Sesame Street: Elmo and Abby’s Tire Swing

Sesame Street: Elmo and Abby’s Tire Swing

– And that’s when I realized–
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – That my wand was upside down! (Elmo and Abby laughing) – What, what.
– Whoa! Look at that! – Oh boy, somebody made a tire swing! – Oh, it is so cool! – Yeah, Elmo wants to swing on it.
– Abby wants to swing on it. Wait, but I’ve never been on a tire swing! – Well, then Elmo can show Abby how! – But I saw it first. – But that’s not fair. – Well, I want to swing. – But, Elmo wants to swing. – Well, I want to swing. – No, Elmo… (Elmo and Abby panting and yelling) Oh boy, this isn’t working. – No, oh boy, I don’t want
to fight with you Elmo. We have to find a way
that’s fair for both of us. – Well, Abby and Elmo
both want to swing, right? So maybe we could swing together. – Yeah, we can share the swing! – Yeah, come on, come on.
– Great idea. – Okay, okay–
– Let me see if I can– – Come on, come on, come on.
– All right, I just gotta get my… (Elmo and Abby grunting) Wait.
– Wait, wait, wait. Oh sorry, sorry, sorry. – My hair. – Will you move your,
move your, move your, ah, this isn’t working. – Yeah, this swing is not big
enough for the both of us. – Well, let’s get out of it. (tire suctioning) Uh oh. – We’re stuck. – Yeah. – What are we gonna do now? – Help, somebody help!
– Help! – Help, help, help!
– Help, help! – Mr. Woodchuck! – Boy, are we glad to see you! – Yeah, little help, little help please? – Yeah, hello. (woodchuck spitting) (characters grunting loudly) (Abby screaming) (Elmo laughing) – Oh boy, thank you Mr. Woodchuck. – Yeah, thank you! (Woodchuck mumbling) Oh well, we both wanted
to ride in the tire swing but we both couldn’t fit. – Yeah, yeah, maybe Elmo and
Abby shouldn’t swing at all. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no. (Woodchuck mumbling) – Take turns?
– Take turns? – Mmmhmm! – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s
a great idea, Mr. Woodchuck! Then Abby and Elmo can both
have a turn on the swing, yeah! – Yeah, yeah, and it would
be fair to both of us! Why didn’t we think of that before? – Yeah, oh, thank you, Mr. Woodchuck. (Mr. Woodchuck laughing) – Don’t mention it. – The only question is is who
gets to take the turn first? – Oh yeah. (high-pitched bell ding) – Mr. Woodchuck!
– Mr. Woodchuck! – Huh? – Well yeah, you helped us out! – Yeah, Mr. Woodchuck
deserves to go first. (Mr. Woodchuck laughing) – There you go. Okay, okay, now I’ll push you. – Oh no, Elmo wants to push. – Yeah, but I said it first. – But wait a minute, wait
a minute, we’ll take turns. – Oh yeah! – You go first Abby. – Okay. (characters laughing) I got cha, I got cha. (exciting music)

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