Selling AirPods 2 to the EcoATM Machine

Selling AirPods 2 to the EcoATM Machine

– Hey, what’s good, guys! Welcome back to TechSmartt
for a classic video. In this one, we’re taking all the AirPods that we have and we’re
heading to the EcoATM to see if the new AirPod 2s
actually get us any money or if we’re just gonna stay broke forever. Roll it. I’m just gonna give you
guys the rundown here. I got the Wish AirPods, I have the i10s. These have the USB-C charge
connector the bottom. Interested to see what the
EcoATM thinks of these. We got, of course, the AirPod 2s, the reason you’re here,
with wireless charging and we’re gonna see if these
actually get us some money. We got the i7 mini. These came from, was it Wal-Mart? They are from Wal-Mart. If you guys missed that video, right up there in the eye card. These were $25, and then this
pair right here isn’t marked. I don’t really know a whole lot. They just say AirPods, they
have a lightning connector. So you guys know, we’re
taking the AirPods, we’re gonna get covered there. And then from your
comments, you guys want me to take some Wish gadgets. So we got the Wish tablet. This is the only one that still works so I’m saving all the
battery life for the machine. And then a few other
phones and a super rare throwback Apple product. We’re gonna see if the
EcoATM gives it to us or if it doesn’t, you
guys know how this works, subscribe if you’re new. I’m nervous. I don’t know if I even
wanna leave this seat. Before we jump in the car and
get to selling some AirPods and other gadgets, big thanks to Decluttr for sponsoring this video and if you guys haven’t heard of Decluttr,
it’s the fast and easy way to sell your phone or any
gadgets right from home and that’s the big game changer because unlike us where
we’re having to drive out to an ATM just to go sell stuff, you can do this right from this site. So a link will be down in the description. All you have to do is jump on here and you can actually buy
stuff or start selling stuff. And what’s sweet about Decluttr is the whole process is
fast and really easy. So let’s sell my iPhone 6 Plus and see how much we can actually get. Over six million people
have sold stuff on here and Decluttr’s paid out
over 300 million dollars so hopefully they got a
little extra money for me. iPhone 6 Plus, we got the 16 gig model and right there you see
the tech price promise so the price you see, $127, or whatever you get for your gadget is the price you’ll get paid. So they’ll send you out a
label, you ship it to them. And once your phone arrives, they’re gonna wipe all your data so everything is secured. And let’s say you change your mind, they’ll ship your phone back
and that’s pretty sweet. What’s awesome about Decluttr is they pay up to 33% more than traditional carrier buyback programs so break the cycle, sell through Decluttr, and you can do this all from your home. Just hit Complete Order,
accept terms and conditions. Just like that, I sold my
old iPhone 6 Plus for $127. I’m gonna see how much a
gold iPhone 10S gets us. Are you kidding me? Dude, that’s not right. So, on Decluttr, I priced this phone out before we did this video, $580. 355. So whether you’re thinking
about selling or upgrading, make sure to hit the
link in the description to go to
and use code TechSmartt10 for 10% extra anything you sell. That’s right, that’s huge. I wish we had that going on right now because I gotta go get
in the car and drive to go sell some tech. Really? We made it in the car,
surprisingly no traffic but we timed this one, we’re
leaving at like lunchtime. But with the AirPods 2,
I don’t entirely know if we’re gonna get
something from the EcoATM or if it’ll recognize
that I haven’t put in a pair of AirPods yet so that’s
a big thing with this video and of course, got the Wish tablets. We got the iPad Mini and then just one of the random Android tablets. Gonna be interesting to see if
we get some money for those. Remember what I said about no traffic? I hope we get some money
to justify the cost of sitting in traffic
for probably two hours. Obviously, I’m taking a bunch
of stuff to the EcoATM to sell but with the AirPods 2, you guys know I’m doing the largest giveaway ever. Right up there in the eye card, can’t necessarily point without putting my hand out the window, giving away 10 if you guys
want ’em, you got ’em. (smooth music) We’re gonna spice it up. Ev, pull out some of the comments from the last EcoATM video
with Everything Apple Pro. If you guys missed that one,
