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  1. Acturely i already have a rubber band revolver but this one has shot gun versions its so much cooler

  2. Vat19..Im shocked but can you sell these pls? watch vid to know how to create it
    also name it the "Rubber Band Minigun"

  3. also make this a mini version of the minigun PLSSSSSS
    and name it the "Mini Rubber Band Minigun"

  4. Thanos: no one can kill me!
    Me: *gets rubber band gun* I'mma end this whole mans career

    *shoots Thanos in the nuts*

  5. I got all 3 vat19 rubber band gun. The mini revolver is the 6/10. Not a good one but good backup.
    Right now the pistol and shotgun is like the easy one and the Revolver is as shown ( plastic screw )
    But honestly the other two is now iron / steel or something screw

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