Ronald McDonald Tastes Burger King

Ronald McDonald Tastes Burger King

Yo, what’s up?! I’ve been getting alot of questions about this Burger shing Aah Hungry wacks And I’m Well I’m gonna give it a shot So Enjoy yourself here Pull em’ out boys pfft What the fuck is this? I think someone did a cum on his face Ha ha Yeah Watch it Noo Fuck off You islander fuck No fuck you You fuck huh? You be sorry Next time, there won’t be a fucken next time Huh Hey, boys, boys, boys, boys, boy, bos, bo Boys Let’s go to Hungry Jacks Come closer And we’ll them them what I thought of their meals Hold on Whooaaa Here, take the wheel Take the fucken wheel Pass me that bat Give me the bat FUCK YOU I’ve had a taste And I have to say That McSLUT Hey Whadaya doin’? Huh? You with Hungry Jacks now? Huh? Your sorry? Look Of all things No, no, no You stay out of this There’s a Mcdonalds Shut up! There’s a McDonalds just down the road You fuck You! What the fuck? Come here! You slut I’m gonna kill you

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  1. Many ppl are homeless and eathing trash rn. Rather than waste your food for entertainment it is better to give it to them.

  2. Haters: this is click bait look at the title
    Me: fuckin oath they went to America
    Haters:they are in Australia eating hungry jacks
    Me:”pulls out knife”
    Haters: “pulls out dislike”
    Me:why is there so much blood

  3. This is legit the worst thing. All I can think about is all the food wasted. Its not funny at all , lots of poor people would do anything to eat it. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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