right up there in the eye card where we sold an S10 and saw
how much we could get for it. I got the S10e here so we’re gonna see if a month later, it
actually gets us anything, but let’s get some comments going, dude. – [Josh] First comment is, – We got the recycling machine and I hope and know we’re getting at least a dollar for this. At GameStop? I’d get two dollars and fifty
cents, including the car? I should just flip it. (tires squealing) – [Josh] Next comment is – If we could do that and
somehow build a cable, join those two together, we
might have a resurrection of some phone we haven’t
even heard of, seen. Ooh. Put an iPod in the machine. That’s a good idea. If only we had an iPod. Oh, we gotta go. We made it, we’re good. (laughing) Hey, that was Everything Apple Pro and me. We cracked that phone together. Yeah, it might’ve been
a little unreleased. (laughing) He commented on the photo. Terrasse did comment, that was it. – [Josh] Next comment is – Some of them make my bank account cry. I typed in Lakewood ’cause
that’s where we went for the last EcoATM video
and it brought us to the wrong Lakewood Mall. That’s my fault. How far are we, Ev? Eight minutes. I can live with that. We’re near a Lakewood Plaza. But I’m looking at the tag here. That’s where we should be. We’re five miles away. We are close, but another 12 minutes away. This is gonna be the last one. We had to have gone on the wrong entrance. There is an EcoATM in there
and we have to find it. We are right back where we started. So we’re here at the EcoATM. We finally made it. So, first we’re gonna sell the Wish and the Wal-Mart AirPods, just the i7s. See what we can get. So both of these have micro USB. I’m gonna say it’s all other
phones and it’s unlocked. We’re just gonna see if
the AirPods get recognized. Put a label on it. If you like it then you
should’ve put a label on it. Place your phone up. Oh, oh you just put it down. It’s gonna try to get a recommendation. That’s crazy. It doesn’t even give us a tip. And for some reason, I
didn’t even put my ID in. Usually that step, I feel
like we do in the first place. Sorry, I can’t buy your phone. Okay, so probably not gonna
work with these AirPods. We’re just gonna rule that out. We’re gonna get rid of that idea. We’re gonna try to see if
we can sell the AirPods 2. Just keep in mind, I
got a few other products that are rare Apple retro products that hopefully the machine will take but we’ll see what’s cracking. Price it now. It’s unlocked. What if your AirPods were on a carrier? Slot these in there, see
if they start charging. Whoa. They start to charge. Okay. Tap Trust.
– Tap Trust (laughing). – I can’t really do that. It’s not a phone. My screen doesn’t really work. Appraise anyway. Well, this is embarrassing. Okay, so AirPods don’t work. We’re ruling out the AirPod category. Let’s give it something
that will work, the S10e. All right, here we go,
Samsung smart phone, price it now. This one was unlocked. It works. It’s good. It’s USB type C. All right, this phone retails for $750, competes with the iPhone 10R. Let’s see how much we get. It’s connected. Try the notifications panel. – [Josh] So, is it not working? – I don’t think I’m doing it right. I don’t know if that’s fair to say, but it’s not really working. It says, make sure the
cable and the charger are properly connected. I’ve never seen that before. We’ll see what happens. – [Josh] That’s really weird. – Okay. S10e doesn’t work.
– Doesn’t work. – Let’s give it something easy. The iPad Mini first generation from the Wish tablets video with Corey. If you guys missed that one,
right up there in the eye card. This has gotta work. Something here has gotta work. We’re selling a tablet. We’ve never done this
before on any EcoATM video. Desperate times call
for desperate measures. Here we go. That cable looks like
it’s had a better day. That could be what’s doing us in. – [Josh] Dude, the cable looks
like it’s like, proper shot. – It says I gotta unlock it to charge it. Here we go. I disabled the iPad. Too many passcode attempts. I’m pretty sure Corey set this one up so blaming Corey La Barrie. But I don’t know what
he did with the iPad. We are not selling this one today. We can’t make this video a fail. We’re gonna do the Wish Android tablet and then we’re moving on to an iPhone 10s. – [Josh] How’s it going? – You guys are gonna sell this stuff? – [Josh] Yeah we’re
trying to sell this phone. – Yeah, these are all ours. All of this is ours,
