RV Flat Tire Far From Home – Les Schwab Tire Value Promise Works

RV Flat Tire Far From Home – Les Schwab Tire Value Promise Works

Hey everybody. Brian here sitting Reno, Nevada
at a Les Schwab Tire Center. So there’s our RV back there. Coming into town last night we picked up a
big bolt that was stuck into our tire. We were hooking up power last night and I noticed
the tire was making a seeping sound like a “pssssss”. So I looked over and saw this giant
bolt sticking into the tire and though “oh no. My RV tire is gonna go flat”. But luckily I got these tires from Les Schwab
back home and knew they were under warrantee. So I was able to find a Les Schwabb just a
mile from where we were staying. They got me right in this morning and I they put on
a brand new tire. Now we can get back on the road. So that’s a lesson if you are going to buy
new tires. Consider getting them from a local tire shop that has stores across, in our case,
the Western United States. Wherever we’re gonna go, they will have our tires in inventory
and will be able to help you out. In our case, Les Schwab Tire Center’s are everywhere we’ve
been. It really worked out for us and now we’ve got a new tire on our rear left side
that’s brand new and didn’t cost anything. Problem solved, now we can get back on the
road and back to our trip. I’m pretty excited about that. Take care! See you guys later.

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  1. We purchased two new front tires from Les Schwab a couple of years ago… in Oregon…. no sales tax. 🙂 As they do a lot of truck work, they had no problem handling our diesel pusher, and did a great job at a competitive price. They were able to order our somewhat uncommon tire size (295/80R/22.5) in advance and had them ready when we arrived. They were even okay with giving us the DOT dates when they came in, confirming that they weren't old stock (when you pay $600+ for a tire, be sure to check the DOT date before letting them install it on your RV). 😉

  2. Good Sam policy has that same great coverage! Only thing is, you have to purchase it and it is cheap to buy. Nice video and thanks for posting.

  3. Nice video Brian! Unfortunately we don't have Les Schwab in Kansas, but can you tell me what kind of tires you run on your Class C? Thanks!

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