Selecting a Ring and Pinion Gear Set for Your Vehicle

Selecting a Ring and Pinion Gear Set for Your Vehicle

Hi I’m Mike and on the installment of Summit
Racing Quick Flicks we are going to talk about selecting the proper gear set for your vehicle. The selection of the proper gear set is critical
the vehicles overall performance. It is important that the proper gear set is
selected due to the fact that its going to have a drastic effect on the vehicles acceleration
and cruise RPM. In this video we are going to discuss how
a gear set operates, how to determine what gear ratio is currently installed in the vehicle
the aspects on the vehicle that can effect on the gear set being selected and how to
select the proper gear set for the rear-end that’s in your vehicle. The first thing we need to discuss is how
the ring and pinion operate. The ring and pinion is going to consist of
two gears, your pinion gear which is your drive gear and you are going to have a ring
gear which is the driven gear. The pinion gear is what receives the motion
from the drive shaft that is being transferred throughout the drivetrain and as that driveshaft
spins it goes ahead and spins the pinion gear at the same time. This pinion gear is then going to be connected
to the ring gear and as the pinion gear rotates, it’s going to rotate the ring gear. This is then going to go ahead and put the
axles into motion then the wheels into motion then move the vehicle forward or backwards
depending on what gear the transmission is in. The relationship of these two gears is what
has the effect on how the vehicle accelerates because the pinion gear is going to have x
amount of teeth in relationship to the ring gear and this is what’s going to affect
the vehicles acceleration and cruise RPM as an end result. Often a point of confusion, there is only
one way to accurately determine what ratio is currently installed in the rear end of
your vehicle. It’s a misconception that sometimes you
can go ahead and count the number of tire rotations in relationship the driveshaft to
determine what ratio is in the vehicle or that there is some sort of tag on the rear
end that tells you what ratio is currently installed. The only way to determine what ratio is currently
in the vehicle is to count the number of teeth in the ring gear and divide it by the number
of teeth on the pinion gear. As an end result this will give you the ratio
that is in that vehicle. For example, if we had a ring gear that had
41 teeth on it and a pinion gear that had 11 teeth and divided the two that would give
us a 3.73 gear ratio. The reason why it is important to understand
what ratio is currently installed in the rear end of your vehicle is because you to determine
which direction you need to go for your vehicle application in comparison to how the vehicle
is operating now. There are five basic aspects to the vehicle
we are going to look at to determine which ratio is right for our specific application. The things that are going to have an effect
on the gear selection are the tire size because the tire height or the tire diameter can have
a drastic effect on how the gear set reacts in the vehicle. The cam profile every cam has an operating
range we want to make sure the vehicle is going to accelerate properly to get into that
cams operating range quickly enough or effectively. We are going to look at torque converter selection
what stall is a converter that is installed in that vehicle. Because what can happen is we can have a torque
converter that say has a 3500 stall but we have lets say a 308 gear set installed in
that vehicle with a fairly tall tire what that does for us then is that vehicle comes
to the cruise RPM it never gets to the point where the converter actually gets into the
stall of converter and the converter continually slips, over heats and causes poor mileage
issues and things of that nature. We are going to look at cruise RPM which again
relates directly with that stall converter selection. We want to make sure the vehicle has a reasonable
cruise RPM if its going to be driven on the street. We don’t want to be going down the street
at 70 miles per hour with say a 4 11 gear on the vehicle and have a cruise RPM of say
3200 3500 RPM that will put way too much load on the engine and cause excess engine ware,
poor fuel mileage and things of that nature. We want to make sure it matches what we are
doing with that vehicle and the vehicle use, once again all the last three of these kind
of relate to one another is this a drag race vehicle, is it a truck that is being driven
off road, is it strictly street driven. We want to make sure that gear set is going
to go ahead and match what we are going with that vehicle as end result. Here are some common ratios that can be used
as a guide to determine what gearing is correct for your application. If we have a daily driver, 2.55 to 3.25 gear
ratios typically work best, whereas a street strip application we would usually use a 3.42
to a 3.90 gear ratio and race applications most commonly use a 4.10 and above gear ratios. So what effect will different ratio gear sets
have on a vehicle operation? Well let’s say for example we had a vehicle
we install 273 gears in it 273 gears are considered to be a numerically low gear set and this
type of gear set will give the vehicle slow or poor acceleration from dead stop but at
the same time give us lower cruise RPM’s as well as top end speed or top end miler
per hour this makes it a good street gear or a good daily driven type gear for highway
use or for a vehicle we are looking to get better fuel mileage out of and just from a
comfort standpoint it will tax the vehicle less when it comes to engine RPM’s. In comparison if we were to look at installing
a set of 456 gears in that same vehicle a 456 gear will give you way better acceleration
