[S2 – Eps. 35]  A tragedy happened here – To Futaleufu, Chile by Motorcycle

[S2 – Eps. 35] A tragedy happened here – To Futaleufu, Chile by Motorcycle

Something something happened here Looks like an earthquake or something Good morning internet! It is 09:05 in the morning and welcome back to the channel! I am in a town called Coyhaique in Chile and and I’ve been here for the last three days or it’s been raining for three days So I’ve been waiting out the rain and today is the best day of the week tomorrow more rain is coming so I have to take this window of opportunity and ride today and then hopefully it will be nice. So the plan for today is: I want to do a big day I’ve done a lot of shorter riding days with like 200 kilometers Now I haven’t been riding for three days so I’m just like: Let’s go! So the plan of today is to ride to the cutest town ever, or at least, it has the cutest name because it’s called Futaleufu I just love that! I’m going to ride there today and that’s 420 kilometers, part will be paved, part will be, as I’ve heard pretty horrible gravel So let’s see. I’ll show you on the map. I am now here in Coyhaique. Again, I should have prepared this.. I think Futaleufu is somewhere in this area, I think. In any case, that town is right at the border with Argentina, so from there I will be crossing back into Argentina again and I will show you why because the Carretera Austral, so that’s the famous road I’ve been riding for some time now, it does continue a little bit more, it does continue all the way until Puerto Montt, which is over here but you have to take at least, no.. at least? No, you have to take three ferries on this last bit So I don’t want to take all of these ferries They don’t run every day I think and it’s just a bit of a pain So I decided to cross back into Argentina because on that side of Argentina there are also some really cool things to see so I think crossing from Futaleufu back into Argentina will be a good plan, but anyway it’s going to be a long day and I am already a little bit later than I would have wanted to Dhanno is packed so that is good I just have to pay the guesthouse and then I’m off so.. Let’s go! I forgot to say, just before I pulled into Coyhaique I passed 10.000 kilometers and I wanted to stop and make a whole moment about it but then I forgot and then when I arrived here I was like.. oh, wait, I passed 10.000 kilometers on Dhanno My Garmin is sending me the wrong way to Futaleufu via Argentina. 883 kilometers That is not how I’m gonna go Let’s go! So this is how the city center looks like now Everything is barricaded See, you get vans like these there are still a lot of protests See they’ve been making fires here And all the the shops and the banks they are completely barricading themselves See? Everything barricaded. With wood or metal plates. See that rainbow? Fantastic! And we are on the gravel road! That was quite a long stretch which was paved Now it’s gravel, but this is actually quite.. quite easy gravel, it’s very compacted So I think I am now riding up a mountain pass I don’t know how high it is Right now I’m at about 400 meters altitude not very high but I don’t know how high.. how much more I’m climbing Ah, look there! You see that white? That’s a glacier! Awesome! Look how close I am to the snow and ice I am just going to change my gloves because now I’m at about 600 meters altitude and it’s just a really cold day. It’s colder today then it was when I was riding all the way down in Tierra del Fuego, in Ushuaia. Which was a lot more south and easier in the season but today is just a cold day I’m starting to loose the feeling in my fingers so I’m just going to put on my warm gloves This is much better! Ok Let’s continue Ah I think there really has been a lot of rain here in the past couple of days Oh wow! I have so much respect for all the cyclists here and I see a lot of them That is tough! Those low hanging clouds there, ah it looks so mystical I think it’s beautiful Obviously, blue skies and sun is great but sometimes, clouds like these can I don’t know, make a place really special Mysterious So I am now descending again, I think where I put on my thicker gloves I think that was actually the pass There will be one more pass I think so Oh wow! I cannot believe this Always when I think, oh I’m glad I have this adventure bike, I can go anywhere then a truck comes around the corner and does the exact same road that I’ve been doing! But I mean, serious, like.. These trucks, they just drive up this road like like it’s nothing! I say, pretty impressive driving Oh suddenly the road is paved again Which actually comes very convenient because I’m not making a lot of progress today it’s already 1:30 and I’m only half way so and there is a lot of gravel coming still, so I hope that I think it will now be paved for the next 70 kilometers.. I think and then the last bit will be unpaved again You see the hanging glacier? That is a hanging glacier You can see it just above the trees. It just, stops there at the mountain and just doesn’t come until the bottom Oh, that was the paved road Back to this stuff. It’s raining now. Not a lot. But, a little bit.. Ok, I am now in a town called La Junta It is still 150 kilometers to Futaleufu But it’s already 2:30 So I am super hungry So I thought, let’s fill up on petrol then I just passed I spotted a restaurant So I’m just going to ride a little bit back and then see if I can eat something there because I am super hungry! Here! I spotted this place How does this work Hello! Tell me! Do you have a table? Yes sweetheart! Let me see.. Can you sit in the cafeteria? Yes, yes! Ok, thank you! Alright, I have lunch! I have some fish with potatoes so that looks like a good, hearty lunch which I really need because I think the road that is coming ahead is going to be a little rough I think it’s going to be a lot of gravel and today it’s just going to be a really long day I’m just not making such super fast progress but, for me it doesn’t matter I am just so happy to ride again, I was really looking forward to a full day of riding and especially because I was in Coyhaique sitting for three days I got a lot of work done, I did a lot of work on my website for my blog, made some videos but ultimately, oh I got a haircut as well but ultimately I was really looking forward to ride so that’s what I’m doing today I’m going to enjoy this lunch and then hit the road again I think now it’s 15:00 hours? yeah, it’s now almost 15:00 hours so better lunchtime Okay I say: Futaleufu here we come! I think those people were taking pictures on the bridge Okay, my turn! Ah look at that little house hidden there What a location! My navigation says:go in here but this is not a road. Ah, I think I have to.. Yeah I think I have to turn around Futaleufu is, I think, in that direction But this road is closed something something happened here Looks like an earthquake or something wow let me see, maybe I’m not sure what happened here This town is called What is this called Villa Santa Lucia Or a fire? A forest fire? Oh, well there is the prevention and combat of forest fire brigade So maybe it was a fire This is just another fantastic road towards the border because now I’m riding towards the border with Argentina and it is fabulous! Futaleufu! I am here This is the city centre of Futaleufu It’s only a very small town but they have quite a nice central central square hostel I’m sure that’s okay Hi! How are you? Good! And you? Good, thank you! This is my room! I have a place to stay, really nice So I made it to Futaleufu I just learned that Futaleufu actually means “big river” in Mapuche language. There are still almost 1 million or I think 900.000 Mapuche people in Chile and Argentina which are the indigenous people of this area and Futaleufu means “big river” so the “Futa” means “river” Learned that today! I am exhausted what time is it now, let me check it’s 18:10 hours and except for my lunch and a few stops for pictures I just did not stop at all I’ve just been riding, riding, riding, it was madness but I’m happy, it was a great day, beautiful scenery it was a little bit rainy at some point but overall I got pretty lucky. As far as I understood I crossed a part where there is some sort of micro climate which makes it rain like 6 days out of the week, pretty much So I think I did really well with the rain I only had a little bit so it was fine and I’m glad that I’ve covered some ground that was nice after sitting a few days in Coyhaique doing just digital work a full day of riding was really nice and I am now 10 kilometers from the border with Argentina so that means in the next video I’m going to cross back into Argentina and visit some places on the other side again and then I’ll probably cross back to Chile again, so I’ll just keep on border hopping, I think all the way up to the North seeing both sides of the Andes and yeah, that was it, so.. That was it for today, I hope you liked this video! If you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. Amazing place, brilliant drone shot. carry on dear for the sake of your followers. Your hard work will definitely be appreciated by many. A big thumbs up.

