Schwalbe ADDIX Speed Thunder Burt MTB Tire Quick Check 29×2.25

Schwalbe ADDIX Speed Thunder Burt MTB Tire Quick Check 29×2.25

I’ve been using the Schwalbe Thunder Burt as a rear for the last couple of years Pacestar, SnakeSkin, and they served me well. They lasted okay, I ended up with at least one plug somewhere in the casing
but I was able to drag them along the whole season. This year I couldn’t find Pacestar anymore so it’s time to try the new ADDIX. ADDIX Speed signified here by
that line, 29er 2.25 tubeless ready and ADDIX Speed, these are all made in Indonesia as a see over here. Aside from the label there’s not much on
the box aside from their new ADDIX compounds. This one is ADDIX Speed, which is the hardest compound and with the best rolling resistance. I did a video recently about this Rocket Ron ADDIX Speed that I’m going to be running up front. This is tubeless ready as well and I will install Thunder Burt on a 23 mm
ID rim which is more of a cross-country type of wheel that you
were gonna find out there today. The thread pattern is unchanged, same as
previous years, you see the logos over here, description of the tire.
I provided quite a bit more of the details of these new ADDIX tires in my Rocket Ron (review) so I’m not gonna bother you with that again. On the scale, this one is supposed to be 575 grams and if you see it here, barely, it is 645 grams That is a bit disappointing because again it’s at least about 10% more than what this tire
supposed to be. Just an idea, Thunder Burt, Pacestar, the old one, this one is 535 grams right now. Okay maybe I wore out the nobbies a little bit but this was definitely 100 grams lighter than the current Thunder Burt. I never had issues
with Schwalbe tires setting them up tubeless definitely not the SnakeSkin ones. And people usually recommend using soapy water here on the tire bead before you
put it on the rim. Here’s a tip for you: use some of that
old sealant and just dip your finger in there and just apply it all around, and
this thing is slippery like hell but the beauty of it is that your tire bead is
gonna seat nicely on the rim first try. So try it let me know how it goes. The tire pattern is directional signified by that arrow over there and
as you’re looking at the wheel from the disc side, that is the direction of
the wheel so make sure the two match. Also I’ve rarely been successful inflating
any tire tubeless from the get-go so I usually put a tube in, inflate it, then
break the bead on one side, and install it tubeless finally. So that’s what I’m
gonna do this time as well. And here it is, tubeless, inflated to about 35 psi for now. It’ is seated very nicely with the trick that I showed you. I’m gonna ride it tonight and take some measurements of the casing tomorrow. I ended up doing a race with this tire this is at 25 psi s right now. The tip of the cornering knobs here and the casing sit at about the same level, so
the same width. And they come down to About 56 mm. That 56 millimeters is a 2.2 inches. With a rim height of 22 mm the casing is at 69.5 mm. And these rolling knobs, the center knobs come up to 71 -sh mm so we’re talking
about 1.5-2mm tall rolling knobs here. Cornering knobs alternate between these taller ones and the tinies. And the height of those
taller ones is about 3.75 millimeters. They’re not as tall compared to what the
Racing Ralph or Rocket Ron provide. Overall I was pretty happy with
the tire in the rear. I’ve been running this for two years
as I mentioned earlier. After about 50 kilometers and a race on the tire I don’t see much wear. As I was getting ready to close the video I noticed this big scratch here on
the sidewall, must be from my race last weekend. So I don’t expect the ADDIX
compound to turn these into Enduro tires they’re still kind of fragile, a race day type of tire. But so far so good. Good volume and I’ll see how they perform
throughout the season if they last that long. I will be using them with the Rocket Rons up front. And that is pretty much everything I have for you guys today. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below. if you found this useful don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. And until next time I will see you folks on the trails. Cheers guys, cheers!

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  1. I just tried my 1st – and last, set of Schwalbe tires and had a less than positive experience. I bought an HD 29" 2.35 Addix along with a matching Rock Razor Addix, and I have never had a set of tires so wobbly in my entire MTB life (since '87). Yes, both beads were fully seated and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get rid of the massive wobble. Schwalbe warrantied the HD, but said that the RR was "within their tolerances". Once I got the warranty tire in the mail, I immediately sold it on eBay and just threw the 50 miles used RR in the trash. Hopefully you have a better experience than I did!

  2. Each and every video you take the time to make/edit and upload and share and inform us views, has ALWAYS been useful! Love the channel and everything ya do buddy! Keep it up =)

  3. Schwalbe is dissapointing me! I work as a bike mechanic an everytime schwalbe hast pattern in the middle that dosent fit correctly on the tire. I had the same one (Thunder Burt) on the Back Weel and it was Bumpy ASF*****.
    So i ride First place Maxxis which has excelent Quality, Specalized; super Light and Rolling restsiance is fas (Track) and at last i have one Mezcal Tire. But on this time i just buyed for 100€ new fast one (ride mostly in the City) Maxxis RE-Fuse 27,5 2.00 Love these. But there are a little scetchy whenit is wet, so i love then more =P
    How do you pump the Tire? Compressor? I just got the Schwalbe Tire Booster, that is easy now at home.

  4. Excellent video, as usual. Have you tried the Vittoria Mezcal? One of the best XC, light-trail tire I've used.

  5. I've only been using Schwalbe tires and I'm starting to think I should try a different brand, I've had two of my current generation Nobby Nic's come defective. It does seem like they have quality issues. How are the other brands on quality?

  6. Yeah on the overweight! I’ve gone through about 3 since they relaunched and all heavier. The RResistance is still great though… and why you ride them. More weight does have the benefit of being tougher in my experience. I can ride them until bald.

  7. Does schwalbe easily get punctured with things like thorns? I have a friend who uses schwalbe hans dampfs and he gets flats all the time. Meanwhile im here with maxxis ardents and i still havent had any

  8. Hi I’m currently using the maxxis ikonis skinwall 29×2.20. Both my tires have a little wobble even though my wheels are true properly. Is this a factory defect? Is there a tire that is actually perfect and doesn’t wobble?

  9. I'm looking to put the thunder burt on my 3T Exploro to ride trails with. I'm between the Thunder Burt and the Panaracer DriverPro. I'm stuck with a manufacturer recommended clearance of 27.5 x 2.1" and these two tires are the ones I'm interested in the most. I'd be curious to see your review on the Panaracer Driver Pro!

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