Seth’s Bike Hacks Hits His Biggest Drop Ever | Wheel of Gnar

Seth’s Bike Hacks Hits His Biggest Drop Ever | Wheel of Gnar

(Sick Music) (crowd cheers) – [Audience] Wheel of Gnar! – [Narrator] Our first
guest is a mountain biker with over one million
subscribers on YouTube. He’ll teach you how to ride
your bike, crash your bike, fix your bike, and hack your bike. Once a web developer
from Florida, he lives in North Carolina, sharing
his passion for two wheels with the world. You know him as Seth’s Bike
Hacks, the hacker man himself, Seth Alvo. (audience cheers) – [Matt] How are ya’? – I couldn’t be better, I’m at Whistler. This is my third time. – [Jason] First Crankworx though? – First Crankworx, yeah, for sure. – And how is it rating on
your expectations so far? – It’s way better than I
thought it was going to be. I actually got to do
a heli-drop yesterday. It was my first heli-drop, my
first time in a helicopter. Period. You know, I’ve been in
an airplane a million times, and it’s all shaky and
it’s vibrating everything, and the helicopter was so smooth,
it was just like (swoosh). Yeah, we just went up and
it was like five minutes, and then it landed,
like, up in high Alpine. You wait for the rest of
the crew to come over, and just bomb the mountain all
day, and it’s just beautiful and amazing. – Last year, when we rode
Bellingham, you, I remember you told us this story, you
got recognized at Whole Foods that morning by a cashier. – Yeah. – Have you had any weird
fan encounters since? – Oh yeah, I was coming out of
Customs at Vancouver Airport last time I was here, and
there was somebody, like, you know, in the customs
area that recognized me, but what was weird was it
seemed like they were waiting there for me, ’cause it
was when you come out, and there’s just kinda people
waiting for their family, and there was somebody
kinda just standing there, like this kid with his mom, and he’s like, “It’s Seth! Seth!” (hosts laugh) I was like, “What’s up, dude?” – In mountain biking, we’re so
blessed to have these videos, with super high production value, but some people overlook
that it’s just the story that really keeps people intrigued
and keeps people watching so, how does that play
into effect on the videos that you produce and the
production that you put into your videos? – So I always plan my trips
and plan my projects around being nimble, but I find that
the story really comes together in the editing room. But if you don’t have the
shots, then you can’t tell it. So I get as much footage as
I can, in the easiest way I know how: always have
the camera rolling, and then, once I’m in the
editing room, I figure out what the story’s gonna be. You can take that footage and make it into ten different stories
but you have to find the story that’s going to
be the most interesting. – Your house is a very prominent
character on your channel, always upgrading, always
changing things from inside out, you have trails in the
backyard. Showing your house so much on the internet, you
ever have any unwanted guests? – Oh, absolutely, yeah. My, I’m
already trying to figure out where I’m gonna move. (all three laugh) Um, it’s, I have a sign on my
door that sort of explains it, it’s, like, in the nicest terms
possible, like it’s almost like a Canadian wrote it. – (Beep) off, eh? (laughs) – Yeah, (laughs), it’s
like, it’s basically like, “It’s not cool for you
to be here”, you know, and it’s got my little
logo on there so they know they’re in the right place
and they’re not supposed to be there. I did have
somebody ring my doorbell, but he pretended he didn’t
know who I was, and then he wanted to talk to me
about mountain biking. (laughs) And he, like, walked up there in the rain, and it’s like, “Dude”. – So, when you make videos,
you often find yourself riding other peoples’ trails,
possibly illegal trails, you must encounter people
who are upset because they feel like you’re spoiling
their spot but, you know, in our line of work, we
have, there’s a fine line of wanting to share what we do. – Earlier on, I’d been to
a lot of peoples’ trails, and when you meet the locals, sometimes they’re really excited
to show you their trails, and they want to blow up their trails. But there are varying
attitudes, you go other places, and they’re like, “Oh,
great, you’re gonna put this on YouTube, like this is our spot.” Illegal trails I just try to
stay away from in general, but even if it’s a legal trail,
I want to respect the locals and I try to do everything I
can and all the research I can to see whether or not I can show it. I’ve switched to doing a
lot of stuff in my backyard, a lot of stuff at private
bike parks, and a lot of stuff in my garage. (loud pop) But, there are some trail
systems that are low key and they should remain low
key. The locals feel that way and I agree with them. – How has this whole thing
affected your life in terms of your social circles?