  2. Noraly… you have stopped showing your phone to prove the time ever since it died some videos back. It's not that I don't trust you, but actually seeing the time when you say it is part of the ritual that has begun these 100+ videos. I need to see the time, I hope you understand.

  3. Warm gloves really matter, it's not so bad having a bit cold legs or shoulders but cold hands are the most horrible thing while riding xD.
    Can't wait for your next video _

  4. Itchy boots calendar arrived today well in time for new year. Great quality, great idea to do a calendar. Keep up the great work and no need to rush. This is a trip of a lifetime for us all so take your time and enjoy it. Alan.

  5. It’s taken me ages to realise who Noraly reminds me of, she is 7 of 9 Jeri Ryan’s sister
    Resistance is futile I will comply 😀

  6. Wow, Noraly. That was one amazing ride today.

    I needed some bike escapism for my birthday, but it was too cold and wet here today for an old guy to go biking..

    You sure gave me my kind of escapism yet again.

    Thank you very much for taking me along. I am as happy as you sound!!!
    Saludos desde irlanda.

  7. Wow, another great ride and video. I have never found gloves that could keep my hands warm for long, eventually the cold would go right through them. Until I got a bike with a faring and now I can wear lighter gloves since my hands are protected from the direct wind. And it looks like you found some props for the drone, those were awesome shots.

  8. Love the scenery, the commentary and most of all, I love the fact that there is no political innuendo/commentary anywhere at all – just facts and experiences. So hard to find these days. Stay safe and keep up the amazing work that you do.

