rubbers and pencils

rubbers and pencils

I fucked up my family Excuse me and I fucked my friend by fucking her boyfriend He told me he fucked someone else! and sometimes I wish I didn’t even know that fucking existed I’m not obsessed with sex We’re gonna have sex. I just can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t have sex with you because I’ll fall in love with you Do you still wank about me sometimes? No… and I know that my body as it is now really is the only thing I have left but that gets old and unfuckable I may as well just kill it my life would be fucked… I fuck everything Either everyone feels like this a little bit and they’re just not talking about it or I am completely fucking alone. Which isn’t fucking funny… They keep asking me, what do you want from this workshop? What do you want? I’m not telling them what I want. I just wanna cry, all the time. I want to apologies to everyone I’m sorry Because people make mistakes That’s the very reason why they put rubbers on the ends of pencils I wanna move on Can you just tell me what to do? You know You already know what you’re going to do Don’t worry it does get better You promise? It says you run a café, for guinea pigs Told you it was funny You know what the worst thing is? That I fucking love you Hey Let’s never ask anyone for anything, they don’t get it Deal. But then, you’re free People make mistakes It’s why they put rubbers on the ends of pencils Was that a joke? I don’t know…

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    Shit I freacking love everything about this. The music, the colouring, the editing, everything is just perfect.
    Basically this video is as great as the show.
    Thies goes straight into one of my favorite vid of yours ❤

  2. oh my god i don't even know what to say! This show is so important to me and you could tell everything that it is. thanks! FROM: A FAN IN BRAZIL

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