Rookie Mistakes Dialing In Fitment

Rookie Mistakes Dialing In Fitment

– Leap frog. Nailed it. Dialing in fitment is a bit
like when you have a box within a box and you go to
take out the smaller box and it makes that extremely
satisfying (deep exhaling). And then you, like, kick
it and it comes out. You know what I’m talkin’ about? It’s, like, that very
satisfying box within a box. Maybe you don’t know
what I’m talking about but it is an extremely satisfying thing. You know, I hope, God,
I really hope you know what I’m talking about. But, odds are that
unless you work at Amazon or U-Haul, there’s no
(bleep) way you’ll have that satisfying moment doing it yourself unless you knew that
there were rookie mistakes when putting boxes within boxes. But there’s no channel that
does the boxes within boxes so within our case this
is gonna kinda come down to dialing in your fitment. Because dialing in your fitment is a bit like putting a box within a box. It’s really satisfying but
you’re never really gonna do it on your own unless you actually know what you’re supposed to be doing. That may be one of my
worst analogies of all time but I’m Alex, Alex at
FI on the picture page and today we’re gonna be
talking about rookie mistakes when dialing in your wheel fitment. (electronic beeping) (intense music) And if you guys are lookin’
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and hit the bell button otherwise you’re probably missing out on great content like this. – I like the tee shirts here. – Bull crap, poop head, no
one likes the tee shirts here. You’re only in it for the free wheels. – Yeah, well I do. ♪ Watch your back ♪ – And if you’re looking for
aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension, You know what it is. The first mistake people make when they go into dialing
in their wheel fitment is that they only use their
suspension adjustments to get the overall fitment
the way that they want. Dialing in your fitment is a bit like having a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich, you’re gonna need the bread. You’re gonna need the
butter, the peanut butter, and you’re gonna need the jelly to make a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich. You can’t have just two pieces of bread and expect it all to work. You’re gonna be a little bit depressed. Doesn’t matter if you
got tuna with no crust if you got no bread, you just got tuna. Who eats tuna by itself? No one. Dialing in fitment needs to be done by utilizing all the
variables that your wheels, tires, and suspension provide you. Using camber to dial in
your fender to lip fitment is great but you’re also gonna need to adjust your tire aspect ratio to make sure that that
fender to lip fitment can actually happen. If your tire’s not pulled back far enough, you’re never going to get that look. But then you’re gonna wanna make sure that you have everything else locked in like your actual wheels because if you don’t have
the right offset on top, your wheel’s not gonna be even
close to being fender to lip. Now, that doesn’t even go
into the point of talking about anything else that
you may need to consider such as, well, you know, stuff. But you’re gonna wanna make sure that you have your offset dialed in to even get that fender to lip
fitment in the first place. A pro tip here is to see what
others have already done. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel if somebody has already
done it on your car. If you use our gallery over
at, you can see actually what
exactly other people have done and yes it’s a plug but you just going out there to look is gonna save us so much
time and so many emails. It’s gonna be incredible. Another classic mistake people make is that if they copy paste
specs from another build that it’s gonna be
automatically identical fitment. Now, it will be close,
however, it will be no cigar. This is especially common on older cars but because of age, deterioration, accidents that you probably
didn’t know had happened or if your car was just hand assembled which has happened in the past, it won’t always fit the same and you’ll need to be ready
for those adjustments. Datsuns are notorious for having their rear wheels
off centered over time because that’s just what happens. Your perfect fitment
on the passenger’s side for some reason is gonna
result in you rubbing on your fender on the
driver’s side fitment. You wonder how these cars
actually even made it in the production line
and ask me how I know. I know. Pro tip here is to spend some time and actually change or install
new suspension components on your car before you go
into dialing in fitment. A lotta things like your
bushings, diff straps, if ya have ’em, control arms, tie rods, and things like that are actually gonna help
get your car set up on a baseline because if
you don’t have that baseline or you’re trying to dial in fitment using, you know, things that have deteriorated or maybe bent over time, it’s just not gonna be a good time for getting all of your
fitment on the same level on one side or another. And, you know what I’m talkin’ about because if you’ve ever been to one of those car shows where the guy is sitting in the back of the trunk trying to, like, like, jumpin’ on
it, you know what I mean? And they’re tryin’ to get the fit, it usually is because
one side fits super well but they have to force the other side down because exactly what I talked about. Another good ol’ rookie
mistake in the good ‘ol book of FI stories is assuming that all tires are the same size because they have the same numbers. Now, this one is a little
bit of a tricky one because unless you know that Toyo Proxies or Toyo Proxy or Toyo Proxos fit wide, there’s no real easy way to know. This is why you’ll often see a
lotta guys and gals out there running specific types of
tires for their fitment. They do this ’cause they know exactly what to expect, especially
with their sidewall rigidity, the sidewall itself, how beefy it is, how much it’s gonna bubble and everything in between. And if you actually use the gallery, if you wanna see what we’re talking about, a lot of people tend to do
that on specific platforms or specific styles of fitment. And even though this is an issue when dialing in your fitment, you really don’t actually
have to worry about this one if you’re not planning
on trying to win trophies at, like, tuner. Just keepin’ it real. It’s more of, like, a small rookie mistake than it is a big one. Having the right tire is size, especially with your aspect ratio is one of the biggest
things that can help you dialing in fitment to a T. Cross the T, dot the Is, perfect fit ment. Got it. Dialing in fitment takes some time, too. It’s not just, like, a
one time and done thing. Even though we wish it was, it just takes constant tweaking and adjustments pretty much forever. Kinda like getting a dog. It’s great at the beginning but you’re gonna have to
eventually clean it up when it poops or pukes on the white carpet and then you’re gonna have to remember that you have to be home every
six hours to play with it and then you realize you can’t go out and get drinks, you got a dog. Finally, one of my own
favorite Subaru builds, Matt, it took him constant revisions to get his perfect static set up. And if you’re lookin’
to go down this path, be ready to spend large amounts of time for small adjustments to be made. Because to dial it in
perfect like my boy Matt, takes a little bit of time and it is a thing. This is where air suspension
has really started to blow up because of its ease
with dialing in fitment. When you can literally
lift up your entire car at the push of a button, it does make it a little bit easier to figure out the fitment
that you want to do without making as many mistakes. But that goes into our
final rookie mistake which is assuming that all air suspension is just what you need
to dial in your fitment and I wish that were true. Air suspension is incredible, it’s dynamic, it’s cool, like cool ranch, it makes just about anything
on four wheels look better. Minivans, got it, sedans, hatches, wagons, crossovers, everything. It’s just great and we have it on our website, even though air suspension
is all of these things, it’s not a golden ticket
for perfect fitment. You’ll still find yourself needing to adjust your camber
plates and even investing in some new wheels or spacers to get the set up that you want. Don’t think that air suspension
is gonna be the die all if you’re lookin’ for that perfect set up because just like little tweaks, just like little pieces. You know, you just gotta have
all of the little details to make it perfect. So, what was your biggest
mistake when you were trying to dial in your fitment? Let us know in the comments. It gives our boy Eric soemthin’
to do for 12 hours a day because he has to reply
to every single one. Not because he has to, because he wants to and he heart reacts
pretty much everything. And of course don’t forget, if you’re lookin’ for air
suspension, wheels, tires or suspension, where we pretty much have it all. Don’t forget to subscribe and anyways, drop a comment. We always love talkin’ to you guys. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, we will see you guys later, peace. (intense electronic music)

