RUBBER BANDS in Slow Motion (Flying, Thumb Hit, Belly Hit Experiment) – Slow Mo lab

RUBBER BANDS in Slow Motion (Flying, Thumb Hit, Belly Hit Experiment) – Slow Mo lab

What’s up guys! Welcome to Slow Mo Lab! Today, auuch! Today we are going to play with the rubber bands Several of you wanted to see how it flies in slow motion So I am going to do just that And later on we are going to build up and make it even more interesting Let’s do it! We have our camera and the background set up Now we are going to shoot the rubber band Stretch it out and shoot it and film it in slow motion Rubber band is being released in slow motion Rubber band flying in slow mo slomo rubber band Well that looked pretty cool. It looks like the end is catching up with the front And goes in front of it Now we are going to make it a little more interesting I am going to stretch it out and hit my thumb And film it in slow motion And we’ll see how the thumb actually reacts to the hit by the rubber band Should be pretty interesting. Let’s check it out Aaaa That hurt a little rubber band hitting the thumb in slow mo THUMBS UP! Well we are about to make it even more interesting We are going to hit my belly With this blue rubber band And we’ll see it in slow motion Let’s check it out That’s going to hurt Speaks Russian: one Two Three Aaaa! Rubber band spanking the belly in slow mo Well that hurt pretty bad I wish we had more heavy duty rubber bands For a better slow motion effect Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video Give me thumbs up if you did! And we’ll see you next time Today we are going to do a super super cool visualization of a popular experiment (stacked balls experiment) And you guessed what happend It bounced up much higher Let’s check it out What could be a cool way we can visualize it Water balloon dropping in slow motion Watch next by inspire to cook: Hot dog pizza, Avocado Egg Bacon, Jello Marshmallow.

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  1. Как заметил чуть ниже уважаемый Чак, очень интересно было бы посмотреть на арбуз, взорванный с помощью большого количества резинок, одетых на него.

  2. Every time I watch one of these videos it feels like you don't know what to do with your hands haha.

  3. 1:12 
    Сказал на русском 1 2 3 
    Я что то вообще не врубаюсь 😀

  4. It's not often I like a Video before I watch it.  I'll forgive you on the lack of chainsaw usage this time.

    And btw, here's a suggestion for some heavier rubber bands.

  5. Do a ping pong ball filled with match heads. Thrown into the air and film the results when hits the ground.

  6. Slow mo GUYS are making huge fireballs and taking simple concepts like shattering a CD and making it extremely interesting!

    Slow mo LAB is playing with rubber bands and firecrackers. Frickin' boring.

  7. Always enjoy your videos. As a kid I loved time lapse (ex. flowers growing); now it's fun to see slow motion.

  8. You can do some really amazing things with rubber bands with the right type of band and an understanding of how to shoot them properly. I can shoot through plastic bags, multiple layers of paper towel, paper bags, and styrofoam cups. Would love to see some slow motion of that kind of thing.

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