Rubicon Springs Truckin’—Dirt Every Day Tire Rack Preview Ep. 83

Rubicon Springs Truckin’—Dirt Every Day Tire Rack Preview Ep. 83

(engine roaring) (logo thudding) (energetic rock music) – I was comin’ through
this v-notch, through here, and surprisingly I got through it without caving the whole
side of the truck in, but I did cut a tire. We just plugged it, it took
three plugs in the sidewall and we were able to get it done
before it came off the bead. – You know the kit you always want to have as close as possible
is your tire plug kit. So we got ’em plugged, now we’re
going to put some air in it, – Keep rollin’. – Keep rollin’, we have a spare tire, but we’re hoping not to have to use that. – Yeah. – ‘Cause that’s actually
the spare off the trailer, ’cause when we bought this
truck, it didn’t have a spare. Good times. (rock music) (engine growling) (truck thunks) – I was celebrating my little victory of getting over that big
obstacle, and I just plowed the front steering, and
tie rod and everything into this boulder, and destroyed
the steering stabilizer, so I can take that off
and get it out of the way, but I did bend the tie
rod pretty good, too. Driving this thing takes
so much focus, it’s crazy. Like you can’t back off for a second, otherwise you do something dumb like this. – So we’re in the middle of the Rubicon, but the cool thing about this is we ran into a bunch of
guys in JK’s that we know, guys from J. W. Speaker,
TeraFlex and Nemesis, who are friends of ours in the industry, and they’re actually headed
the opposite direction. They’re going back into
town, where they’re going to meet up with the people
from Jeep Jamboree, and then turn around and come back. Dave is talking to a friend of ours, he’s going to put in an order for me and see if he can find a new carburetor, maybe some spark plugs and stuff. That’s the cool thing about the Rubicon. You never know who
you’re going to run into, and all of these guys are well built, so they’re not really having
any issues getting through, so hopefully they can
get to town and find us what we need and get back out here so we can keep on truckin’. (persistent rock music) – Got it. That was fun. Good times. (engine struggling) (engine sputters) – Aw! – (laughing) I warned ya! – Clutch went to the floor. The engine twisted, and the
motor mount probably ripped up, and the clutch linkage all came apart ’cause it’s all mechanical,
it’s not hydraulic. We got it back up here on level ground, and the engine seemed to sit
back where it’s supposed to be, so we threw some ratchet
straps around the intake down to the frame, and we
put all the clutch linkage back together, so hopefully
these ratchet straps will keep it from torquing,
and ripping apart, but something else will break next. – What’s our list of broken
and bent and damaged so far? We got motor mount, for
sure, we got exhaust broken on the Jeep, I think we
have a blown head gasket, ’cause it’s filling up
that coolant jug with oil. – Let’s not talk, let’s not
say those types of things. – We’re doin’ a good job,
Fred, we’re doin’ a good job. – So Dave’s, the truck didn’t start again, so I walked back to give him
a hand, and as I got here he’s like “it’s on fire again”, – And the fire extinguisher
was out from yesterday, so, – So we beat it, with our hats,
and that didn’t put it out, and finally Dave took his
shirt off and smothered it, so, – Onward to the next problem. – Yeah, we’re going to keep going up here, and see what else breaks, down. (rock music)

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  1. czesc prosze daj mi SUBA brakuje tylko 9 do 54 200 to nic nie kosztuje, zajmie ci MAX 5 sek a mnie ucieszy 😀 q

  2. Fred, buy a mahindra roxor and build it up and see what you guys can do with it. I think Dave already has one so use it!

  3. Thanks so much for losing touch with your viewers. I used to tune in and enjoyed watching motor trend on YouTube. I unsubscribed when you moved to YouTube red. I'm not even sure why I came back. I am not paying to watch. I can watch all the motorsports stuff I want elsewhere for free. It's just too bad one of my favourite channels decided to flip me the bird

  4. PSA – STOP BITCHING ABOUT HAVING TO PAY 50$ A YEAR TO WATCH MOTOTREND AND OTHERS. youtube ruined the platform, not them. Every employee at mototrend needs to eat.

  5. ……………SQUARE BODY WWWOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………ok homieezz hwz bout putt'n D.E.D. back here hw it used to b YYEESS!!!!!!!!!!……come on nw lol!!………….. #BUCKLEUP4SAFETY!!…..

  6. Fred come make my 60 Willy CJ5 live again. I have no money, and cannot work. I would love to find a way to get my ole CJ5 operational by summer.

  7. This was a really good episode, probably my favorite from this season. The backstory behind how they ended up with the squarebody is pretty funny too. I don't blame them for leaving YouTube and will gladly pay 5 dollars for the huge amount of ad-free content. The motortrend app definitely needs some work though.

  8. Who ever the corporate jackass is that decided to put full episodes behind a paywall needs to be fired. Good content gets enough views that ad revenue and sponsorship should make more than a limited number of people willing to pay to watch

  9. I bet you wish you had tube sock and the Cummins diesel with the plastic oil pan. Even with the plastic oil pan tube sock kicked butt man. I would love to own tube sock..

  10. Does a couple thousand views over on the subscription site really pay better than a few million with ad revenue + a larger fan base who’ll buy merchandise? I have a really hard time believing this makes sense financially.

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