You know what that means. – Yeah it means I have to do them both. It looks like I’m going to
get tased with a stun gun and pepper sprayed right
in the old eyeballs. – [Interviewer] Why? – Because Dietrich’s got a stupid heart. – [Interviewer] Good job, Dan. (upbeat music) (laughter) – Fuck you. Fuck you. My name is Daniel Timothy Desrosier and I of sound body and mind, mostly am allowing this to fucking happen. – Do you want to hear it.
Do you want to see it? – I don’t. – [Interviewer] Yeah! Show him it. – No! No! – [Interviewer] Oh what
was that? What happened? – I feel scared. I’m terrified that I’m going to have a god damned heart attack. I don’t care how pretty your smile is. I don’t want to fucking die.
I don’t want this to be. – The odds are in your favor, though. – Oh thank you. Are you
quoting Hunger Games? – Come on. God damn it. – [Interviewer] Let’s do it.
Whenever you guys are ready. – Alright, we’re hot. – Hold my arms. (upbeat music) (gagging) – Is there already puke in this? (vomiting) – Every episode. – So much for that barbecue. – But the vomit does
taste really good, though. It’s very smokey. – [Interviewer] Alright,
Dan. You ready to get maced? – I guess. – We’re doing that too? For real? (upbeat music) – You got it, man. I’ve got you. – [Medic] Just say my name. Say my name. Spray! – The water. Water. He sprayed me! (Laughter) (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] How’s that feel, Dan? – It hurts! It’s like I ate spicy food with my eyes. Fuck you internet, like straight up. Fuck this show. – [Interviewer] But you get a prize. – Dude, your prizes have been bullshit! Today’s by far the worst day of shooting. – But for me it was incredible. I don’t know. Lunch was
good. It was a little cold. But all in all, I’d say that
today wrapped up pretty well. For me. – [Interviewer] The internet
poll said 79 out of 100 people said they would have gotten
tased by the stun gun. Not that that even matters. – Right. You are right about that. – [Interviewer] Congratulations
on winning, guys. – Jesus! (upbeat music) – Bless this day! Right, Dan? – [Interviewer] Your prize is a limo ride. – It’s nice. – I guess it’s nice. I do wish I was able to put on clothes before
we got into the limo. – I did wonder that.
Why Dan is still naked. You look good in this limo. – This isn’t the worst
thing. What I’m curious about is where we’re actually going. – [Interviewer] Unfortunately we can only afford a minute ride so. – Damn it! Of course. Of course. – Oh, we literally just circled the block. – You just circled the
block. That was the prize? – [Interviewer] Go ahead and get out guys. Sorry I don’t want them to
charge us for another minute. – Backing out. – [Dietrich] Your crack is real right now. – Yeah, I know. (upbeat music)

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  1. I’d rather get tased any day then pepper sprayed. I’ve gotten tased and I’m sure it’s pain is more quick then being sprayed

  2. wee mi pregunta es, o mas bien preguntaS, por que?, cuanto les pagan?, estan amenazados?, y muchas mas que no se como escribir jajajja

  3. Woah! The guy who tazed him, AND administered and ECG, what’s his job title? Like, at first I thought he was a stand-by EMT but he also shit the stun gun lol. Who is he?!?! What’s his job title?!?

  4. First I thought Daniel said “And I’m not donating my Oreos, cause their mine!” Well… Oops!… 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  5. Fun fact, if you need to get pepper spray out of your eyes, the best way is to wrap a wet rag around your face and blink fast and hard. Washes it out the best.

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