RWD Tesla vs ICE- Nokian Tires

It is currently freezing rain and It’s like hail and we’re gonna test out my new tires There we go geez like look the hole so this is like perfect weather to Test out these tires I’ve been waiting for some really bad weather, so Right now we’re running 19-inch Nokian hakka pilita are – they’re studless, I know there is a stud version They are Brand new I’ve only been driving on them maybe a month and a half now so as you can see the whole car So it’ll be a good test so We are in a parking lot right now. I’m looking beside me, and I should actually show you because it is that crazy I Don’t know if you can see that well It is all ice like that is just slush ice and it’s hailing and It’s really bad so perfect weather to test out these tires now when I bought these tires, but he told me That there a company in Finland Nokia, and they only make winter tyres And he also told me that they invented the winter tire, but look this up apparently. It’s true anyways Let’s buckle up here, I’m not gonna go for too long of a ride, but I’m just curious how these are gonna handle and freezing rain weather and I’ve driven in snow already so far But and deep snow find you there’s no button in there actually just want to say traction control in this car is Really really good the best best I’ve ever driven or seen There’s ice on my windscreen flavors, I should wipe that off Oh My god like sick ice and still there we go Yeah perfect weather to test these tires uh I never drove my Audi that was my plan to drive it in the winter I actually put continental DWS Tires on there which are like rated by many firms the best all season Tires you can buy performance all season, so I would I’m curious to see how that would have How that car would have handled the snow it was all-wheel drive, which has an advantage on this? But doesn’t look like there’s much snow, so I’m just gonna accelerate a little harder Totally controllable, I mean there is a thin coating of snow Well we’re cruising along here 70 kilometers an hour I don’t think there’s salt on the road actually There’s just a thin layer of snow, and it is freezing rain, so The region, this is my first winter in the car The region in this car I mean this is my first winter with Tesla and just imagine you think that must work really good It’s like having a manual transmission in the winter you can Help slow down the car with what the gear changes you can do this with same thing in here with the region So trying to They could spin here see talk totally controllable. I mean even though this is just rear-wheel drive It is currently freezing rain. There is snow on Covering these roads right now so it is snowing and freezing, and I’m trying to purposely spin the tires and I can see the whole time the Traction control lights coming on and just controlling the the spinning. It’s the best it can which is like 100 percent I’m like half. I’m flooring it now Like I had my foot almost right to the floor, and it would not and as I’m turning And it’s controlling it very very well When I do accelerate a little harder I feel very very little spin but the computer in the car just grabbed it and Controls it control. It’s a controlled spin So we’re gonna floor it here. I got a little a little bit of spin There there is no problem driving this rural drive car and ice Because this look the roads are covered in ice I got a little bit more slippage there, but I literally floored it off of a stop sign And it did not let me spin out of control Yeah, I’m just looking at the road as I’m stopped at the stop sign and I can see slush ice layer Just turning is very Can feel it grabbing. I mean, I’m not even getting any slippage at all The worst car ever drove in the winter was my niece, and I had a nice and 350z 2003 and I was working very close to my house at that point in my life So I didn’t bother putting winter tires or all seasons I had sport tires on that Was I was an experienced in a half for a couple months. I got by this though very very good The only reason the only difference I feel Having all-wheel-drive is you can actually feel the all-wheel drive pulling you. Where is this you feel? We’re pushing you forward But – six right now Just to give you an idea of what my meals are doing Oh, you can actually hear the traction control Adjusting the speed of like the accident Turn Just I mean it is so I see that you do slide just from the momentum, but it’s just very controllable I’m doing 25 26 around that turn There’s this is by far the best traction control system, I’ve driven The latest I’m accelerating so lately and it’s still spun I was so proud Like I feel like I have to drive very careful now You want to see how much power the car has take off traction control in ice and You’ll see how hard it is to manage not spinning the wheels Even driving very lightly just because this car has so much power Oh, and you can hear it through this These roads are horrible Just wanted to show you how bad the conditions actually were this is this is actually all ice And it is getting even worse So Nokian how Kappa Lita are two good choice? Especially for conditions like this

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