every one of it’s mine. We’re just seeing what
sells and what doesn’t. – Oh, okay. Are you selling the AirPods too? – Yeah. Have you seen the new AirPods? They got the wireless charging. – [Josh] The wireless charging. – How much you want for them? – [Josh] How much you want for it? He wants to buy it, there you go. – Man, you want the homie price. – How about this one? – [Josh] Those are the– – Those are from Wal-Mart,
I’m not gonna lie, they’re not official.
– They’re not very good. I would give them to you for free. – I’ll take it. – Oh man, I might have a
wireless charger here for you. Hang on. There you go, boss. They charge with USB-c and
they’ll wireless charge. And they look like AirPods do. – [Josh] They look exactly the same. – All right, I’ll give you these. There you go.
– Thank you. – All right, so we just
handed some AirPods off to the security guy, he said keep going. Let’s hope we get something for the, looks like an iPad, smells like an iPad, but it has a connector at the top so it’s not an iPad. Oh no way, it turns on. I love it. What is that gonna pull up as, Josh? A Samsung? A Motorola? – [Josh] It’s not working. – [Security Guard] Thank you guys. – No worries. So, if you ever see me
ever, come ask for a photo, I don’t bite. And chances are, I’ll give
you a pair of AirPods. I’m gonna see how much a
gold iPhone 10S gets us. EcoATM’s saying up to $540. I’m gonna jump over on Decluttr and see how much this goes for. Remember, I had to show up to this mall, give some guy a free pair of AirPods. You don’t have to do that on Decluttr. So, Apple iPhone, price it now. This one’s also unlocked. And let’s see if the machine
can recognize the case, about $50 value for the low, low price of give me at least, 5, 10 dollars. Here we go, Josh. How much do you think the
EcoATM’s gonna give us? Up to $540, boom. Trust.
– Probably like 500. – Probably 500? Okay. This can happen if your
device has a case on it. Here we go. Pricing the iPhone 10S Max without a case because that does not work. I’d be shocked if it gives us a price. We did have some good hope though on the first try. Dude, those cables look so janky. – [Josh] What is that? – An iPod Touch. The first iPod Touch.
– Whoa. – With a 30 pin connector. – [Josh] That’s sick. – Do I think I’m getting $540? Probably not. Are you kidding me?
– What? – Dude, that’s not right. So, on Decluttr, I priced this phone out before we did this video, $580. $355, this might be the last EcoATM video. Should we sell it? Heck no. We’re gonna see what
the iPod Touch gets us and then we’re getting out of here. We gotta say the iPod Touch is unlocked but we’re not too sure. It works, it’s just not turning on. It’s pretty good, little worn out. 30 pin and let’s see how much we get. Dude, I’ve never seen a 30 pin connector. Unplug and replug. – [Josh] It’s probably
because it’s dead, right? – I mean, that’s what I’m thinking, too. It’s just giving me the charging symbol. So right behind us right
now are two security guards. All right, iPod Touch doesn’t work. It’s probably a good– Wait, oh no. Oh my. – [Josh] You thought you lost it? – So we just came out from the EcoATM and what kinda happened
was we tried to sell the Wal-Mart AirPods, the Wish AirPods, regular AirPods 2, an
iPad Mini, a Wish tablet, and an iPod Touch and nothing really sold or got a price on it
except the iPhone 10S Max so I think it was something
up with the cable. I don’t know if you guys’ll see that on your EcoATM experiences,
but we also had security kinda come near us. Did get to give a pair
of AirPods out, the i10s. So guys, that’s it for this video. If you guys liked it,
make sure to drop a thumb, subscribe to, join and
become a member as well. Super cheap and you get some extra perks. So, make sure you hit it up on Instagram. It’s just TechSmartt and
I’ll catch you guys later.

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  2. Bro, I wish I had known about decluttr 7 months ago. I’m 16 and saved up for an iPhone XR and AirPods. I have so many things I sold and it would have been so much easier, had I just heard about it sooner.

  3. I sold my red iPhone 7 128gb to decluttr and they gave me literally nothing for it

    Don’t use declutter after you ship your phone they say it wasn’t as described and they pull a bait and switch

  4. What happens if you own a eco atm and you sell a phone to it and keep selling it? I know it’s probably impossible to get a eco atm

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