Shane Gillis Eats with the Boys – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

Shane Gillis Eats with the Boys – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

What a weird gathering of
things you have around you- Thank you scientist. Boom boom sauce, cookie wrappers I live a very interesting life-
Coffee tea water milk. I’ll tell you this my life is
filled with sauce and sweet. It’s like you opened a hello
fresh box and you have no clue
what you’re making. I think this thing makes a pipe
bomb I don’t know. It’s the Bonfire, Comedy
Central Radio, Sirius XM 95. Big Jay Oakerson.
That’s Dan Soder. Hi. The whole crew is here
joining us in the studio today. You know him, everyone.
You love him. There’s no need
for introduction anymore. People just say to throw him
the third mic. It’s Shane Gillis, everybody.
Yo. Some call him the … He’s the Benjamin Franklin
of Sheetz nation. I do declare.
He goes, “I’ve traveled far, wide,
Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg …” Shippensburg. Rainsburg.
Stroudsburg Carlsberg. Hell yeah, dude.
We could spend two hours just naming all the burgs
of Pennsylvania. Hey it’s the Aaronburgs
of Pennsylvania. Fuck yeah. The people love and we love when
Shane Gillis is here, of course. You came in on a day we-
He moved the noodle. The reason Shane’s
on the show today is ’cause he fucking moved
the needle, and he got us in touch. We got a styrofoam box
of Sheetz. Could this be
a fucking explosion? Maybe.
We have Shane here today for the unveiling
of an offering. What else do you call it?
I mean a temptation. I just want to say real quick,
Wa- From the fine people
at Sheetz themselves Wow.
Yeah. Don’t talk about Wawa. Wawa hasn’t
acknowledged us at all. You want to open this up?
You mentioned Sheetz name next- Oh my god,
it’s the head of Nikki Glaser. Holy shit. They sent a message.
They did it. They send us…
with a note that says, “Sorry this isn’t
more official yet. I would have sent some boneless
wings or popcorn chicken over, but I’m guessing you probably
don’t have a deep fryer in the studio of your offices.” He’s right,
but we are working on that. “We’ll figure something
better out soon. In the mean time,
I’ll keep those packages coming with different food. In this package,”
Here’s what we have right here, and Shane break this out
if you know these things here. Yeah, Shane what are these?
Those are your typical sauces. No, no. I have the list here
of what they are, so I can tell you,
but you can tell us if these things are good,
you tell me Shane. There’s reverse
chocolate chip cookies. Yep, there we go.
They’re good. You can see them. It looks good.
I’ve never had one. You can see it though.White
chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Great choice. Phenomenal. Reese’s peanut
butter cup cookies. Shut up! Oh god, let’s all get
fat together and mush. Peperoni rolls that need to be heated up in the oven
or toaster oven. Fuck that.
Pepperoni rolls! I mean those
are gonna be unreal. Eat those pep rolls straight
out of the garbage bag that they mailed them to us in. What’s this?
That’s the way to keep it cold. Dan’s never seen things.
Ice is cool. Here’s the three
other things they sent, they answer your question. There’s jalapeno ranch sauce,
there’s Boom Boom sauce … That’s the go-to.
That’s their thing. Boom Boom sauce, dude. This is Boom Boom obviously.
I don’t want to … by the way, there’s secret
recipe next to Boom Boom sauce that I’m not gonna
read out loud. It- What it is.
Wait, they got it in there? It just says … He says more or less what it is. And what is- It’s sort of
like going like, if someone says
McDonald’s secret sauce, and you go,
it’s basically Thousand Island.” Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s got to be the
secret, right? No.
Do you know what that is at all? Barbecue.
No, I don’t. What kind?
I’ll tell you what kind. Hickory. Spicy,
Dr. Pepper barbecue. Okay.
Wow. You know what? Sheetz, it’s been nice
doing business with you, but you take your circus
fucking flavors out of here. What’d you
just say? You ever
have Jack Daniel’s sauce, Dan? I just took
a kidney shot from Shane. What’d you
fucking say to me? Oh,
God he got me. You’ve got
to try it. He’s got
a boy on him. Try
it first. Did you a… Dan, did you ever have Jack
Daniel’s sauce from Friday’s? Yeah. I’d fucking
eat your dick with that. Yeah,
me too. You want to do that?
Yeah. Oh man,
