Rookie Mistakes When Making Your Wheels Fit

Rookie Mistakes When Making Your Wheels Fit

– Oh hey there, neighbor. How is it going? Because the weather
sucks now and it’s cold, only perk of actually us
being in Wisconsin is the fact that, I mean besides the
rest of the automotive world and all the YouTubers
and all the cool people live in California, we don’t have super high taxes and the winter stops spiders
from turning into the size of my cat, which is pretty cool, however, it makes for crummy attitude. Either way, since we’re stuck inside because it’s cold and it’s raining, we gotta talk about another
round (clearing throat) of rookie mistakes. This one, judging by some cars out there in the World Wide Web,
probably need this one. I’m Alex, in Instagram and today’s episode of Alex
staring awkwardly at the camera and praying the editor can turn
it into a joke of some kind, we’re gonna be talking about the good, the classic, the
old-fashioned rookie mistakes people make when they go to
try and make their wheels fit, because it happens. (techno music) ♪ Won’t you be ♪ ♪ my neighbor ♪ And I would actually have my
flippy-flippy hair but it’s, uh it’s not there. It’s not there today. It’s a little deflated, a little limp. And of course, as you
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like wheels and tires and suspensions, I bet you
didn’t see that one coming. I realistically say that the first and biggest rookie mistake that people make when
they go to try and make their wheels fit, and
there are a lot of them, will probably be not truly
understanding the potential, like, damage and sort of like, difficulty that comes along with
rolling your fenders. Now you’ve seen all of
those YouTube videos before where they take like a
baseball bat or something, or maybe sometimes they just pray that if they’ve heated it up enough, they can just gank on
it which sometimes work but you’ve also seen like
the poor kid that uses the wooden baseball bat and
he rolls the rear fenders and it just ends up looking like some nice crusty warm beach waves which is not what we have
in Wisconsin right now but I’m assuming that all
the cool kids in Cali do. But it actually is a
little bit unfortunate because then your fenders look like they got absolutely thrashed. Now you don’t wanna try
to roll your fenders so low the first time,
because that’s how you fail. That’s gonna be ultimately
a dangerous game that you’re not really gonna win. You’re gonna have somebody
come over and maybe has done it a few times,
because they’re gonna have tips and tricks on your
fenders if they’ve worked on that car before. Heaters, rollers, things
that mount up to the hub and everything in between,
to try and minimize the amount of damage when
they go to roll your fenders. A lot of people think that
the only tool they have to make their wheels fit
is rolling their fenders, and it makes sense. But there’s a whole another
round of bits and pieces, clues and deals, see if you will, that your car actually
probably won’t end up once you get into actually
making your wheels fit because you’re just gonna have
to remove things, you know. You end up removing your
fender inner plastic bits and all that. Now if you can manage
to save those pieces, I’m proud of you. But the tighter the setup,
the more unlikely that’s honestly going to be, and here is why. Now, if you imagine a wheelwell, right? You would assume that the
little plastic liner in there that helps keep some of
the electrical stuff dry and the engine bay clean would be smooth. Like a nice smooth, no! It’s not, because those inner
liners have these bump outs, they have these vents,
they have indentations all over the place, and
every other type of shape that ultimately doesn’t make
it a nice smooth surface and you’ll have it end up
being something that you rub on because you don’t have a tight fitment, or you want for a maximum
width on your wheel because you wanna be a cool kid. Now, what you’re gonna wanna do is you’re gonna wanna decide if
you’re gonna wanna take it out or just let it rub until the
whole thing just breaks off. The choice is ultimately yours but what you can do if
you’re looking to keep the inner fender liners is
heat them up, push ’em out, or put a book on ’em
or something like that, that’ll help push out bump
stops, in case you’re wondering. And there’s a whole lot of things going on in the good old wheelwell, but one of the biggest things that becomes one of the biggest issues
especially with those guys and gals out there
that have big brake kits, either from factory or
aftermarket is that, is you’re not accounting
for the fact that you’ve got the big brake boys in the front or rear and then you automatically
go to throw your wheels on mostly because you’re
absolutely ecstatic about installing them because you got them. But then when you mount
it up, you’re gonna hear metal on metal noise, and
not the metal on metal noise that you want. The wheel’s not gonna sit