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  1. Let’s all comment on the misspelling
    πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎyay we did itπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ
    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jk it happens πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

  2. Is there a so you want a Datsun 240, 260, or ,280? If so could someone link it cause I found a killer 240 I'm thinking about picking up

  3. Don’t forget about our Fitment gallery! It’s a great tool you can utilize for getting your Fitment on point. Add your car here

  4. I put 32's on a 4" lowered SUV. I'm the only person (or was at the time, not sure about now) in the world that had lowered the thing, and then I went with a tire with an OD 3" larger than stock. Needless to say, I had to do a ton of cutting, bashing, rubbing and cursing, until I got the fitment perfect. I still own it, but I broke a custom upper A-Arm, so she's off the road until I get a new set fabricated. When I say the fitment was perfect though, I mean… Oh yeah, baby. She nice.

  5. Bought new wheels for my 370z, really new to offset and stuff. Sadly, the rear wheels fit and the front wont clear the brembo caliper. Tried to fix this with spacers which made it clear but now it rubs the fenders lol. Thinking about going to a smaller brake caliper so it will clear without spacers or should i just sell the wheels?

  6. listen man i eat lemon pepper tuna packets BY THEMSELF at least twice a week. shits bomb and sometimes it be like that. dont hate

  7. Rookie mistake #69
    Dialing your coilovers for hours instead driving your car. I hate this stanceboi "built to park" crap
    As my man Hert once said, 5 rules of style are:
    1 lower your car
    2 wheels that fit nice
    3 aero (depending on a car)
    4 nice paint
    5 driving the shit out of it

  8. Biggest mistake, having too much weight in my car before rolling the arches and gouging out an entire set of tyres πŸ˜‚

  9. Well, I have almost no examples of fitment for my β€˜18 Elantra GT Sport
    so trial and error is a must.
    I’ll probably post it on a forum somewhere to save people the headache

    Also, will post on the gallery when I’m done

  10. fitment mistake is… having just a bit too soft coiloversprings. Because driving low you need to take speedbumps diagonal, which compresses one side way more, which leads to fenderscrubbing sometimes…. but thats driving in the Netherlands

  11. Hey fitment industries I have a great YouTube video idea for u guys! Is talking about the science to find suspension that fits, for people who have cars that are old and rare that don’t get much support for there cars! Like whenever I search suspension for my car on many sites it’s always recommends kyb excel G stock performance which isn’t what I want so is there bolt pattern and measurements to take to see if things will fit? Thanks love ur videos!

  12. When I was shopping for new wheels for my 2013 mustang, the wheel specs I wanted looked flush on some cars, and poked on others. Made me SUPER nervous about hitting "buy" on a new set of wheels but I'm excited to see how they turn out when they come in 😍 gotta wait 3 more weeks for them to get built though!

  13. My mistake is that i wanted to run a lot of camber for the look (-18Β°) but forgot it makes my normally perfect spec wheels fit like ass so i had to dial it back to -10Β°

  14. I have never adjusted my ride height.
    I assembled the coils and just assumed how much I needed to tweak them. Installed the spacers, new wheels & tires on the same go. It came out perfect lol
    St205 celica

  15. Lmao that Datsun off-centered wheel is sooo true. I've always wondered if i was the only one. If ya'll don't mind me asking, how can i correct that?

  16. So does this mean that me not liking fender to lip fitment and being a fan of practical, flush fitment will cause me less trouble?

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