I knew we were gonna get … Look at all these!
Look at all these! Dude, I’m gonna have
some many cookies tonight. Um, by the way- You guys
get cookies. Don’t they? This is sent to us… Camera people everywhere
get cookies. …and you’re gonna
love this. This is sent to us
from Alex Hawk, who I know is a camper,
an awesome guy. I mean,
this is just… Do you want to
know his title, Dan? What? MTO Culinary
Research and Development Manager Research and Development
is reaching out to us? Which by the
way- Whoa. Whoa.
Where the fuck are you at? I don’t know
if you know this, Dan. That means we know the guy,
at least who’s next to the guy, who could green light a Bonfire sandwich. a Bonfire
sandwich of some sort. Yo, look
at all … I mean, I just got cookie …
This is wrapped. Sheetz,
know we appreciate ya. Dude, if you
guys get a Bonfire sandwich, that will be my low point. Like if I, in the future,
quit comedy and I’m just out
of Mechanicsburg You’ll
just go order a Bonfire? Paying for
a Bonfire Sheetz burger by myself. And they go
like this. They go … And the guys behind you
goes hey, crackle, crackle and you go,
Just take the change. He’s gonna be like,
How’s Finnegan? I’m gonna be like,
Finnegan’s fucking dead, dude. What’s Christine eating?
Cookies? [crosstalk] No, he doesn’t
know who you are- [crosstalk] Cookies?
Mother fuckers. Yeah look
at these dude. Well throw me one. Stop talking about it.
Well, I’m trying
to get an arrangement. Okay put
some Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce on it?
Here. I’m going to give you
a white with Macadamia. I don’t
want that. Stop trying to give
everybody a… I see what
you’ve already given out. It’s the bullshit
you don’t want. No. I gotta
go with different stacks. It’s the
white with macadamia and I’m going to kick it
across the room, Dan. Stacks.
Thank you very much. There are so
many options right now. There are
so many options. This is just. Wow. …cause go on throw
me white macadamia. I go look Jay… Go on… I go Jay, look,
another white macadamia. Oo oo…
It so crazy. I’ve heard
these are all yours. You can have all these.
Wow. Oh hey,
also I’ve got one that taste like cough medicine it says.
Here also take that. Oh cool,
look, this is the diet Snickers. Mm mm.
It’s a good dense cookie. They know what they’re doing.
Great texture. Welcome to the
family, Sheetz. Look at McPants
throwing us a… Awwww. Double shot. Campers by all means,
send in your kid pictures. It always makes us laugh.
Mm mm… Yeah.
Send us kid pictures. Hahahahaha.
Yeah. Now Tony sent one, a picture of
her in a No Doubt thing not too long ago
of her being little- At
[[email protected]]. It was pretty adorable. All the kids, especially if you’re
in your bathing suits- Don’t tell your
mommies or daddies or we’re both going
to be in trouble. Just send it.
Come on, you’re big now. Dude. Boom.
Boom sauce. That’s the
sauce dude. I kind of want to take this
home. That’s not boom boom. Oranges. That’s jalapeno ranch. This is jalapeno ranch? Yeah.
I kind of want to take
this boom boom home. Black Lou, how do we split it
between the two of us? Oh no, you- Nah. I mean,
I gotta go to spots. You ain’t split no
sauce with a black man. You take it. I just
wanted to taste it. Yeah, well I mean I would like to take it home. But I imagine you have
to keep it cool. And I have to go do spots
so I can’t. Want me to take it? I bring these cookies with me. Want me to take it?
You get it later. No. It’s alright. We have a fridge
here I can- Gay.
Yeah Dan. Me and Kristine
will be your camel. Cool dude. I know factiousness
when you say it. Being a sheets sauce mule was actually a pretty
respectable profession when I was growing up. I have held many sheets
bottles for people. There’s nothing wrong
with being a sheets mule- Sheets mule. Oh, Mr.
Big Shit thinks being a sheets mule is all of the sudden
an honest way to make a living. He goes,
“Hey, I’m sorry. You haven’t been home
in a while.” The flip chocolate
chip cookie is- Unbelievable Pretty impressive. I’m going to do
what Jacob’s doing. I going to try a little bit
of this bar-be-que sauce. Do you think it’s like
Cosby’s bar-be-que sauce. Does it get the ladies
[hibby jibby? Now is that
what he said? Something like that right? What
did you think? Find Bill Cosby- Fantastic. Oh. Find Bill
Cosby defends rape on Cosby Show.
My bar-be-que sauce- Oh, I know
which one you mean. Yeah,
don’t you. That’s all
it takes. Everybody
