SEASON 1 COMPILATION | Hot Wheels City | Hot Wheels

SEASON 1 COMPILATION | Hot Wheels City | Hot Wheels

(exciting music) (screeching tires) (cheering) (engines revving) (radio static)
– Come on Chase, I know you’re faster than that. (groans) (radio static)
First born, first place, that’s
how it’s always been, that’s how it’ll always
be, little brother. – Not today. (engine revving) (exciting music) – I’ve got an idea. How about some cobras? (cackling) – [Man] That’s faster than fast. – [Woman] Nice! (exciting music)
(engines revving) (exclaims) – There’s the tire shop. There’s no way he’ll win now! (radio clicking)
– [Elliot] Check your six, little brother. – Huh, where is he? – [Elliot] Look up! – [Chase] What, no way! – [Elliot] Sorry,
little brother. Maybe next time. – New News. Creatures have been
spotted in Hot Wheels City. They’re stealing
auto parts and fuel. But for what? Our sheriff is on the case. (exciting music) (sirens blaring) (toilet flushing) (office sounds)
(police radios chirping) – Oh, Sheriff, this
jail’s getting full. You worried? – Of course not. This is the most secure
jail in Hot Wheels City. (hissing) (dramatic music) Look out, deputy! We need help! Call the guys. (squeaking) – [Elliot] You missed a spot. – [Sheriff] Elliot,
Chase, come in. – [Elliot] Go for Elliot. – We’ve got a problem. (exotic dramatic music)
(hissing) – Let me guess, cobras in a car? – [Sheriff] How’d you know? – [Chase] Don’t worry,
we’re on it, Sheriff. (tires squealing) (light playful music) (engines roaring) (wailing) (dramatic music) – They’re headed
for the tire shop. – Let’s wedge them in there. (whooshing) (yelling) – Well, that didn’t work. It’s raining rubber! (groaning) Just waxed it! (bell ringing) (honky-tonk music) (radio crackling) (siren blaring) Gotta say this for
Hot Wheels City, (woman screaming)
it’s never boring. – Soon I’ll have everything
I need to super-charge my evil creatures. (cackling) (booming)
(cobras exclaiming) (crashing) Oh, no, not my cobras. (news room sounds) – New News. Large spiders are
attacking the gas station. (dramatic music) (hissing) – [Woman] A giant spider, oh no! – Well, that’s not good. Chase, Elliot! – [Elliot] Go for Elliot. – We need help. – [Elliot] One problem, Sheriff. Our cars are kinda– – [Chase] Smushed. – [Sheriff] Three words, Super Ultimate Garage. I got cars coming your way. Keep your eyes to the sky. (exciting music) (engines revving) – [Chase] Yeah, sweet jet! Dibs on the chrome. (tires screeching) (exclaiming) These things are fast! – Hopefully fast enough. – [Chase] Okay, what’s the plan? – [Elliot] I dunno. Get their attention? (car horn honking) (hissing)
– [Chase] Whoa, that worked. Now what? – [Elliot] Split up. (dramatic music) (Elliot groaning) (hissing) Hey, no free rides. (tires screeching) (yelling) Chase, how are you doing? – Oh, I’m great, I’m just great. Ha, you missed! (yells) (hissing) Not so fast, spider dude. (engine revving) They’re getting away. – Not if we can help it. Come on. (engines revving)
(tires squealing) (dramatic music) – [Man] I love it
here, it’s so peaceful. (hissing)
(screaming) Not peaceful!
– [Woman] Spiders! – This mud is no good. – (groans) I just waxed it. – [Sheriff] Yeehaw! Brought you boys
some new wheels. – [Chase] Woo! Dibs on the red. (Chase singing dramatically) Yeah, four wheels are
faster than eight legs! Whoa, where’d they go? (squishing) – [Elliot] They’re above us! (hissing)
Gotta get them out of those trees. Follow my lead. (dramatic music) – Partly cloudy with
a chance of spiders. (whistling and whooshing) – [Elliot] One more. (whistling and whooshing) – I want to know where all these evil creatures are coming from. – I want to know who sent them. – I want to know that, too. (sinister music) – You may have
defeated my spiders, but they aren’t the biggest
problem you’ll have to face. No, the biggest is yet to come. (cackling) Ew. Where did all this
mud come from? (groaning)
(gears grinding) Note to self, eliminate all mud
from Hot Wheels City. (dramatic music) – [News Anchor] New News. Diabolical destruction grips
Hot Wheels City in terror. But who is responsible? – I’ll tell you
who’s responsible. Me. Why? Because I’m evil. Duh. (whistling) (cackling) (coughing) Get to the top already. I need to work on