  9. Looking forward to see your next episode every day, but May I ask where can you find your paper maps which is making your journey clear to your audience

  10. Re Villa Santa Lucia…mud slide and fire…



  11. Welcome back to Argentina. You will now know the other Argentina Patagonia, no more desert and strong winds. Enjoy

  12. I notice that you put your helmet on the table when you do lunch. I do the same thing as I want other riders to know that I am a motorcyclist and hopefully they will come to my table and engage with me in conversation. Its a trick I learned some time ago on my long distance touring trips. I always want to talk with local riders when possible!

  13. Great views, shame about Santa Lucia must have been terrible for the people, the flowers you are seeing I think they are Lupins they can be very blue & yellow keep safe.

  14. Yes I liked this video and a big thumbs up for you. You are such an intrepid explorer. It’s so nice to ride in the middle of nowhere. Well, it seems like I’m riding too.

  15. When Dhanno was born in a factory in India probably no one had imagined that one day she would find a wonderful companion like Noraly and travel to all these amazing places.

  16. With all the amazing geology you pass by, and your expertise, I would like to hear about it when you see something interesting.

  17. Wow, a Motorcycle, a Beautiful, Intelligent Woman and Adventure in far away magnificent places. This has to be one of the best channels on YouTube. You truly are the woman of many men’s dreams. I admire your adventurous spirit and thank you for taking me places I’ll never have the chance to see. You have just gained a new devoted follower and fan. Be safe and have Fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 🌹🙏🏻

  18. Where are your heated grips ? They are the best accessory ever !!! 👍🏻🇨🇦where we need them to extend our riding season.

  19. Hi Noraly, another great video, I just don't understand the 32 thumbs down? There's no pleasing some people. Why don't you try heated grips? I have them on my bike, don't use them often but they are great when the fingers go numb and they're not very expensive for aftermarket ones. I know they are a little bit of extra weight and something else to go wrong but they are a low tech item. Best wishes!

  20. Fantastic photography and editing. You are becoming a true professional! Music vastly improved also. I am enjoying the ride….please be careful an awesome adventure……Carl

  21. Stunning drone shots! What a great country to experience by bike. Thanks for keeping us all entertained and informed Noraly.

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  23. I am so enjoying your journey. I could feel your excitement about getting a good riding day in. But, you used your three days of rain and respite we’ll. You are one hard working woman. I love your spirit!! Ride on.

  24. Apparently Villa Santa Lucia was hit with a massive landslide two years ago. https://blogs.agu.org/landslideblog/2017/12/19/villa-santa-lucia-landslide-2/

  25. So cool to see your trips, I hope you includw Bolivia to your road to Alaska, here we are some Himalayan's owners! Keep going!

  26. Did a little bit of research to the natural disaster in Villa Santa Lucia and found a really interesting blog entry. Seems like that the town got hit by a mudslide, coming right from the glacier. It traveled pretty far and right along the street into town. Horrific.

  27. Thank you for letting us know about how the indigenous languages and people are surviving, the world would be much poorer with out them. So you do make time for se3lf care like getting your hair cut, I was just thinking yesterday I had not noticed your hair get longer, surely it must grow,k so now I know. Thank you and all the best.

  28. Noraly , I notice that when you accelerate your motorbike at take off I hear a rattling vibration sound against your exhaust pipe. Maybe a loose guard or something similar.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful adventures with us. Gods speed and best of luck to you.

  29. what a beautiful stage this was, the colors!, so mutch green, beautiul mountainpasses, rock formations impressive!
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    Thank you for taking us with you on your adventure!

    goede reis Noraly!

  30. https://blogs.agu.org/landslideblog/2017/12/19/villa-santa-lucia-landslide-2/

    Landslide in that small village, very sad.

  31. Yeah I hate going backwards but I joined you going south after your arrival in South America. But I'm hooked now. But the more I watch the more I'm starting to understand the wisdom of your little 25hp set up and your philosophy of weight reduction..

  32. Great day riding with you. the scenery is just spectacular. The gorgeous flowers, I think are lupine, that we see in Maine in the springtime. The drone footage is just amazing. So enjoying you adventure, thanks for all the work taking us along. Ride safe.

  33. You gotta take care of your personal stuff and then move on, that's how it is, but she's a very organized woman

  34. I ran into a cyclist in Washington State USA last summer. He had ridden across North America from Montreal Canada. I asked him if he was heading to San Diego California. His response, no, he was heading to Tierra Del Fuego. Maybe you will cross his path.

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