gets a drop of my barb and they get all hibby jibby. Yeah. And then I rape them. It’s just- I’m a rape them as soon as they eat that sandwich. They fall
asleep come in and take sex from them. Then I come
and rape ’em. I’m going to trick
her in drinking that. I’m Bill Cosby.
I’m going to rape her. Hey Bill.
This seems real raw. Do you want massage
the language a little bit. No, I feel
like this bar-be-que sauce could be used in a marinade
or just straight up. Dude.
He just took- Wow. Black Lou
just took a shot of it. Black Lou
I swear to you- Everybody. I’ll give
you twenty dollars right now if you just fucking chug it. You just
did that. Chug it
like a forty. He just- he just went back
and took a shot. Like a forty. No shit. I mean
straight up. You’re not
one of those slam dunking kinds. You drink like it’s a forty. Wait, do we
have a brown paper bag we could wrap it in first? I want to wrap it
and have him chug it. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah. culinary development. Is there a
peanut butter cup cookie? I was about
to break into one. You want to-
I’ll go halves on one. Oh. If you could
find a way to reach into Dan’s bag and grab it out,
that’d be great. White
chocolate macadamia dude. I’ve been handing out macadamia.
Yo, I’m about to flip out. Yeah, you guys are- Yeah, dude chill, dude. Dan, Dan,
you’re too hyped up. Dan, dude
chill, bud. Dan you’re too wired up. Why don’t you try a little bit
of my barbecue sauce? I got one. You know you’ll try
the barbecue sauce, get all hibbity jibbity. I’m gonna
do a key bump. Huggy buggy,
that’s what I want. It’s
funny that- Huggy buggy. This is what he though
being romantic was. Yeah. They were
like no you act like this is a sexual scene
and they were like, alright, maybe a little less rapey.
Being real rapey. Hey, Bill- You know how
many karate chops to the carotid artery
I’ve saved? Yeah. With my
barbecue sauce? Hey, Bill,
we were over in video village, comes off real rapey
what you say to your wife. I just want to know if you’re,
I mean, it’s your show, but- We saw you
with an eye dropper over at Crafty trying to put something
on all of the crispy treats. That’s
my barbecue sauce. That ain’t nothin’
that’s just how I fart. Just tryna
get, you know, it’s last day
shootin’ this week, I’m tryin’ to get
everyone huggy buggy. On Friday evenings I like to be the Zamboni and clean up all the dead
bodies around Crafty. I come through and I make sure
the ice is smooth. Dawg.
Dawg. It’s time
for our second, we have to take
our second break? Yeah, but I want to
keep eating cookies. Well that’s,
what better time? You gotta
leave? Yeah, yeah
I can- Not ’til 8,
right? Yeah,
what time is it? It’s only 7:05 Oh, we got,
fuck dude, I guess I’ll leave, dude,
if you fucking want me to. Dude, later dude. [crosstalk] This is all,
dud, I brought you this. I laid this, fucking,
look at what I brought to you. [crosstalk] I delivered this
upon your feet, dude. I laid this.
Cookies and sauces from [inaudible]
at your table. This is what I bring to you and
you’re fucking kicking me out? I got fuckin’ dudes in Altoona
mailing you cookies, and you’re gonna
fucking shit on me? Altoona, dudes. No, Shane, hang out
as long as you can, we’re gonna take our next break. We’ll be right back,
this is The Bonfire. This is The Bonfire, Comedy Central Radio Sirius
XM-95, Big Jay Oakerson, Dan Soder. Shane Gillis
[inaudible ] Shane Sheets Gillis
[inaudible]. Let’s do it. Oh, dude,
Christine warmed up some of the peperoni. Oh, really? Mother
fucking pep rolls, fresh out of the mic. I just want
to say, for the record, I want to say,
before we try these, I want to be fair to Sheets and say we were told
to toaster oven or oven. They do not say microwave. I worry about how
this is gonna come out. Do you thing
this is going to greatly effect how you judge them? I might
judge harshly. Look at all
these cookies, though. God, we have so much. Christine
went to go cook. What a bountiful expedition. You gonna out a little boom
boom sauce on your thing? Oh, hell yeah. Are you really? That doesn’t sound
like a good idea. I don’t think
that’s what it’s for. Boom boom and pep
might not mix. This is you living dangerously
but that’s what cheese is all about
is innovating and expanding. That’s the
type of attitude that’ll get you into Altoona. I’m sorry,
I’m a creative type. Well, it’s
the Silicon Valley of gas station food. It literally
