Shifting: Don’t Be a Shift Knob! – The Racing Line Ep. 3

Shifting: Don’t Be a Shift Knob! – The Racing Line Ep. 3

if your a roofer you’d better know how to
drive a nail and if your a plumber you better not a plunge a toilet and your
race car driver you better know how to shift a gear and that’s what we’re talking
about today on the racing line so what’s the point in shifting gears well I hate to disappoint you but even your Lamborghini or Z06 has far more weight
than it does power so we need gears to keep a gas engine operating in its
relatively narrow power band this is roughly what it looks like
you can see that the higher the RPM are the horsepower and torque so it’s
your job to use gars to keep your engine spining to its full potential well first we’re going to talk about is
when you shift and the answer is a simple one shift in a straight line not
in the corners shifting can upset the car so finish downshifting before the
turn in and start up shifting of the track out always aim to get the proper
gear for leaving the turn while you are breaking for it simple enough of course
before we talk about how to shift let’s talk a little about what will be
shifting modern cars coming two basic categories automatic and manuals on an
outage trying to do the whole job for you may come as a traditional torque
converter tight or in the modern dork latch high-performance Trunner should know how
to drive a real tree Palace tack for the manual clutch so that’s where we’ll
start option to nazis your part liftoff clutch and learn to love her
clenched up back on Cass get there still definitely an art to a good shift if you
time it just right with a quick snap against your side together happily
option is also easier because their lives are actually falling to what the
higher nearly its pilots are as per vehicle slowdown in 2010 MasterCard slip
out that its long-term really logic downshifting if you don’t shifted like
you up shifted on the track the engine speed wouldn’t match the
wheel speed and has your laboratory which the carville engine brake
upsetting the balance of the car and straining the drivetrain it’s the
equivalent of breaking with just the rear wheel and that’s only good if
you’re trying to initiate a drink but don’t worry there is a solution I’m
glad you’re feeling down shifting from performing matching his gripping the trial down
shifting to run the engine speed up for the first depress the clash then shift
and blip the throttle simultaneously then release the clutch practice once
you master reverential tones for lunch and matching while breaking your clutch
gas and brake all the same time to pull that off really well having a foreign
language being nice it’s really not necessary the secret lies and having your right
foot do double-duty breaking with the ball and putting the throne with the
healer side of your foot looks like first depress the brake firmly with the
ball of your foot next clutching a third down shift next step the throttle and
give it more ribs and you need and lastly release the clutch quickly before
the engine losses rafts remember two things breaking is always the priority
and healing so does not work slowly done right your ships will be like most importantly it will be causing any
sudden shocks and the Dr training where we transfer in the chest you get it
wrong though you’ll be upsetting the car at the worst possible moment at the
turning so let me do it incorrectly show you
what happens that’s hard for me in other words never do this you can talk about shifting we’re not
talking about tires tire well tired would like to believe we can drive and
carry on a phone conversation at the same time it’s just not possible but I’m
getting out here is we are good multitaskers I’m tired already under
when comparing the brown shirt on the corner the tires Township definition alone in the contact
patch grip corner is why a show down shift is so important that does not
shock the tire this helps emphasize three main goals and making sure that
contain swift make it seem less and later at just the right time good automatic can take care of all
those for you this will leave you more time to talk on the way and navigate
squeeze your lover or god forbid text is done for you every time but I can
automatically do a better job than I can I know first lap and the Cadillac ATS me
with manual transmission then do a lap in the automatic and we’ll see what
happens my shifting skills have been rendered
obsolete but I’m not ready to relinquish my beloved stick shift it’s so much more
rewarding and engaging all Americans give you the option to shift yourself
what you’re missing the clutch either way though it’s a fun ride so shift
responsibly driving enthusiasts and we’ll see you next time on the racing
line right here at this track going into turn
four instantly spins off the track for no apparent reason and it turns out the
driver was in 5th gear and he was going down to 4th year for his corner and what
he did was grab to give Liverpool a little too hard into second drop the
class locked rear wheels off the track he goes down shift is the quickest way
there is to spend a car

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  1. Wow, so even professional drivers who admit that the modern AT is faster than the MT acknowledge that the MT is far more satisfying to drive.

  2. Damn i wish i had a better car when i drove manual. Heel toeing was not much of an option on a jetta with a gas pedal that is much lower than the brake and also has a massive delay…well in shifting speeds its massive

  3. It's really weird seeing this kind of editing and filming style on YouTube. It's all very rigid and planned and it feels really dated on this platform. I get a early 2010 discovery channel feel from the whole thing, doesn't look or sound genuine. That last part when the credits roll is on to something. Use the freedom this platform gives you, its a win win.

