Satisfying Photos Of Perfectionism at Work

– [Narrator] If you’re a perfectionist, this video is for you. Also, if you’ve got insanely
high expectations of workers in which case, you’ll
be glad to see workers doing their jobs correctly. Here are super-satisfying photos of perfectionism at work. (gentle music)
– Amazing! – [Narrator] Usually when
you go to buy a shirt and see a stack of tees, you have no choice but to unfold them and see the final design, which means most of the
clothes get left like this. However, when you have medal-worthy staff, you can get shirts folded
so perfectly and alined that they show the design from the side. Corner shelves are notoriously
difficult to stack, which is why you need to hire a professional cherry stacker. We need more fruits store like this. I assume most IT departments or server warehouses look like this. That is, unless you have the person who organized this working for you. The organization here is a thing of beauty until you have to replace a bad wire, in which case all those
ties have to be removed. I wheelie thought most tire stockpiles looked like this. A tiring mission should you have to find the specific rubber ring that has been requested. That is, until I saw this, a perfectly organized tire stockpile. This is actually known as lacing, and it’s the most space-efficient way to store the tires. Clearance items piles literally always look like a dump. An area that items are just thrown into. What we really need are local heroes like this guy, organizing them for us. Let’s be honest. He’s probably in the middle of exams, looking for any potential
opportunity not to study. Either that or he’s evil and the photo order is reversed. Mowing the lawn in stripes is satisfying, but nobody has anything on this guy, intricately cutting the grass into a seriously cool design. Going by the haircut some
players display these days, it’s obvious where this idea came from. Most supermarket shelves look like this. Carrots just thrown on top of each other without much organization. If they had a perfectionist
working for them though, they’d get something like this. Great, until the first customer comes along and says, I’ll take that one. These giant, multi-colored cones are apparently piles of spices at a market in Marrakesh. That means somebody has
painstakingly arranged each pile into a perfect cone. I’m not sure this one
is super helpful though because surely there’s just an avalanche waiting to happen. They’re probably just solid and coated with the powdered spices. Another hypnotic display
of wire organization that makes me fear looking
behind my own computer. What happens when you need to replace the purple wire though? This Whole Foods display is mesmerizing. The creator even created the great pyramid of
cucumber in the center. But look! Someone messed up the peppers on the left hand side. For the love of perfect symmetry, why?! Tell me why? Although I applaud the
symmetry of this one, I have a few problems with it. First and foremost, what’s with the limited variety? Secondly, it should be
red, orange, then yellow. Finally, it looks like the bottles are actually supporting each shelf, so you’re basically playing Jenga here. Make sure you have your wellies on. This color-coded book layout is pretty, but it’s highly impractical for anyone else than the person who has the intimate knowledge of the color of every one of these titles. Here’s another one also. It’s also probably rather disturbing to those of you who’d prefer it to be size-ordered. As if the sight of an Oreo
wasn’t beautiful enough. Now it’ll be totally obvious if someone went to the cookie jar. This desk at a university library is made up of perfectly fitted books. They’re all real books, which is great unless you actually
want to take out a book. In which case, this is a nightmare. Japanese department stores
know how to stack socks. This is really beautiful. Except that beige pile. Someone’s clearly tampered with it. Same with that yellow one
sticking out a little. This has got to be
wedding hair perfection. Especially if her name is Rose. I wonder how long it lasted and looked the day after. The creator of this display definitely wasn’t
drinking any of that beer. I now know what heaven looks like. If the driver of this truck packed all of that wood in the back of it, he seriously missed his calling as a professional Tetris player. It also makes me wonder how much time it took him to cut and place each of those logs. It must have been super heavy. Either that or there’s
a fake door on the back, and the truck is actually full of heroin. I’m calling it. If only this guy was there to oversee the construction of the Tower of Pisa. The concentration on his face says it all. His design has even managed to hypnotize his chef to the left. This guy needs some tricks from the truck driver we saw earlier on. Nonetheless, without cutting the logs this guy has done a great job. I’d keep my distance though. Flashbacks of Final Destination tell me it’s not a good idea to be behind this one. Now this is a display. Bravo to the veg-stacker out there who made this masterpiece. You deserve a turnip prize for this one. Even if I needed a coat hanger, I would not buy one from this place. Destroying a display like this would be criminal. Just look at how perfectly
that top shelf is aligned. Sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Oh yeah. These are just beautiful. I just pity the guy that
has to replace a cable from the center of one of these piles. These boxes fit so perfectly into the back of that truck. It may seem simple, but considering they had to deal with the wheel wells, we’re likely witnessing