the evil laugh. (cackling) Now, crush. Go crush. (hissing) – [News Anchor] Be on the
lookout for a large snake. You can’t miss it. No, seriously, you can’t. It’s right behind you! – [Elliot] That’s not
large, that’s hugemongous. Go, go, go! (tires screeching) (dramatic music) – [Chase] She’s gaining on us. I’m about to be snake snack. – Sheriff, this is
Elliot, come in. – Go for the sheriff. – We’re sitting
ducks in these cars. – Sheriff, I’m thinking
of three words. – Super Ultimate Garage. Keep your eyes to the sky. – [Elliot] We’re out of time. We’re going to have to
meet them up in the air. – [Sheriff] Copy that. – [Elliot] Follow me, Chase. We’re going airborne. – [Chase] I hope we’re
not the in-flight meal. (dramatic music) (engine revving) – It’s time for the
old snake skedaddle. – I’ll meet you at the garage. – Burn rubber, little brother. – [Chase] Roger that. – [Elliot] Here,
cobra, cobra, cobra. Come and get me. (exciting music) – That’ll do it. – [Elliot] Get ready, we’re coming in hot. – Turn, turn, turn! Very slick. (laughing) – [Elliot] Good one, brother. (hissing) – [Chase] She’s gone. – [Elliot] For now. But I have a hunch
she’ll be back. – [Chase] I also have a
hunch that she’ll be back. – [Elliot] Are you
hunching on my hunch? – [Chase] Bro, don’t try
to double-hunch my hunch. – [Elliot] Fair enough. – Oh, so that’s how
you want to play. Well, you can be sure I have
something even more evilier. Evilest? Evilerest? Ah, don’t worry about it. I mean, do worry, it’s bad. Very bad. (cackling) – New News. Hot Wheels City is free
of all cobras and spiders. Things are definitely
back to normal. (stomping) (sinister music) (roaring) – [Draven] Go, gorilla. Go to the Super Ultimate
Garage and make it mediocre. (roaring) (engines roaring) – [Sheriff] We just got
word of a huge creature coming our way, boys. – The only way to keep
creatures out of your yard is to build a fence. (dramatic music) (clanking) (sheriff exclaiming) – [Sheriff] I don’t know
anything that can get over this. (roaring) Uh, except a giant gorilla. (roaring) – [Chase] What’s
he doing, Sheriff? – He’s got a car in
his hand and he’s, uh, throwing it! (screams) – Oh, no! There’re no red lights
in Hot Wheels City! It’s the end of the world! – [Girl] Yay! (splatting) – [Elliot] Aw, let’s get
you some vegetables instead. – [Girl] Hooray! (whistling) (dramatic music) – [Elliot] Oh,
now it’s personal. – [Chase] Why is this happening? – [Elliot] Hey!
(car horn honking) (gorilla grunting) (Chase grunting) (roaring) – [Elliot] What did you say? – Told him that monkeys
are smarter than gorillas. – You did what? – [Chase] He’s gonna jump. Now’s our chance. – [Both] One, two, three! – [Elliot] Sheriff,
gonna need an airlift to the police station. – [Sheriff] 10-4. Here she comes. – This ends today. Oh, that’s unexpected. – Oh, come to take me
in, have you, boys? – I’ll hit him head-on. (exclaiming) Now it looks like I just
drove into his mouth. (karate sounds) (cackling) – Well, that’s not good. – [Draven] Destroy, crush. – [Elliot] I’m
trapped, abort, abort! – Elliot, no! (engine revving) Don’t leave me,
bro, I’m on my way! – [Elliot] I’m free! Fangs for the memories. – [Chase] Cobra, crushing it. – Whoa, why is
there no guardrail? (exclaiming) (exclaiming) – Looks like Draven’s
going on a trip. He’s going to the big house. – Oh, I’ll be back, brothers, and next time you
won’t be so lucky. – [Sheriff] Well,
that takes care of the creature infestation. Good work, boys. – [Elliot] And you
know what, Sheriff? If he comes back here, or if any other
bad guys show up– – [Chase] Or any other
kind of creatures. – [Both] We’ll be ready. (dramatic music) (exciting theme music)

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  1. in the gorilla episode what is that car with the red and white becasue i know the blue one is bone crusher…or is it bone shaker

  2. Great ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป job hot wheels can you please make more like if you agree ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  3. This was awesome as always but I wish that when Elliott was stuck in the jaws of the cobrabi he would've used an EDR (Emergency Driver Retreat) just for a reference to the Acceleracers movies. Eh, its just my opinion. Great work hot wheels keep it up!!

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