from a dead stop but also go ahead and tax the motor much more when it comes to cruising
speeds on the highway and what it will essentially do is lower the max mile per hour that the
vehicle is able to achieve because it is making the engine reach its max RPM potential so
much quicker in comparison to the 273 gear set. This makes a 456 gear used more commonly in
off road and race applications because the fact that in those applications we want to
really want to reach the max RPM of the engine much quicker because we are trying to get
the vehicle to accelerate at a much quicker rate of speed. The only times where these rules kind of don’t
hold true is if we get into the situation where we have a vehicle with extremely tall
tires. An extremely tall tire will have a drastic
effect on how that gear ratio responds in that vehicle so let’s say we have a 40 inch
tall tire well now with that 40 inch tall tire if we were to have that 456 gear that
may make effectively that 456 gear actually act like that 273 gear in that specific situation. In the end that would make us really be even
more a candidate for something like a 513 gear or a 588 gear to get our cruise RPM to
the point where we want it to be. So just remember we have to look at all of
the aspects to the vehicle as whole to determine what ratio is best for our application. Now that you have determined what ratio gear
set is correct for your application. There are three things you need to determine
about the rear end before your selection of that gear set. The first think you need to look at is the
type of rear end that is at the car or truck or whatever you may have. Certain vehicle applications have the availability
of different rear ends depending on the vehicle options or that rear end could have been changed
out in that vehicle at some point in time or another. So it is important for you to get underneath
the vehicle take a look at the rear end to determine exactly what type of housing was
used in your specific vehicle application to determine what gear set is correct for
it. Sometimes the stalls can be determined when
you have rear ends that are similar to one another by measuring the outer diameter of
the ring gear as well. There is a small difference in housing size
between say a GM eight and a quarter compared to GM eight and a half rear end so a lot of
times if you don’t know how to identify just be looking at it you have to take the
inspection cover off measure the diameter ring gear and go forward from there. The second thing you need to look at is if
you have a GM or Dana axle use different series of gears what that means is they use different
thicknesses of ring gears depending on the type of carrier that what was used now if
the vehicle already has the original gear set installed in it what you can do is use
that ratio of gear set that to determine what series it was according to the parameters
of what the carry series was for that specific type of rear end. You can find that type of rear end a lot of
times on our website listed with the gear sets or in the manufacturer catalogs if you
have those available to you. The third thing that may need to be determined
is the type of gear that you are going to use for your application. There are basically two different versions
of gears produced, there is a performance gear also known as street gear a lot of times
and there is also a pro series gear. The performance slash street series gear is
designed for applications where the vehicle is making more power than stock and you want
a little stronger gear a little more performance oriented type gear in comparison to what the
stock gear was. A pro series gear on the other hand is a much
softer gear a pro series gear is designed for drag race applications only. The reason the gears are softer is they are
designed to absorb the impact between the sticky tires and the harsh impact of the drivetrain
being transmitted through that gear set so it doesn’t chip teeth and things of that
nature. What would happen if you put a pro gear in
a street car is you wear that gear out very quickly and that is why they are designed
for drag race applications only. So remember when looking for a gear most likely
you are going to need a performance or street gear and pro series gears once again are for
drag race use only. One last note about selecting a gear set for
your rear end is sometimes in some GM or Dana axle applications where a carrier series is
a concern is you will have a carrier or ratio of gear set what you want to install on the
rear end is not available for that series of carrier. In some situations there is a solution to
this problem and that is what’s known as a ring gear spacer. A ring gear spacer is what’s designed to
take up the extra space that will be created by having a series of gear that is higher
than what is designed for your carrier because typically a two series gear will be much thicker
than what a two series gear is so what will happen is you will have this new thinner gear
that is designed for a three series carrier and if you were to dis attach it to the two
series carrier what would happen is it would be too far away from the pinion gear and the
two would not attach to one another properly. What the spacer will do is it will go in between
the carrier and the ring gear taking up that excess space making the ring and pinion gears
contact one another properly. When you purchase one of these, it will come
with new longer bolts as well to go ahead and ensure that the bolts seat completely
and these are good probably up to about 450 horsepower or below, anything past that you
do not want to use a ring gear spacer. There is also a gear selection calculator
on under the expert advice tab that will help you determine which gear
ratio is best for your application.

