Ryfab Aluminum UTV Cargo Box | Polaris RZR

Ryfab Aluminum UTV Cargo Box | Polaris RZR

– What’s up everyone? I’m Chase here at Rocky Mountain ATV MC coming at you with the aluminum cargo box from Ryfab for the Polaris RZR. So if you’re looking for
a good storage option for the rear view Polaris RZR, well, we got a lot of
options at Rocky Mountain. We have hard and soft luggage, but today I wanna show you
one of our favorite picks. It’s the aluminum cargo box from Ryfab. Now right off the bat,
couple of the reasons we like it so much is
really good construction made from lightweight aluminum, they mount easily, lots of storage space. If you ask me my personal opinion, I think this is one of
the best looking boxes that is on the market. So we’ll start from the
outside, we’ll work our way in, we’ll talk about some of the
features you’re getting here. So on the outside, again, you’re getting a lightweight aluminum construction. What I like about it is that, if needed, it can be a one man job
to get this in and out, it’s that lightweight. It’s gonna be a little bit
easier with two people, but if one person had to do it, I really do think they could get by. You’re gonna have that Tread Brite design here on the outside which I think gives a nice cool look to it. Now they’re gonna offer this
in two different versions, so the version we have
here in this four-seater is without the top rack. They have one that
comes with the top rack, which is actually a nice touch because with the top rack it gives
you the ability if you want to you can strap additional
cargo down, or a cooler. Just a little bit more versatility. Now one thing you wanna
keep in mind as well is that the version with the top rack, what’s nice about it is if you want to, you can actually take that rack off. Now these are machine specific, so you wanna make sure when
you’re looking at these, enter the make, the model,
and the year of your RZR, that’s gonna make sure
you get the right one with the exact fitment for your model. Now here, what’s nice is you’re getting a push button locking latch, so this does have the ability to lock. You’re gonna get keys that come included. So if you are stepping
away for a little bit, it’s a little bit of added peace of mind. So if I push on the latch
and we open the box, So right away you’re gonna see one of my favorite features on the inside. So here in the back, you’re
gonna have two shocks that are gonna hold the lid open. So what’s nice is once the lid’s open, you don’t have to worry about it falling and hitting your head or
smashing your fingers. Around the inside of the
lid you are gonna have a weather strip that
goes all the way around, and then you’re gonna
have a rubber strip here on the bottom which is nice. So that’s just gonna
give a nice tight seal, that’s gonna keep dust
and debris out of the box. Then the inside, again, nice big opening, you’re gonna have plenty of storage space and gonna get a lot a
lot of gear inside here. So now I’ll close this back up. Now if we talk about mounting, this is another great feature with the Ryfab cargo box
for the Polaris models, is that they use the Polaris
lock and ride fasteners, so those are gonna come included, and allows you to install
this box and remove it in really just a couple minutes or less. So the fasteners are
gonna go right through the factory holes that you already have in the bed of your UTV, so no drilling or modifications required. And once you have those installed, you’re literally just
gonna pick the box up, slide it into place, then you’re gonna have two fasteners that go inside the box
towards the front of it and those are gonna secure it down. You can see, once this thing’s in there, it’s really secure, it
doesn’t rattle around at all. So they did a great job
when it comes to mounting. Now one other question that
we know a lot of people are gonna have is, well how
is this box gonna work out if you have, say, a spare tire carrier, a rear rack, or a rear cage extension. Now we can’t guarantee fitment with every rear rack, rear cage extension, or spare tire carrier that is out there, but you can see the setup that we have in the back of this four-seater. We’ve got our Tusk spare tire carrier. When I open this lid, I actually am gonna have clearance, so this lid’s completely open, it’s not touching that spare tire. Now keep in mind if I had this box in here and I did have the top
rack version installed, I would not be able to
open this all the way up, it would actually be
hitting that spare tire. So that is one thing that
you do wanna keep in mind. But there it is. That is the aluminum cargo
box coming from Ryfab. Again, one of our favorite storage options for the bed of your UTV. Now this video was really
specific to the Polaris RZR, but we do offer these for
Can-Am and Arctic-Cat as well. So head over to our website
at rockymountainatvmc.com to check them out and just enter the make, the model, the year of
your of your machine. That’s gonna show you the box
that is specifically designed to fit in the bed of your UTV. If you have any questions,
make sure you comment below, give us a call, or chat live online. We definitely wanna get
your questions answered. And as always, orders
over $75 gonna ship free. And if you haven’t yet,
make sure you click, subscribe to us on Youtube, and watch our other great UTV videos. We talk about our favorite
storage accessories, protection body, really
everything that you need to get your side-by-side
ready to rock and roll. I’m Chase here at Rocky Mountain, and we’ll see you on the trails.

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  1. I have one and it holds so much stuff. Make sure you add the rubber latches to keep the pressure off the lock cylinder. There is a review on my channel that shows how much stuff it holds.

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