where it’s supposed to. It’s not gonna mount on, and then a fit of rage will come, and you’ll wonder, “what
did I do in my past life for me to deserve this?” Big brake kits are becoming
especially more common on cars these days, especially the ones with the performance
trim, which is pretty much every single car out there these days, and if you’re lame and
don’t get wheels from us and they don’t check if
you have a big brake kit, you’re gonna end up with
wheels that could potentially not clear, especially with
wheels that have a super flat profile and very minimal concavity, but that doesn’t mean that
if you have a concave wheel that it’s automatically gonna fit. Now a lot of sport
compact brands like Cosmos and Konig, and Motegi, and Enkei, specifically build their
wheels around brake clearance because they’re more of the
sporty racing style wheel which is why you won’t
see many of their wheels feature a ton of concavity
of their wheels designs, but mostly just a super deep mounting pad so you never have to worry
about your big brake clearance becoming an issue for those wheels. If you keep the wheels because
you didn’t get them from us and they won’t take them them back, so you decide, “I’ve got it. I’m just gonna get some
spacers and I’ll be golden.” So you type in the space room information, you go on Amazon, they’re
somehow twenty dollars, they’re made of metal which
is good enough for you. So you throw ’em on,
then get the wheels on, and magic happens for
you, and now your wheels are mounted up to your car. You go to throw your wheels
on and quickly realize that when you’re going
to tighten them down, you have a little bit of
what we call an “oh moment” because your OEM lugs don’t
fit the aftermarket wheel holes and/or you’ve got about half a thread left to tighten your wheels onto your car. No duggers are gonna save you there, son, it’s just not gonna work. Okay? And because you didn’t
get spacers from us and they didn’t tell you that
you’re gonna need longer studs, your now 25 mm spacers are, um, (clears throat) pretty much useless. And that deserves a shame moment. If someone told you this sort of stuff so you didn’t make these mistakes, it probably would have helped you. Maybe somebody (clears throat) Maybe it’s somebody that’s
trying really hard to grow beard. (sniffs) But I still think it’s gonna happen. A lot of times rookie
mistakes happen because somebody’s going to purchase
their first set of wheels and want their setup to
look like somebody that’s purchased their tenth set of wheels, or have gone in to really
measure their own wheels. And they end up going
through all of these issues because the other person
that was more experienced knew all of this stuff, and that’s what we don’t want you to do. So if you’re looking to go
with a more aggressive fitment, if you’re looking to go with
something that’s gonna be a really close, tight setup,
you’re gonna wanna make sure that you look at some of these things and make sure that you don’t have to get any sort of wheel spacers
or that you don’t have to worry about getting
extended lug knots or bolts or studs, or anything like that, because it is going to be a pain unless you’re willing to do that, which I mean in all the
grand scheme of things, it’s a kind of a rollercoaster,
more of a storyline than a list (clears throat) but either way, we need more
ideas from you guys and gals for future videos, so let us know what you would like us to talk
about next, and we’ll add it to the old docket. Apparently people don’t
like it when I say docket. Apparently that’s not a thing. But if you’re looking to
purchase some good old wheels, tires or suspension
and don’t wanna go through the hypothetical story that
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  2. Pro tip: DONT roll your fenders if you actually care about a CLEAN stance build, once your fenders go to bacon shit it doesn’t matter how nice your wheels are you’ve already lost so many points. Stance dudes take pride in having crazy fitment WITHOUT rolling or cutting anything 🤫

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  8. word of advise that I learned from my own mistake: Do not go for thinner sidewalls (on top of that stretch it) in order to get your fitment. My already bad ride quality went to absolute shit and I bent wheels left and right bc of stretching out 35mm sidewalls. I'd stay stick to at least 40mm side walls or 45mm if you want to stretch your tires!

  9. Damn i made this same mistake recently buying wheels that didnt clear big brakes then buying 25mm drm spacers for 300$ that helped clear which made so much poke and drive quality went to sht. Now i gotta try and sell these wheels and spacers 😒

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  12. My fitment was pretty bad, but it's okay cause I just let the tires roll out the fenders whenever I enter parking lots and make turns

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