You know, we see you have great relationships and
some of those people are in your videos and, you know,
you’re just living the dream with some of your best friends. – The only new friends that
I’ve made since I started doing the YouTube channel,
they’re either on YouTube, or they’re in the industry,
and some of them are on YouTube channels completely unrelated to what I do so it’s actually
been somewhat lonely. I don’t make friends in the
same way that I used to. Now, if somebody recognizes
me, and they know me from my channel, we’re already
in different situations where they know who I am and
they feel like they know me, and I have no idea who
they are, and sometimes you can break past that and
I have, I’ve made friends that knew me from the
channel and now we’re, like, total equals and everything’s
cool, but I don’t like people treating me like I’m
special. A lot of times, I’ll go to bike parks
and I’ll insist on paying for my lift ticket. I’ll go
to bike shops and I’ll insist on not getting a discount.
I don’t want people to treat me special. Unless
I’m trying to gain access to something, then, then, it’s kinda nice. (laughs) – When you look back at
your videos a year ago, or two years ago, you’re
riding, a Trek hardtail, in Florida, now you’re
riding a carbon trail bike in North Carolina. Has your
audience grown with you, or is it newer people coming in? – I think there are a lot of
people who started watching me when they were beginners and
now they’re entering races and stuff and spending all
their income on mountain bikes, but I have hoped to have
held onto the people that are just starting out and are
beginners. I don’t want to intimidate those people,
and after the riding season, when I have time to focus
on the goofier stuff and spend time on my
garage, I want to make sure I make content for those
people, people that originally started for the channel because they’re the new mountain bikers that
I’m gonna help bring in. – Would consider yourself a workaholic? – I wouldn’t consider myself
a workaholic, but a lot of people I know consider me a workaholic. And that’s probably
because I’m a workaholic. I think people are
happiest when they’re doing what they’re best at and what
they’re the most passionate about. But most people don’t
have the luxury of doing that, so I think most workaholics,
whether they own their own business,
whether they’ve just fallen into a line of work they
really like, they feel like they have to be there, they
feel like they have a duty that they have to accomplish
and they’re super lucky to be there and they
don’t take it for granted. – So, tell us, if you had to
only eat at one taco place for the rest of your
life, where would that be? – That’s a really good question. There’s this place in
South Florida, and it is in the seediest strip center
you’ve ever seen, and there’s this amazing taco place
in there and I’m trying to remember, I think it’s
called Agave Azul, or Agave, or something like that, I
don’t know, I just call it the Taco Place. (laughs) I would eat at that taco
place over and over again, that would be the only
one I go to, hands down. – Do you love tacos more
than you love bikes? – It depends on how hungry I am. (laughs) – Can’t eat a bike. – Yeah, you can’t, a bike’s
not gonna fill your stomach. I wouldn’t say that tacos
are my favorite food but when I’m done riding for
the day, and I’m all sweaty and dirty, and I need someplace
that I can go in casually, be able to sit there and look
out the window and keep an eye on my bike, and just eat
something that’s just barbaric, I think that you’ll always
find those types of foods at a taco place. – If you cold create a Seth’s
Bike Hacks’ starter kit, what would you put in it? – The Seth’s Bike Hacks’
starter kit would have some kind of multi-tool in it that
does a lot of things, like a Leatherman. Crap loads of zip ties,
like the biggest pack of assorted zip ties you could ever have, probably some electrical tape, a GoPro, and various GoPro mounts. – And then, you’re gonna come out with the Pro Kit Plus, next year? – Pro Kit Plus, is yeah,
we’re gonna do something insignificant to the zip
ties, that doesn’t make them cost more but we
can charge more for it, like some golden zip ties
or something like that. And we’ll charge about
200 dollars more for it. (laughs) – Can you explain this photo? – That happened at Whistler,
I just slipped a pedal and my knee-pad had shifted up
and the pedal just went right into my shin and I rode
back down to the bottom and I went to eat dinner
and then I looked down and I was like “Oh well,
that escalated quickly.” It’s like the size of a hard-boiled egg. – What the heck is going on here? – So that is my dog, my
dog’s not very active, he likes his treats, he
likes to sit on he couch, and in that video, I wanted
to make him a trail dog, I wanted him to chase
me through the trails. When that didn’t work I
thought, “When’s the only time that Drama goes into full dog-mode?” And it’s when you’re sweeping,
if you’re sweeping something, he just tries to kill the
broom, he tries to bite it, he’ll follow it wherever it
is, so I took the broom, towed it behind me on my
bike and he went running. – What can you tell me about
this and other instances, like this? – I show my falls and I’m not afraid to. That’s, when somebody
falls or when I fall, that’s golden content. That’s
a guaranteed positive reaction from the audience, I’m
not gonna waste that. I would like to say that maybe
the channel has pressured me to take more risks but
it’s not really the case, I’ve always just tried
to push myself on my bike and do things above my
ability and just try things that are sketchy. (explosion) – [Man Holding Camera] Oof! – Alright, we’re gonna
play a quick game here where we fill in the blanks.
