Shooting a GUN Wrapped With Rubber Bands In THE GHETTO

Shooting a GUN Wrapped With Rubber Bands In THE GHETTO

You better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Yo this is mattv2099 and what I have here is my Hi Point brand glock 40 chambered in 380 action express. if you watch the first video You will know all about this gun. So now it’s time to torture and function test. take this gun to it’s limits see how well it performs. first thing you’ll note I removed the magazine disconnect. easy as popping this plate off and there’s a vertical bar here you remove we are aiming downrange. we follow the four rules of firearm safety. but what are we doing here. we have 100 rubber bands and we are going to see how many rubber bands it takes to disable the glawk fotee the first thing you need to note is that the 380 action express is a very high pressure round. notable for blowing up guns all precautions are taken here. I’m wearing a face mask. body armor. I’m wearing a level 14 plate. and I’m taking all my safety precautions just in case this gun blows up. we have fifteen cameras zoomed in on it. just so we can get that event and make a viral video just inc ase I do blow up the gun first thing we need to do is chamber a round. my glock 40. tap. rack. OK. This gun actually has a safety. unlike the glock 17 totally dangerous gun because it doesn’t have a manual safety. this gun is safe. just because it has a safety that means you can do anything. you can point it at anybody. you don’t have to assume it’s loaded if it has a safety. and that’s totally false. so we have our hundred rubber bands. we are going to place rubber bands on this thing and see how many it takes to disable the hi point brand glock let’s do this. we are going to follow the four ruels of firearm safety always remember that the biggest safety is the one between your ears people watch my videos and go insane and say “oh my god you are so dangerous” think of the children. And I’m sure half those people are joking because they think it’s funny but quite a few people think that just holding guns. using guns is totally dangerous. there we go. we have five rubber bands on the hi point brand glock let’s see if that’s enough to disable it we do wear our operator gloves. just in case the gun explodes these have level one plates in them safety off What up fool! OK. it only took five rubber bands to disable our glock 40. wow. that’s interesting. I think the glock brand glock took quite a bit more. we are going to slow this test down here. alright, let’s do one. put it on safe because only guns with safeties are safe. and if you have a safety it means you don’t have to follow the four rules of firearm safety that means you can turn your brain safety off. because you have a manual safety OK. one rubber band the gun failed at five rubber bands. that’s pretty weak sauce. let’s see what one rubber band does. you better check yourself before you wreck yourself the firearm functioned flawlessly let’s put two rubber bands on. safety on that means we don’t have to use our brain safety. we can use our manual safety instead two rubber bands safety off break youself, fool safety on. brain safety is turned off this gun is not dangerous now. OK it’s functioning flawlessly with two rubber bands let’s try three. I think. my money is on three. this is going to disable it because five obviously too much let’s see if this helps it. safety off oh snap. I’m quite shocked that it only took three rubber bands disable it. being a high pressure and imfamous round the 380 action express. well known to blow up pistols I think that in a future test we will have to see if holding my junk will counteract the rubber bands disabling powers that was interesting. everybody wants me to put rubber bands from here to here. that’s all they say on the glock video I’m going to demonstrate why that’s a bad idea safety is on so we don’t have to use our brain safety 3 will disabel the hi point we will see if these five here will counteract that disability we got this thing on here well. i’m also going to show people what happens when you do that. break yourself. ah snap! it worked! dude, that was gangster. keep in mind that this operation is insanely dangerous these 380 AE cartridges are well known to explode hi points I don’t want to say I used to be an operator until I took a hi point to the knee let’s put five more ruberbandazines. we have eight on the slide. ten rubber bands in the back here let’s see if that works. what up fool! didn’t explode. so now for the finale we are going to put a comical amount rubber bands on this gun because we learned almost immediately that it only takes three rubber bands to disable this weak ass pistol which is pretty pathetic actually So the next test is will it explode if we put this many rubber bands on it final test. It’s the final countdown! will rubber bands disable a hi point brand glock? If you are operating and somebody does cover up your gun with rubber bands this is how you take care of it. you whip out your glock knife and you are ready to operate. we’ve proven scientifically and conclusively that three rubber bands will disable a hi point brand glock. thanks for watching.

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  1. Hello. My name is Nikita.
    I will be glad to see you and your friends on your channel.
    There will be many interesting ovsego.

    Thank you.

  2. driving a car is totally dangerous too. You can run over bunch of people in less than a second.. Shit ban all the cars

  3. Considering how difficult these are to take down and the long intervals suggested by the manufacturer between cleanings it would be interesting to see you test if over lubrication of it can cause it to malfunction and if so how over lubed would it have to get to malfunction. It would be a good simulation of what could happen if someone has a tendency to just pour/spray some lube in it periodically between cleanings and gets a little careless.

  4. Wouldnt 1 be technically 2 since you twist them? And btw 1 can stop it from cycling you just have to wrap it so much so theres alot of tension and it will stop working

  5. Dude that's one of the first things they teach you never trust any safety except for yourself, the safety doesn't make a gun safe it's the operator

  6. This is my favorite video of yours. 380 action express and rubber bandazine had me rolling. I'm glad I operated my tablet over to youtube and saw this one.

  7. You better check yo self before you wreck yo self
    Cause I'm bad for your health
    I come real stealth
    Dropping bombs on your moms
    Fuck car alarms

  8. "A gun with a safety means you can do anything with it!" (LOL! After I spit coffee all over keyboard.) I get the humor, I just hope nobody's taking this serious. "Do as he does, not as he says"?? NO! Don't do as he does.. OR says!

  9. With 100 rubber bands you might combine them in a slingshot to fling a round at 400fps (just slightly lower than .380 in a 3.3" barrel!)

  10. Gun control is the most reasonable thing ive heard since i heard Hillary wasnt being indicted

  11. I hope you are kidding about the gun being able to point it and disregard other safeties when manual is on. lol I got the inclination to think you were being sarcastic?

  12. We all know you wear operator gloves because you are hiding the fact that

    YOU ARE A GLOCK!!!!!

  13. You speak about safety lol the gun should have blown up in your hands you had on your gloves and then you took it off to discharge your weapon u dump hill billy

  14. If you are operating and somebody does cover up your gun with rubber bands! WTF why is your gun away from you for 3 minutes to give them time to do that, and why would they do that to your gun!

  15. Please lay off the meth or at least stop making stupid ass videos. I was actually hoping you would hurt yourself doing all that stupid shit and when you went for the obvious law suit you were shooting for hi point went and told you to go fuck yourselves.

  16. what the fuck is this stupid shit? just pure fucking pointless shit. do you even know the purpose of rubber bands on pistols? dumbass.

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