  4. Your a professional actor or a professional mouth mover but you my friend are not a professional driver

  5. ‘Manual transmission is betterrr!!!!’ is the modern equivelent of ‘Why would you buy a Ford Model T when a horse carriage is much more rewarding?’

  6. This Racing Line Episodes are too good! I only ask for english subtitles, for its hard for some non-english speakers to understand everything. I do a better job understanding than YouTube but, still not enough 😀

  7. I’ve been driving manual for a long time and every time when I get into an auto car, before I turn it on my left foot will always be down there looking for a clutch pedal lol

  8. Europeans are probably watching this wondering why the viewer is being treated like a 16 yr old girl on her first day at driving class.

  9. I've been driving a manual for 2 years now. I have shifting down to a T. Even downshifting/rev matching. The heel and toe is what I cant seem to get. Been trying since I've learned how to drive a standard trans. I always end up pressing the brake pedal even more when I go on to blip the throttle which causes me to brake hard in the mist of it all 🤦🏽‍♂️ Does shoe size matter? I'm a 7.5 mens

  10. Downshifting is stupid…the best way to enter corners is using breaks and don't downshift at all but adjust the gear in right moment…you are going to fly through those corners with much less work. Why would you f. downshift when you already have speed entering that corner which means all you have to do is release the gear in neutral and adjust the speed with the breaks and then put it into right gear as car leaves the corner for full throttle.

  11. In Europe 95% of cars are manual….auto are more used by old folks and handicaped drivers. Neverless in the present days there are fantastic autos in the premium segment.

  12. What if the rare gets locked while at an slopping intersection… i have been there (not at the intersection but yaa it has happened twice)… i am afraid of going back to manuals tbh..

  13. Randy’s way of heel and toeing will only work with street gear boxes. With a proper racing dog box you should only select the lower ratio after the blip or the gears will crunch.Also, when you get it right with a dog box you don’t even have to use the clutch. You could actually drive like you would a go-cart and brake with your left foot.

  14. There is one detail that every single video about rev matching leaves out: you have to blip the throttle before the revs start dropping. Declutch->shift->blip should be done in immediate succession. The is especially important in normal driving when you don't have a high "race track" rev and having them drop will mean not having enough torque to get them up again. Like being stuck behind someone doing 60km/h and shifting to 3rd to quickly pass.

  15. He could have easily beaten the automatic if he wasn't wasting time, having fun, drifting the car; but Randy knows that only too well.

  16. Doing it all the time 😊 like almost nobody else 🙁
    Peoples love cars, but dont know how to propertly riding .and dont care about that

  17. Lap times irregardless, three pedals make a racecar driver. Slush boxes, DCT's. PDKs, all are for pussies. You can't call yourself a racecar or high performance driver unless you can heel to with perfect braking, Not just brake, stab and steer. Yes, I drive a stick, no, I can't afford a new 911 or M4. But I do feel a certaing sense of superiority when I track with them and allllllmooossssst keep up! LOL

  18. In most asian countries manual are a norm, except japan I guess. So I have already learned driving manual, but It is such a let down to see that automatic can do all the job. Better spend a little more money and enjoy comfort.

  19. It's sad because almost nobody can't downshift properly with rev match heel toe in my country, everybody downshift without rev matching and when you try to explain them they don't get it and think that's nonsense because "nobody does that"

  20. I have been driving stick since I got my license, I am European after all, but I confess that the new Mégane RS has med craving for the automatic. The multi-shiftdown seems so promising.

  21. if you push a vehicle to its peak performance and dont naturally do this then dont push a vehicle to its peak performance. thank me later

  22. All the talk of automatics didn't really factor in modern high performance cars with dual-clutch "semi-autos" where you still control the gears, but it does the clutch for you. Unless you're up against a pro racer who's been heel-toeing his whole career, a dual clutch semi-auto will shift gears faster than any manual driver.

  23. You can not Heel-tow my car. If you try, you are in full lock up
    tires fault.. 01 Passat at 3450lbs and 195/65/15 tire. not near enough for the car.

  24. I love manuals more than anything but I sprained my left ankle a couple months ago and lemme tell you how awesome the following week was

  25. tires only give you the maximum of possible grip when you accelerate both lateral and longitudinal
    in a race that means when youre braking or accelerating during cornering

  26. i rev match sometime but i just realised i blimp the throttle before switching gear.. since im in neutral i don,t think it changes anything .. but does it?

  27. Now I'm not saying the automatic is slower but in the manual, he was constantly breaking loose into a slight drift on the corners which would make him slower.

  28. in modern cars when you hit gas and brake at the same time the car becomes slower and slower… for safety. on many cars that might not work anymore.

  29. If HE a pro still couldn't pass the time of the automatic… none of us in the comments can. But he almost beat it. It was super close. What a beast.

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