Roll up the Rim to dream! | 22 Minutes

Roll up the Rim to dream! | 22 Minutes

A printing mistake left the prize area on
some Roll Up the Rim cups blank. Which is a pretty existential way of saying,
try again. I hit the streets to see what people would
ask for if they could fill in the blank themselves. Have you heard that some of the Roll Up the
Rims have been blank, so there’s been nothing there at all. No prize,
no try again, nothing,
what do you think about that? – Lunchbag let down as my mother would say. – That’s kind of a raw deal. I mean a doughnut, a muffin, something… – I have heard that and I think that if you
had to drink their coffee for nothing that’s very, very disappointing! *laughing* – Have you ever won anything with Roll Up the Rim? – Uh, a free cup of coffee and like, a muffin. Uh, last year. – And did that change your life in any way? – Ah, well it changed lunch, that’s about it. – If you get a blank one, and you could write
anything in there what would you write in there? – I need a new vehicle, I really do. – Free coffee for a year. – You could have anything in the world and
you’re just like, I’d rather go with the free coffee?! – Free coffee, yeah! – A million dollars! That’s my…I’d move away! – I would ask for Trump to be removed as the
President of the United States. Please Tim Horton’s!

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  1. To the woman in the last video no thoughts on stupid Trudeau but you'd make a comment on something you know nothing about thank God for president Trump actually gives a s*** about his country and his people unlike f**** Trudeau

  2. It must be like getting a fortune cookie with no fortune inside.. you just.. question if you even have a soul…

  3. That last lady surely is what I call a "libtard"… What a moron..Trump is doing more for his country than what I can stay about Trudeau.

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