tastes like the Stromboli I make.
That’s a compliment. I make a mean ass Stromboli.
It’s good. Sheetz. I think you might be
looking at a new member. You’re just
jumping over. Of Sheetz Nation. You know. I mean, we had this
conversation. You’re just gonna
jump over. [inaudible] jump over.
Wow. I mean, we move
as a family. We all know that.
We move as a family. We’re a Wawa family. Well, no.
Now we’re in between people. Just sending these in alone. With
the sauces. It’s huge. From the research and
development sector, it’s really ja-
That’s like, you know. It’s just
people who give a shit. Dude,
there’s guys in camouflage lab coats, right now, working
so fucking hard to figure out how to get the new
Pep Roll out. There’s
someone right now, busting his ass,
in rural Pennsylvania, deep, deep in a lab. Guys.
How ’bout two cheeses? I’m sorry, man, I’m just
the janitor here, but … No, no, no, no, no. That’s interesting
you say that. What’s your name?
Derek. Derek,
come here. How long you been here? Not long. I was a Sheetz mule
for ten years. Man, why
don’t you tell me how a fucking boom boom
sauce mule could come in here and work as a custodian and have
better ideas than you, Rick? Why don’t you tell me
how that’s possible? This is like
Good Will Hunting but with sandwiches
that’ll kill you. They won’t
kill you. What? Shut your
fucking mouth, [inaudible].
Don’t say it again. For
real though, you guys have to make
the switch now. Look at this.
It’s good. It’s obvious
what’s happening here. One doesn’t give a fuck,
the one that was there in front of your face
the entire time does. This is like
a Rom Com with gas station sandwiches. I’m just
a boy, standing in front of
a convenience store sandwich, saying “I love you.” Wawa’s
the pretty rich girl that wants nothing
to do with us, and then Sheetz
is just a best friend that’s been there
the whole time. Kiss me down
by the bearded barley. Or it goes,
Sheetz goes like this, “I don’t know, I know I gotta go to riding camp
this summer, but-” He’ll
hold you in his arms. Sheetz
is like, “Yo, what are you doing, dude?
Come over here. Why don’t you come over
behind this dumpster. Dude, I got pep rolls,
I’ll fuck you. I ended up raping you, my bad.” Sheetz is like, “Want me to gobble you
in the parking lot? Why don’t you gobble me
in the parking lot?” Yeah, just
don’t finger me with your fucking greasy hands. Hey, wipe
your hand off on your jeans before you go for it. That’s Wawa,
dude. Wawa’s out there, “I’m going down the shore.
We aint talking no more. Fuck you.” And Wawa’s like,
“Yo dude. Fuck that bitch. I saw you talking to that
bitch earlier. Come over here.” “Do you
like video games?” “I got
cookies for you.” “I got
so many cookies and sauces.” “I’m gonna
FedEx some cookies over to you. Where do you live?
What’s your address?” “Can I mail sauces to you?” Jacob, did you try one of these
yet? Jacob. I’m not eating one. Jacob. I’m not either, but we have to make
a decision on who we’re going
to put our heart into. It’s, Jacob,
it’s a family decision. Wait,
you haven’t tried one of these? Yeah,
it’s fan- … I tried one. Jacob do it.
Jacob. I’m not eat
… I’m sure it’s great,
I can’t eat one right now. Why? Well that’s
not a good way to do business. Did you say
you had wawa? No. I’ll fucking
put you through a fucking window dude. I’m full, I had wawa.
I left the city to get it. I will
fucking find [crosstalk]. Dude,
Jacob’s got a set of broken ribs from Shane. You want
to find out what studio four looks like? He goes,
“Oh my God, he just commandoed him
through the wall. Holy shit. It’s crazy. He just wouldn’t try a pepperoni
roll, and Shane just went- Sorry,
outlaw, country, 90, whatever. Yeah, Shane
went full left tackle, and just blasted him
through the wall. Why can’t
you have a piece Jacob? I can,
I’m just- Can you have
a bite? Just take
a bite. Have a bite. I don’t
want it. It’s for business. You’re bad
at business. You’re bad at business dude. That’s not
a good feeling. I’m sure it’s great. The cookies are great. The sauce is great.
I’ve had enough. So you had a cookie? Did everybody else try the pepperoni roll? I didn’t get
to try the peanut butter cup cookie.
Is there one of floating around. Oh yeah,
of course. Yeah, goes
really good if you’re just eating pepperoni roll. Yeah, good. I mean you want heart
burn immediately? Something
sweet. You wanna
get hurt? I think Shane just dipped
his cookie in the oil. Yeah, Shane