a king stacker here. Either that or we’re witnessing someone who has created
a false top of boxes and is smuggling things
or people underneath. Kind of reminds me of this. These bottles fit so
perfectly on that shelf. Shame they couldn’t organize
the labels as nicely. Now this is an organic display. I’m just stressing about those radishes toppling over though. That’s an accident
waiting to happen, surely. Ever wondered how well
stocked and organized the supermarket is, when it opens for the first time? Well, wonder no longer. Here’s a load of pictures showing the grand opening conditions of one posted online last year. It was fully stacked with everything in it’s right place and labeled. Not gonna last, but cool while it did. Here’s a vegetable store in Argentina. Some of those peppers look
a little discolored though. More cables here for the
cable enthusiasts among you. This one looks like it’s come
straight out of a spaceship. Bananas are my favorite fruit. This display would
definitely get my approval. Unlike the others you can take a pair without wrecking the whole display. That lime green bunch in the second row needs to go though. It doesn’t belong there. It’s wrecking the whole display. This candy display was clearly made by an expert perfectionist. But my question is: how do you get those Junior Mints when the ones in the center are gone? I sort of also feel an overwhelming urge to mess it up. Those stickers made me
peel slightly uncomfortable about this one. But other than that you
have to give applaud to the apple stacker here. If only they could do the same thing for the ones on the left and the right. What happens when that
cherry stacker gets promoted? He gets a job stacking
watermelons like this, of course. Let’s just hope there aren’t
many bumps on the road. This cabling job at a private residence in Fort Lauderdale is almost perfect. Let’s just hope someone doesn’t put a nail through that drywall. It’s satisfying, though that
black area is annoying me. If any bartender I see cuts
and lays out the lemons at work like this, I’m straight up giving them the tip. This is lime porn at its finest. Flowers are super delicate
items to transport. So they need to pack them
tightly and efficiently, which is why we get
awesome pictures like this. Someone’s peeked inside a supermarket’s flower delivery truck and it looks beautiful. The good bars out there always have their bottles on show. And some displays are better than others. I honestly don’t think
I’ve seen a more clean and impressive display
than this one though. Look how evenly spaced they are. The only problem is that you’ll have to be rather tall to work here. Peas are usually pretty irrelevant. We mash ’em together or pour them onto the side of our plate without much regard. That’s why this picture
is really ap-pea-ling. Look at these stacks of sheetrock. They’re lined up so nicely. The only issue is there
isn’t much continuity in the pattern between the stacks. A minus for effort here. Now this is cable management. Somebody is obviously
being paid hourly here. It’s frickin’ beautiful. Just look at the attention to detail with those fasteners. Most offices have a view of the car park that looks like this. If you ever notice a change of valet guy and then notice cars
being parked like this, the new guy may be a little OCD. So this is what college
textbook retailers do with all their profits. Spend it on extra staff
to stack the books up. I bet they’re structural
engineering textbooks. Igloos are super cool and really satisfying designs to look at. You know what’s more satisfying though? One made from wood. Probably won’t pass fire
safety regulations though. Tools are often sorted messily. I mean, there are some neat pictures of tool storage out there. Like the organization of these wrenches. I didn’t know there were so many sizes. Maybe he just has spares. But this one definitely
takes a hammer to them. I salute this studly tool chest. Packing stuff tightly saves a load of money on transportation. That’s why shipping containers are such an amazing creation. So when you have to transport or store a load of tanks, take a lesson from the person organizing these tanks. That’s a dangerous amount of OCD there. This is another awesome mowing pattern. It’s apparently common
for field landscapers to take creative freedom when mowing patterns like this, with checkerboards, spirals,
and more being made. This door and the circular window above it work so well. They’ve literally perfected this design. Plumbing can be messy and rather a pain to look at, but when it’s done nicely, it can be a seriously
aesthetically pleasing feature. Just look at this really
nicely arranged plumbing. When you sharpen a pencil, do you ever try to keep
the peel intact throughout? I know I do. It seems as though this
person owned it though. I’ve never made such a long, intact peel. Bravo. This is real Tetris experience at work. Look at those Taster tots. Someone really deserves a raise. Whoever has the patience to organize a load of grains, definitely has too much
time on their hands. Not that I care much though, because this is frickin’ awesome. Look at those layers. Do you also spend hours trying to neatly organize your apps? I know I do. But this person takes it to another level, color-coding all of their apps. When your Hoover fits
perfectly under a cupboard like this one, you know you’ve made it in life. Most of the time it just ends up being the part of the house
crumbs find refuge in. The textbook stack from earlier on has nothing on the
person that created this. Look at how amazing that swirl is. Which picture satisfied you the most? Let me know in the comments
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