Schuttler Wagon Wheel Emergency Repairs

Schuttler Wagon Wheel Emergency Repairs

It was just a short trip to town and not far to go. Just had a few repairs before we’re headed to Cheyenne Frontier Days Well… so much for schedules. This is an original Peter Schuttler wagon and this wheel took the brunt of the wreck. So, we’re gonna take time and fix this wheel so we can get on the road and head to Cheyenne. We’ve got a cook-off waiting for us! Now, besides just trying to get the tenon to fit correctly, you notice how straight sided the indentations of the spoke shoulders are in the hub? Well, my new spokes have a little different shape than these old original ones that came out of this hub. So I need to modify these shoulders just a bit I’m gonna take little time to shape them so that when they’re in, mixed in with the old originals, they don’t stand out like a sore thumb. Well, once I’ve got the head of the spoke kinda shaped where it matches the old ones I realized that the body, the main body of the spoke was larger than the old spoke. So I need to add a little taper to these, taper these down to where when they shoulder up to the felloes that they’ll actually be the correct width when they intersect the felloes. And as you’ve been following along in other videos when Ihav mentioned that the challenge is to meet each individual manufacturer style this is one of those cases when we want to match the Peter Schuttler style. Well the tire, right here, is where it took the real impact that actually broke the wheel. Even though I was able to roll the big part of this dent out, there was just a little part that I had to take out on the anvil. Well as we spent the day fixing the wheel, Rich had some friends and family down in Cody that was actually fixing the rest of the wagon. So when he heads home from here, he really has a lot of work to do and a lot of miles still to travel. Rich also does some custom chuck wagon, Dutch oven cooking so I’m going to add a link to his site on Facebook in the description below. So once again, Thanks for Watching!

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  1. Oops… They say the wheels on the bus go round and round- have they forgotten that wheels on the wagon went round and round FIRST. Thanks Dave for another wonderful build and video to document the process along the way.

  2. Dave….like I said a few months ago, I always hit the Like Button before I even start to watch your videos. I am That sure you will give me the best experience you are able to and that has always been top notch for me. You have not disappointed a single time. Keep up the great work. Thanks again for showing us your correct method for building a wagons and wheels with all your custom tools and rigs and set-ups…. You are one of the best in my Book. Can't wait t see more ….. Russ

  3. So, the owner of this priceless 'irreplaceable' Schuttler wagon treats it with so much disrespect @00:18 & then expects a true craftsman, a man that shows so much respect towards that as can be hard to find gems, to fix his mistake? Mr Engels, I really do hope you charged Mr Herman top $ for your time & skills. I hope he learnt from his act of stupidity. Bet he won't be towing a loaded trailer 'with an insecure load' at 60mph again. Then again…

  4. What craftsmanship. relying on my truck for work and too often having the need for a roadside fix for a flat i just wonder how we would cope with that system in the modern world. I truly admire your skills sir

  5. Nine new spokes, four new felloes, tire repair and reset. How long did this job take? Great fun to watch you work, as usual. Thanks.

  6. I hope you have an apprentice. Those skills must be passed on. Hopefully that person will be every bit the artist you are. Great video,
    Thank you.

  7. Rich is very fortunate to have you as a friend and once again your craftsmen ship is incredible. Your a very talented man but a band saw with no wheel guards makes you a lucky mana also! Keep em coming GOD BLESS!

  8. Thank you, Mr Dave, for making the day that we look at your channel happy. It is the gentleman who has been able to take the road with confidence. Greetings from Catania

  9. Boy oh boy do I know that feeling! That’s when you just be yourself and put on a happy face and get the job done. Most times the customers are super great full and happy to be going again. I’ve got a fab shop at a major race track and when people are racing they want it now!

  10. In this day of electronics gadgets and computers, there is something very satisfying about watching a craftsman create something out of wood with his hands and basic power tools.

  11. Beautiful work, it's an honour to watch a master at work. Love your videos, no crappy modern music blaring away in the background.

  12. Dang nabit man shut the hell up, I've a cook off to be gettin to and your slowing me down with your constant wittering. Here, here's your dang wheel, And don't be breakin it again any time soon………………Is what I would have said. But you being the person you are just sucked it up and got the job done.

  13. It just dawned on me that those are some seriously expensive chunks of lumber you cut the outer rim from.

  14. When you watch a video like this, then turn on some news show with a bunch of socialists screaming about free everything, you understand who the real Americans are.

  15. To be such a rare skill type and still be willing and able to perform this level of service for a customer is top shelf. If I'm ever that way (North Idaho here) I'll be seeing if I can stop and shake your hand.

  16. I used my grandpa's spoke shave brace and bit to make a new rong for an old rocking chair that sits on my front porch, did I mention that he use to repair wagon wheels back in the day.

  17. I've always pictured a Wheelwright have some super specialized tool for extracting a well seated spoke from a hub and you've just shown all you need is a hammer and a big'ol meathook and a deathgrip I would have never guessed.

  18. Funny how the YouTube algorithms work. My first introduction to Mr Engels was the Borax wagon as well… I think it was from being a Cowboy Kent Rollins subscriber. I love watching the old tech masters at work.

  19. Me encanta su taller y sus herramientas. Ojalá que tenga ya pensado hacer discípulos y transfiera el conocimiento para otros; no deje de mostrar al mundo lo que hace. Gracias por su trabajo.

  20. In an odd way, I feel kinda jealous of Rich Herman. He got to spend a day or so in Dave Engels' company, and get his wheel repaired right in front of him! Dave you're a right remarkable fellow, and I'm sure I speak for many others here, when I say I can only wish to spend some time in your shop with you, and have my own touch with greatness!

  21. That was an incredible amount of work to do, as a favor, and as an emergency job. You have patience beyond most. Well done man, you are an artist.

  22. You need a sign in the shop that politely says, “If you’re going to stand in my shop while I work, and you want this done right, DON’T TALK so much”…

  23. I truly enjoy watching your videos. You style, similar to that of Mr. Chickadee's channel, to to teach by showing rather than telling. You are truly a master of your craft. I've learned quite a lot from your videos, and I hope you will continue to make videos for your channel.

  24. Mr Herman is an extremely lucky man to be able to have you and your skills and talents to rebuild his wheel. My hat is off to you.

  25. You are a real hero! I am a 20 years old boy from the Netherlands and watch you for a wild now, and still love it

  26. I do love watching a master at work. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is just wonderful to watch. Thank you for sharing…Vic

  27. Well Mr. Dave, what would do without that good belt sander. I think that you would have to start selling part of your ball peen hammer collection to pay the rent because your shop would have to shut down.???

  28. MR Engels, I would just like to say with all the, sorry but crap that is on youtube and people that pretend to be craftsman/carpenters you are the real McCoy. YOU ARE A TRUE CRAFTSMAN… and very humble about your skills.
    I have a couple of hubs I would like you to have. It would break my heart to see them in a scrap pile. Thanks

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