just took bam boom boom sauce. Yeah, peanut
butter cup, boom boom sauce. Jalapeno ranch. I’ll tell
you this bad for the reflux,
great for the taste buds. What is? I’m getting
some real chest heat right now. Pepperoni roll? That’s gonna fire
back up on you buddy. Fire down
two of those things, I’m gonna …
Fuck, I’m breathing acid. That’s why
I had one little slice there, because I’m like it’s gonna-
Wow- That got
greedy quick. I gotta
do a- It kicked
back up pretty God damn fast. I’m gonna do
podcast and stand up show after this so- Oh dude,
I’m gonna be doing a benefit fucking just burping. I’m gonna be like [crosstalk]. Even one of
those is like 10 Slim Jims. Huh? They put ten
Slim Jims into each one of those. That’s right. You man,
don’t pull the curtain. Don’t pull the sheet. Yes. I’m glad you
guys are talking because seriously, I’m dealing
with a lot of fucking- It’shurting you right now. I’m getting through it. You wanna glass of milk? I would
love one. Do you have one? Maybe like- There’s milk upstairs. Yeah, I got milk on me. I don’t know … Why are you going around
offering glasses of milk, if you ain’t got
one on you dude? Well Christine went upstairs to prepare peperoni rolls,
I’m sure she’ll make a milk run. I got sweet
bottled water dude. That’s not gonna help, that makes things worse,
you know that. No it doesn’t, no it cuts right through it. This jalapeno sauce is a good
base. Yeah.
Yeah. It’s a great base, after you have peperoni rolls. You want to
eat that ass? You want to- He goes, as
Winston Churchill once said, “When going through hell,
keep going.” Take a shot. Jalapeno
rancho hit the spot. Just go
all the way through. Has [Sheets] got the cure
for what ails you. Take a little swig of that,
right there. Put gas
on the fire. Wait, did we
get an official, Black Lou took
a swig of barbecue sauce. Did you give
a review overall? What’d yeah think? Honestly? Yeah. It’s very nice. It’s definitely a white guy
in a kitchen put that together. A white guy in the kitchen. Oh, how dare you. That’s basically,
you know what he’s saying, there’s no soul
in that barbecue sauce. It was a white guy. But while he was cooking,
he was going, “Mama’s in the kitchen
getting huh huh. Mama’s in the kitchen.” He was
racist as fuck when he made it. Yeah. That’s got
to count for some soul. You can’t
taste a little bit of the hate in that? There’s just a guy
pounding on a door to get in. He’s going, “What?”
as he’s making the sauce. He’s going,
“Take this out to the workers and have them tell me
they think it’s good. The white workers.”
Thank you. The ones
that drive trucks. Dee.
Yo. Yeah.
Boom boom sauce. Boom boom
sauce is good. And I like this,
the ranch combo. [Christie], you’re a sauce person.
Boom boom sauce good? I’ve not
tried the boom boom or the barbecue. I went straight
for jalapeno ranch. You love
what boom boom sauce is. You know
what boom boom …
you love what it is. Can
I try it? Ingredients-wise. Dan can’t figure out
what boom boom sauce is. You shut
your mouth, dude. I nailed this. It looks
like it’s [crosstalk] Delete the footage. Delete the
footage. Delete the footage of me
grabbing the wrong one. It looks
like it’s chili garlic sauce mixed in with mayonnaise. You’re
guessing that by look? Yeah.
No. What are you, a detective? She goes, “This sauce died
five days ago.” Tastes like
that’s what it is, too. What? She goes, “There was a struggle
when the sauce was made. I can taste it.” That’d be
great if Christie nailed that. I saw
the peppers. There was
divorce in the air. She goes,
“One of them is jealous. The other tried to run.
This sauce …” It ended
in a murder-suicide. Wow. It’s all true. How did you
know that? One bullet
to his wife, one bullet to his own head.
Hence the name, boom boom. And also, pairs well
with a turkey sandwich. That’s awesome. Ordered on
a computer. Dealing
with reflux? I’ve got the cure
for what ails you. Ah, dude.
I mean, [Sheets] is going to be- That reflux?
That’s nothing, dude. Reflux nation. You’ve just
got a small case of [Sheets] gut. [Sheet] gut. It happens
to the best of us. Two liter of Mountain Dew.
Put that down. Get some Citrus Skoal.
Get some Skoal. Take it
to the face, dude. Take it to the face.
Yeah. He goes, “I don’t even know
what you’re doing. A whole bag of tasty cakes?”
[inaudible] donuts. Mountain Dew probably to some degree
flushes you out. Oh yeah,
I think what it does, it’s like chlorine in a pool,