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  1. Got a 81 chevy el camino with a 5.3 ..lookin to get gears for it the truck has 22 inch rims ..wht do u suggest as far as performance it is not a daily driver …

  2. Hi haskellg,
    Do you mind giving our tech department a call? 1-330-630-0240. They would like to get some additional information from you. Thanks for watching! We look forward to your call.

  3. Hi Justin,

    Check out part number MGR-C9-25-410 Item-DODGE 9.25 4.10 R&P for $199.97, or part number AUB-542070 item- LIMITED SLIP DIFF for $489.97 and, part number RMG-83-1041-1 item – R&P FULL INSTALL KIT for $107.97. We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  4. i have a 2006 chevy silverado 4.8 with stuff done to it and also new rims 275 55 20 and i want a new gear ratio the stock one is slow its the lowest for trucks what would be the best gear ratio for me i want to get off the line but i dont want the crazy rpm at my top speed which is 243kph? thanks

  5. Hi Infamous4337,
    Can you give our tech department a call? 1-330-630-0240. We have additional questions for you. Thank you for watching!

  6. I have a 85 chevy with a 6.0 .30 bore regular pistons 230/236 cam 4l80 transmission 3600 stall and 315/45r20 tire what's the best gear it is slow when starting from 0 right now is running in 410s

  7. Hi Pepa,
    A 5.13 gear ratio should help your acceleration issue pretty dramatically. The fact that you have the overdrive and lock up will allow you to maintain highway driveability as well. Enjoy!

  8. Hi Andre,
    Can you give our tech line a call? 1-330-630-0240. We need some additional information from you. We look forward to your call. Thank you for watching!

  9. Hi Beanerjr11,
    Can you give our tech department a call? We have a few additional questions for you. 1-330-630-0240. We look forward to your call. Thanks for watching!

  10. I am in the process of building a street/strip 71 valiant dart with a 318 and a 727 trans I want to run stock tire size in the rear with mickey thompson dot radial sportsmans what would a good gear ratio be for street/strip for this project? I would like to run low 10's high 9's on the quarter mile thanks!

  11. Hi threetwentynine,
    Can you give our tech department a call? 1-330-630-0240. This requires some additional motor talk 🙂 We look forward to your call. Thanks for watching!

  12. Awesome Video. im going through the components of the drive train. i came across this ring and pinion gear set,"Yukon Gear & Axle Ring and Pinion Sets YG GM12P-308" (on im completely redoing my 1969 Dodge Charger (in my preferences). im putting a 440 Chrysler RB which im aiming for 500 HP out of motor.(i have already got every component in engine sorted out for this HP) Is the ring-pinion set right for my application? my application is solely for top speed, im not going for torque and lifting the front end. i dont care how long it takes to go fast, i just want it to hit high speeds. thanks. my main concern is that the engine will be putting out alot of power and being a 3.08:1 ratio ring-pinion used, is there a possibility it may break?

  13. i have a 2011 chevy silverado 5.3 i think it currently has 3.73 but ive been thinking about getting a 4.1 gear ratio would it be worth it? Its a daily driver pretty much but i randomly take it into the race track. Should i get the 4.1 or stick with the 3.73? So basically i dont really race in it but i would like it to hall ass if i have to 

  14. I have a 1993 ford f150. I have 3.08 I want more low end power and speed. It is an overdrive transmission. Should I swap to a ring and pinion with a ratio of 373 or 410. Speed is the goal, but I don't want to lose my passing ability on the interstate.