All of the blanks are at the end of the short
expression so we’re going to put on a timer for
30 seconds, we’ll see how many you can get. – Three, two, one, go. – “Shred the…”? – “Gnar”. – “No dig, no…”? – “Ride”. – “Live free, ride hard…”? – “Get stoked”. – “Smee…”? (crow caws) – “Gol”. (buzzer) – “Smee…”? – “Gol”? – “Ash”. – “Norbs got…”? – You can say “pass”. – Pass. – “Ferda…”? – “Girls”. – “Drop to…”? – Pass. – “Send or be…”? – Pass. – “Mahalo…”? – “My dude”. – “Samurai Pizza…”? – “Cat”. – “Ride don’t…”? – (imitates buzzer sound) (laughs) (cheers and whistling) – I knew I was gonna to do bad on that. – How did you not get “Smeash”? (laughs) Would you like to spin the wheel? – I would love to spin the wheel. – We got a red slice of
doom open for our guest. Anything can go on it.
Be creative, put a trail, if you got something maybe
else on your mind, who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky. – [Jason] Maybe we’re going to go to South Florida to the Taco Place. – Oh no, oh God no. (laughs) – That’s an easy one. – [Matt] Oh god, we’re gonna get shunned. – Oh, god, I hope it doesn’t land on that. – Should I give her a spin? – Give it a spin. – Be gentle on her now. – I hope to God, it doesn’t explode. (mechanism cranking) (Cranking Intensifies) – [Jason] Oh God. – [Matt] Holy crap. – Now that I see this
spinning, I have more respect for the machine, it makes the best noise. (hosts laugh) – Oh God no, oh God no, (laughs) Angry Pirate, all right! Wanna go for a ride? – Let’s do it! – Let’s do it! – Alright. – [Seth] I mean this is
the most amount of Reds that I’ve seen in four
feet from each other. (upbeat electronic music) -Hey Seth! – Hey man, what’s up? Oh thank you. – Mahalo. – [Matt] Mahalo, my dude. Yo, gimme some, gimme some. – [Seth] Yeah, for sure, man. – [Man In Black Shirt] Thank you. – Ready? – [Seth] Yeah. (upbeat music) – [Seth] Well, they closed
off the second half. – [Matt] Awesome. – [Matt] Alright, let’s
make our way through there. – [Jason] Oh, are we at the
drop to hip for Dirt Merchant? Have you been here yet, Seth? – To this? No. – [Jason] Yeah, this is Dirt Merchant. – This is Dirt Merchant
but this wasn’t here. – [Jason] No, this is new. – [Matt] Feel like sending it? – [Seth] Probably be
down, if I could follow one of you guys in. Hey, what’s up? Aw, good, man. Thank you. – [Jason] Hell yeah,
dude. – [Matt] You got it bro. – [Jason] Yeah, definitely. (laid back electronic music) – [Seth] Oh ho ho, yeah, that was butter. – [Jason] Yeah, buddy, yeah. – [Matt] Let’s do that again! – [Jason] Yeah, (laughs). – Holy (beep), man.
That wasn’t even scary. – [Jason] No, it’s fun. – [Seth] Oh my god. – [Matt] Hell yeah. – [Matt] Oh yeah! Oh! Whoa! Yeah, buddy, that was sick. What the heck? – [Seth] Oh yeah, oh yeah. – [Matt] Yeah! Counts! So I have some fan questions. – Okay. – [Matt] We got like six
of ’em so we’ll just go through ’em real quick and
continue our ride to the bottom. – Alright. – So, what do you wipe with in the woods? Favorite trail in Whistler? From one to ten, how
saggy is your suspension? – I’d say about seven. – Worst injury while starting out biking? – Separated shoulder. – What’s the gnarliest
trail you’ve ever ridden? – Hands down. – How much sauce is too much sauce? – When the pot’s overflowing. – [Matt] Well done, my man, well done.

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    Slack angled, short chainstay aggressive hardtails that won't cost on mortgage and LAST..
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