because keeps everything clean. Burns your eyes. Yeah like,
too much mountain dew in the system. I opened my eyes while
I was drinking mountain dew. Another already… And your eyes are
all spiderwebs with bloodshot.
Did I just cranked that a dew? Because, i almost
canoed here on dry land. Because I took a code
red to the dome. Extreme! Affects fertility,
they are saying the Diet Mountain dew
it’s a theory. Yeah, we use that. I’m sorry. It affects fertility.
That’s plan B where I’m from. [crosstalk]
If you are not a [inaudible] we gotta get
some cold mountain dew to Knock that kid right out of you. You make your
squat over it and dropped
a couple mentos in it, then you fire up everywhere? It go, if this
is where we are heading with Roe v Wade,
this is where we are headed. It’s called
a DELCO abortion. It goes,
delco plan B? Wait, mountain dew or you just
birth in at X Games athlete. If the kid survives… Yeah… [inaudible] I just wanna thank
my mum and my dad for making me with the leader
of mountain dew and their love. The kid air guitar is
out of his mom’s cuch, or while doing
the Angus young step… It goes
[inaudible]. What’s up, my name’s Colby
and I’m ready to do back flips on a 50cc dirt bike. Producer
Jacob always distracts me with like, I can’t. We can’t talk
about ACDC like that. He just storms off. We can’t?
You got to leave? I just
needed to mark [crosstalk] No, I know.
Jacob never gets up like, “Ah, this is fun so far can
I go do something.” He always goes,
it’s always like, “Gosh shit, there is a problem.” You know
what he does, he gets up like a parent
or a little kid grab something. Then he goes,
[crosstalk] Yes, exactly. Owen… You see it,
here in the airline right? I’m always like,
what’s going on? We said something wrong? I would say
he’s mad at me. I was just
trying to pull something… He can’t
talk about a coming out of a pussy, man. Because,
that guy is illegal. Jacob, why are they
doing this to you, Dude? It was
actually the opposite of marking something
very funny for a promo. Oh, okay. Goes on sheets that you’re going to do this?
On sheets day? On our sheets
confirmation Day. [inaudible] what’s your confirmation name,
Rusty? (speakers laughing) Darryl. Oh yeah,
for sure. My sister tried to take, just like Shaniqua. On Catholic confirmation,
she was like, Shaniqua- shantelle.
[crosstalk] there is no fucking
saint shantelle. Yeah there is, the saints of Nail Salon.
Shantelle. [crosstalk] I used to be Dennis,
I want to be Kenneth. You’re going Kenny? Kenny. Kenny’s a
good sheets confirmation name, that’s powerful.
Kenny. And if you’re going Kenny,
I want to go Daryl. Daryl’s
sick. Okay. Yeah,
Daryl’s not a bad one at all. Actually,
man, should our confirmation names
be Buck and Oscar? Oh, yeah,
Buck and Oscar. Yeah, for sure. My dad
wanted to name me Buck, and his dad
wanted to name him Oscar. Oscar
Oakerson. He was going send a fat kid
in the world with double O. Oscar Oakerson. You’re dad almost really
set you up for being a life of fucking … You’d be the toughest
human being on earth. You’d be like a
[crosstalk]. Like a Boy
named Sue. Like a boy named Sue. Oh dude,
yeah, I’d have fucking tattoos going from my neck
to my forehead. Ah Dude,
you’d start off with double O, then Oscar the Grouch. Man, you woulda been
dragged through the dirt. Oh,
I would’ve been the meanest kid in the word. By the way,
there was a super heavy set black kid in my school
named Oscar. So he went through it,
but it was Oscar Brown. It was a good last name. Oscar Oakerson,
it just sounds like … It sounds like words
you could say with tuba notes. And Buck Soder is the name
of a young father. Buck Soder for sure carries
a knife in his boot. And he has
kid at 14. Definitely. He drove way young, everything
was too young for you. I’d go, “Well, my dad will let me drive
when I was 11. Take the truck out.”
You gotta leave? I gotta get
the fuck outta here boys. Gotta head
back to sheet station? Shane Gillis
everybody. You guys
are the best. You know him
from the show [Fair Winds], which
you’re going to go do right now. Yeah. Over on the
Anthony [Kumi] Network. Or Matt
and Shane’s Secret Podcast. Ooh. Doing
sheets nation, shout out fam, shout out Zeus,
you we out here. Jacob, I’ll fucking
suck your dick. All right. [inaudible]. Bye. Shane Gillis
everybody. Let’s take our last break,
we’ll come back, take this thing all the way
to 8:00 PM eastern. Eastern,
not pacific. It’s
The Bonfire.