  15. Great Video. I was wondering which gearset would be best 4 me. In my 65 GTO I'm changing the drivetrain to a mildly modified Pontiac 462 with a 068 GM cam. Transmission I purchased is a TH-2004R with a 2000 stall speed converter and the rear is a 12 bolt with 4:56 This rear is out of a 65 race chevelle, so I know the ratio is too high for my street application. I will be driving on the street most times and sometimes going on short hwy trips from time to time. Hopefully going to the track a few times as well. I was guessing that a 3:55 ratio would probably work out with my new overdrive tranny, but I would really like to know your recommendation. Thanks

  16. I've got an 82 GMC Crew cab Dually, 454 with a th400 and it's currently rolling with 4:11 gears, this makes the truck scream at 60-70mph, I'm looking for a better interstate cruising speed, with less rpms I don't really tow or haul anything heavy, it's more of a show truck than a work truck would 2:73 gears be a good idea? Are they available for my truck? What would you recomend for the rear end? Thanks!

  17. one thing I didn't hear much about is Truck/ Cars with Much Larger than Stock Tires. I have a 1991 Chevy 1.2 ton pickup with a stock 10 bolt rear end, but I also have 35" Mud tires and it drives sluggish, hard to pickup.

     What ratio would be good for me to be able to maintain faster acceleration speeds? Don't drive past 60 mph anyways

  18. I Have 08/GMC Sierra 5.3l
    Airraid M.I.T intake
    K&N high flow drop in filter
    Magnaflow catback exhaust
    Gibson short headers
    Bullydog performance tune
    AFM disabled
    Custom shift points
    2to3 body drop.

    What gears would be the best performance for this rear wheel drive truck…thanks

  19. What gear would do better in my 1995 mustang gt? I'm torn between 4.10 and 3.73 gears. Its standard shift and has stock heads and stock cam.

  20. i have a 2011 l99 camaro and i,m trying to decide what gear set to install i,m also trying to figure out what cam it,s a street drag car that i travel in.

  21. i was wondering for a positraction locker with a casting number of 519-2 is a 3.23 posi or what kind of posi is it

  22. I have a 2003 merc grand marquis with a 2.73 currently. Not sure if 3.27, 3.55 or 3.73s would be best for hp and torque increase without dropping off mpgs. Mods are cold air intake, flowmaster super 44 mufflers with dual exhaust as well

  23. purchasers of ring & pinion gear sets have a dilemma —

    if the gears make noise: the installer will blame the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will blame the installer.

  24. Hey guy from Summit ❔❔I have a 72 Oldsmobile engine bored over 60 heads shaved down 90 3 angle valve job you know real deal Holyfield just put a 2800 3200 b&m now before I just had a 2200 torque converter I rip through all the gears except for the last gear it it rev to 2000 no more I have 323 gears now it seems I'm having trouble reven all the way up in first gear let alone 2nd 3rd I have 373 with a full posi ready to be installed now I did do some float adjustments on my 770 Street Avenger Holley made a huge difference will the 373 make eya difference❔

  25. @Summit Racing I left a post about 5 days ago I was told to leave some additional information concerning my 350 Oldsmobile rocket 350 72 Oldsmobile and with a high rise intake with a comp for mechanical flat tappet cam I believe the cam, 496 502 I lost a cam card engine built very low compression with a 2800 3200 B & M torque converter all of this is in a 79 Pontiac Bonneville with 323 gears and now I want to know will 373 gears with a full posi engine border over60 head shave down 90 with the 3 angle valve cover job.

  26. I have a 1978 camaro 350 4 barrel carb engine….i would like to put in pro como heads 210cc, 373 gears, and a cams with lifters, and a dual flowmasters 2 1/2 super 10 series exhaust.? Was wondering if you think that would run ok? Daily driver

  27. i have a 1991 trans am LB9 305 TPI 700R4 with a G80 2:93:1 gear i was thinking of 4:10: or 3:73:1 the car is only drove local it does not go on road trips very far maybe 30 miles at best i have a cold air intake flowmaster exhaust shorty headers and y pipe 2.5" and 3" pipe back to the muffler i also have underdrive pulleys and 1.5 full roller rockers and a 180 deg thermostat and a stage 2 jet performance chip which gear do you think.

  28. I have an 88 S-10.  I just pulled an 5.3l from a local junkyard with 89,000 on it.  I ordered a Z06 cam for it since I plan to boost it later on down the road.  I'm saving up now to get the Currie Ford 9" rear you carry that is a direct bolt in.  I have no idea where to go gear wise as this is my first attempt at building a vehicle.  I know I'm going in the street/strip area, but I do plan on driving it on good days as well a little track time too.  Any suggestions in a gear selection please?

  29. I had a quick question..
    I have a 2011 chevy silverado 1500. 4.8 with 3.23 gears..

    I recently motor swapped it to a 6.0 with
    Longtube pacesetter headers.
    With a 226/230 Comp cam.
    Black hawk c.a.i. K&n
    3200 stall.

    Take off power is there
    But top end feels a little sluggish…

    Was wondering if 3:73 would help me out.?.

  30. I have an lt1 5.7 in my 1991 S10 with a th350 and 3:08 gears on 235/60/16 tires. I was trying to get more acceleration but I don't want to use it for strictly drag racing. I want it to be a daily driver that I can play around in when I want, without it drinking too much gas. What gear ratio do you think I should go with?

  31. I have a 91 Silverado 454ss stock truck just have a four inch lower in the back …also stock tires and rims, the differential starting to make this really loud noise ,so I went to check it out took the cap off found no fulid in there it was dry burned everything out …so now I'm looking to rebuild it …but I want to upgrade the gears to 4.10s. with posi would that be ok to drive around the streets and freeways?? not a everyday driver

  32. Hey summit racing i have one question, I got 96 mustang 4.6l gt 5 speed with basic bolt on. I want to get the most power out my engines hen I'm racing but still have a good cruse rpms, so what gear ratio would you recommend??

  33. So for a lifted truck, that is daily driven.. I have a 1995 f-150 and installed a 4 inch lift, and 33 inch tires. My low-end power/acceleration has significantly decreased. I believe I am currently running the stock 3.55 gear, and know that a higher ratio would help my acceleration. However, I have a 4 speed transmission and drive the interstate pretty often. What would be the best way to improve low-end power while keeping my cruise RPM low for my 4 speed?

  34. Because the calculator is not in my range for my jeep Grand wagoneer, can you help me?
    I'm changing trans mission and tire size. (Stock rears, 3.31 / Trans 1st 2.45, 3rd 1.0 / tires 29inches) New setup: Trans 1st 5.61, 5th 0.73 / tires 32inches. I need better hi-way mileage (stock 13mpg) while still being good on the hills. What ratio should I look into?

  35. well i'm trying to figure out what gear ratio to put in my truck its a truck im upgrading to 3/4 ton or 1 ton axles in and its going to be a tow vehicle with a 454 high torque engine

  36. Summit Racing, I have a Chevelle with a 350 and a Powerglide on 15" wheels(I believe 27" tires). What gear ratio do you recommend for a happy medium between fuel economy while maintaining some low end power? Also, if I were to upgrade to a 4l80E what ratio then? Thankyou.

  37. i have a 1996 camaro LT1 Z28. it has factory 2.73's am in thinking about installing 3.42's. i would like to add some performance but want to keep cruise rpm down. the trans is the 4L60E auto

  38. i have a 1990 chevy 1500 with a 350 tbi and i want to switch it to a 4.10 gears should i change everything or just gears ? what do you guys recommend gonna swap to a 5.3 or maybe a 6.0L in the future.

  39. i have a 1977 Chevrolet silverado c20 with a chevy 350 create engine and currently have 4:10 gears i believe. Its a 4 speed manual transmission and first gear is useless. I want to get a better top end mph and actually use all gears any suggestions?