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  1. Bonfire is funny, Im surprised Comedy Central took time away from their regular programs to bring laughter and joy. Now back to Trump bashing and PC garbage jokes.

  2. I've only ever heard Shane Gillis on The Bonfire. I always pictured him as a black man. I'm laughing so hard because he's the whitest looking dude ever!


  4. Goof show but Legion of Skanks is better. Highly recommend anyone here who's a Bonfire fan to check it out if you haven't already.

  5. Jay… sup wit the palm socks? Sorry I meant Phil Collins gloves around the Bum 🔥video… Love youz guys show. 😂 #seanfury.

  6. I live in Houston and Jay just reminded me what a Stromboli is and now I want that shit sooo bad! I got the ludicrous speed munchies now!

  7. Loving the Bonfire videos!!

    Will say though, nothing has been as disappointing on this show as: picturing Shane as a fit, young, black man and seeing him in person… no offense Shane.

  8. 14:35 So this is the source of Jay's new, special method of dealing with hallway pissers. It always comes back to Gillis.

  9. Yaaa…forrrr sure Buck Soder had a child at the age 14. And he did use protection though, it just didn't work. You know how condoms and the like say they're "99% effective"? Well, apparently, same with the "Mountain Dew Method" (need to trademark that..). He drank Mountain Dew, and Mountain Dew only from his moment of birth; so much in fact that that's even what he had in his baby bottle. Mountain Dew even came out of his mom's tits when she breast fed him. And this was all in an attempt to prevent him from having a child before he could even get his driver's license. But poor ole' Buck…he was one of the few unlucky sumbitches to fall into the 1% where the "Double M Method" or just the "Triple M", if you will, sadly did not work. And a child was born.

  10. Pittsburgh guy here just letting you know Sheetz is one of the best places ever created. Get go tries but doesn't have shit on Sheetz.

  11. Big jay and Dan are the shit these two guys kill every time. I mean you try and keep the conversation interesting and funny for 3 hours.

  12. You guys have the best show on radio and if they shut you down I'll burn the fucking building down like they stole my stapler

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