  40. A year ago, I installed a Summit branded ring and pinion in my daily driver SUV. I'm pretty happy with it, it's quiet and works. But I still wonder, how should I relate brand and quality? I could have spent twice as much on an OEM or a Yukon ring and pinion set. I just assumed that Summit re-branded a bunch of Chinese Richmond gears and sold them for a couple dollars less…still not speaking anything of quality other than the typos in the included literature.

  41. I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 crew cab 4×4 with 5.3L engine. Came with 3.42 gear ratio. Just doesn't have the get up and go from a dead stop that I would like. Which gear ratio would you recommend that would increase performance yet still get me decent gas mileage without having to change a bunch of other parts

  42. I have a 83 chevy c10 that I know of totally stalk that I know of my rear end went out what would be a good every day driver gear set up any help would be greatly appreciated

  43. I have heads and cam in my car I went from 327 to 373 and I barely noticed a difference is that because I have 22 inch tires and if that's so should I go to 410

  44. Hi guys! I have a 350 engine with a 5 speed auto trans with over drive. I want have my cruse rpm at 1500 or 1600 what should my gearing be? I have a 10 bolt rear. I'm guessing some where in the neighborhood of 2.88 or so? Thanks

  45. I have Kia forte koup 2.0 automatic transmission just wanted to know how to tune it because every weekend I'll go for race
    and this is my what'sapp number 966509597217
    if u can help me out with this please contact me

  46. how about an f250 w/ 48's w/ a 7.3L diesel and a 3' lift (suspension)? And how to tell the ratio of said truck without draining the fluid?

  47. I have a 2007 f250 xl 5.4 triton 4×4 it has 315/70r17 tires I'm trying to figure out what ring and pinion gear ration would fit these tires it's an everyday vehicle and right now it has no acceleration and has problems trying to find its shifting spot. can you help me out.

  48. I have an 89 Camaro Rs with a 305 Tbi It doesn't have a posi but I'm planning on doing Zexel Torsen unit which gear ratio is better for a street car 3.73 or 4.10

  49. My 1971 Monte Carlo currently has a 2.73 and th350 on 27in tires.
    355 with ported 487 heads, summit k1103 cam (214/224), 600cfm carb.
    Any recommendations on a stall converter and/or rear gear ratio?
    Also any idea what rpm my tranny should be shifting at WOT?

  50. Thanks for this video and clearing up ratios and explaining how they work. Hopefully your tech line can guide me through a 3.73 upgrade on my chevelle.

  51. Hi can you tell what the best gear setup would be for the following: 1969 Camaro, 350 HO engine, 700r4 trans, 245/60/15 or 26.6 inch tires. The car currently has a Part # off gear: YG G182 411 304. The car is used for street and occasional hwy rides. looking for a good all around gear. Not sure what the stall is but the part number on the torque converter is model number: K1 3F 766 #6. What is your best advise on how to get the most out of this setup.



  52. Hi Mike I have 632BB Powerglide and 6.50 Ratio with 31 High Tyre. having the 6.50 diff ratio with tall tyre. car weighs around 3000lb loaded. What would you estimate the final drive ratio be?

  53. Hi is it any major difference between 373's 390's or 410's? Not concerned about the mpg just the take off & will you gain any low end power thanks

  54. i have a 87 cutlass with 307 with turbo 350 tranny with stock gear ratio would i be good with 3.42 to wake up 307

  55. Good explanation my friend so much I've learn in this video I will differently contact summit racing when I'm ready to build my drag racer.

  56. I have a gto 6.0 AT. and I am thinking about going with 3.90 gears my tire diameter is about 27" . I am using it as a DD and the track occasionally ( road course) is this a good choice?

  57. Need help.

    I got 2012 F250 40”x16” tires on a 10” lift. My trans hits 230 degrees in city driving. I currently have 3.55 stock gears on truck.

    Could the high trans temp be due to the gears being incorrect? All fluids are new and in the right level.

    If so what gear ratio should I be running on my truck.

    I greatly appreciate anyone’s help.

  58. I enjoyed the video but I have 1 argument….you claim there is only ONE way to determine the gear ratio however that IS THE most accurate way (Taking the cover off and counting), …..there is indeed a second way…MATH yes math: Gear Ratio = (RPM(Tire diameter))/(MPH(Transmission ratio)(336.13))

    The easiest way for that calculation is to gather your numbers while the transmission is in a 1 to 1 ratio(typically 3rd gear), then you can gather the MPH, and RPM.

  59. I want to buy a 4.10 for a 2009 silverado 4 x 2 1500, 3.23 gear current gear, can you help me what is you number of parts to buy to you

  60. Whats the best gear ratios to do digs with its a daily but im wanting a ratio that makes good acceleration and can drive every day

  61. OK please can someone help me so I don’t know anything about gear ratio and I have a truck 🤦‍♂️ now the question is I currently have a f150 on 35 inch tires i’m swapping them out and I’m getting 37 inch tires I’m hearing from different people that I should change gear ratio and I shouldn’t change unless I do offloading which I do not so any advice definitely will help and if so what will be the proper gear said I would need so I won’t get over charge from a shop

  62. Do a video about gears used for competition pulling and high horse applications. like 2 wd truck pulling with 700 HP on a 310 ft dirt track

  63. Good stuff as usual, that every d.i.y. guy ought to know. I would emphasize two things for any build, and they bounce off each other so some tradeoffs happen in that process. First is what RPM do I want to operate in. Second is what cruising speed do I want [if any] – a critical step for a street build or for track. Tracks dictate top speed, and you'll see racers changing rear ends to suit. Drag racing has no cruising speed and is its own animal – no comment here, as I lack cubic money. All things evolve out of the first two criteria: cam selection, torque converter, and gear/transmission ratios. My next step is to make sure cam selection doesn't force me to violate the RPM/speed criteria I pick. For street, that means gear ratios suppport me being near or above the stall speed my cam likes at 35mph [typically in second gear for a 3 speed tranny]. Beyond that is what RPM do I wind up in at 60 on the freeway. When in doubt, add a transmission cooler, but pick gears that work.
    Do the math and thank yourself later… have fun!

  64. I have an 81 chevy k20 with 35s and i belive 4.10s in gmcorperate 10.5 rear end and I belive a stock 3 speed auto trans. i want better acceleration speed. Should I go to 4.56 gears or down to 3.73 gears? Also if I go to 4.56. I will need either a RG spacer or think gears yes?

  65. lolol back in 2012 Summit Racing managers be like, "I'm not so sure about youtube, we don't need to buy a really good camera, just use this one from 2007 we paid a lot of money for it."

  66. 99 ford mustang gt, automatic transmission, cai, cat back flow master exhaust, and tuner… Was debating 3.73 and 4.10… Which should I use most around town , and highway.

  67. I have a wrangler JL turbo 2.0 with 2" lift and 35" tires . I use this vehicle for every day and off road driving. usually I drive up 65mph. plz advice

  68. I have a 67 camaro with a 350 flat top pistons double hump heads 64cc the cam is the biggest one without putting a stall it, it has TH350 Tranny with 215 -15 inch tires 10 bolt rear end i want to put a posi in it what gears do i need i want to burn rubber? Thanks my email [email protected]

  69. A higher cruising RPM isn't always harmful to the engine. My buddy has a 2001 Honda Civic EX 5 speed that cruises at 4000 RPM in 5th gear going 80. Sure, it is noisy at such a high RPM cruising, but he's had that car since it was new, and the engine is still in perfect condition after over 250K miles.

  70. Remember that automobile final drive ratios are expressed in numbers with respect to one. A 3.23 gear is a 3.23 to 1 ratio (3.23:1). A ratio expressed by a larger number is a lower ratio (4.11 gears are a lower ration than 3.73). Avoid using the term “numerically higher” it only adds confusion to the subject.

  71. I have 4.30s on my silverado and i love it! But i try to avoid the highway now since i only go around 60mph or else it would begin to rev to high. Totally worth it though, love that 'get up and go' feeling

  72. PLEASE HELP‼️‼️ I have a 2000 s10 blazer Ls stock, I’m looking for the right gear size I will need… I’m doin a 4.3 vortec to 5.3 vortec stock swap with 26 inch rims street/daily driver which gear size would be the best application..PLEASE HELP SUMMIT⁉️

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