Rock Crawling with Clampy—Dirt Every Day Preview Episode 86

Rock Crawling with Clampy—Dirt Every Day Preview Episode 86

(crashing) (upbeat western music) – [Dave] We made it
to Nevada, Moon Rocks! – [Fred] So Moon Rocks is this little rock crawling
area right outside of Reno. All the local kids come
out here rock crawling, but I’ve actually been to a
rock crawling competition here. So, I know there’s gnarly lines in there. Clampy’s built as a rock crawler, but we also found out yesterday it’s pretty good on the street. – [Dave] Yeah!
– We didn’t have any issues. – 400 miles no problems or breakdowns and we didn’t get pulled over once. – It runs right about 55 to 65. – [Dave] Yeah.
– And the California Highway Patrolmen passed us at least three
times, didn’t pull us over. So our mudflaps and fender
flares and turn signals all seemed to really do their job. – I’ll pull off the fenders ’cause I don’t want to smash ’em up. – I’ll air down the tires and put the front drive shaft back in. – [Dave] Alright. – Let’s go rock crawling! (rock music) (engine revving) – Let’s go up that. – That looks like it’s been done. – Yep, lock that thing up. – Man, this one looks like
a lot of people have tried and not a lot have got over it. (engine revving) – That’s cool! (laughing loudly) – Yeah it’s going to start climbing, you probably kind of
just have to keep at it. – There it is. – Alright, Fred where do you
put your hands in a rollover? – Um, just do this. (engine revving) I get the feeling Clampy
wants to go over there. – We’ll be back, steep rock. What were you thinking
trying to drive up that? – [Fred] I thought I had
the help of my best friend and confidant, but nope. – [Dave] I wasn’t there for ya? – [Fred] No, I could tell your mojo was, – elsewhere.
– [Dave] Try that one, you got that one? – [Fred] Are we going
this way or that way? Think we can go this way. – [Dave] You’re in the
greatest rock crawling Toyota of all time you can go wherever you want. ♪ The world is my oyster ♪ ♪ Meow, meow, meow, meow meow meow ♪ (laughing) (engine revving) – [Dave] Do you think that in 1970 or whatever when Reno was like we’re going to build this Dana 60 someday some dude’s going to – [Fred] Stuff it in– – [Dave] Put it in a little
Toyota and let her eat. There we go, that’s a good one there. (engine revving) ♪ Do do do do ♪ ♪ We’re down in a hole ♪ ♪ Do do do do ♪ ♪ A hole ♪ Feels good! (engine revving) (rock music) Yeah! (rock music) Why is it named Clampy? – [Fred] It’s kind of a hard– – [Dave] I was thinking like
if it was all clapped out it would be ‘Clappy’. – [Fred] My buddies and I
used to have a machine shop and there was a girl that ran errands and she drove this truck
and she called it Clampy and we think she probably
meant “clapped out” and called it Clampy
and the name just stuck. – Alright, think you
can get all the way up to the top of that thing? – [Fred] I can get to
the top of something! – [Dave] Here’s a good
little climbing thing. – [Fred] Yeah. (engine revving) – [Dave] There it is, yeah! (rock music) (engine revving) – [Fred] That was fun! – [Dave] Moon Rocks is pretty cool. I can see why people travel here to wheel. – I think we can mark rocks off the list. – And then what do we got, dirt, roadin’? – There’s a nice dirt
road right over there! – [Dave] Alright and then– – [Fred] And we’re kind
of headed that way, ’cause we got to go find sand and snow. – We got a long drive for sand,
so we need to hit the road. – Alright. – [Dave] Cool! I want to come back–
– We should maybe stop and get a better jacket. (rock music)

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  1. I love your road kill series . please start making these types of vedios again .Love from 🇮🇳 India 🇮🇳

  2. Awesome little rig but he broke one of the major rules of rock crawling and send a bad example to new people you don't go out alone you always go out with somebody else so if your rig gets rolled over or stuck stuck they can pull you out and if you break down they can help you too otherwise that's awesome rig and some cool rocks to play on an area like it

  3. I was just wondering the other day if you still had the free farm truck. I'll never forget the story about it in Petersen's, circa 2000 or 2001 where you installed the Total Chaos suspension and went to the dunes. "We Jump Clampy!" was the cover story. Lots of stuff has changed since then. Fred you're looking more and more like David Frieburger's twin every day. I'm digging the '79-'83 grille on there too.

  4. Why are all the videos for roadkill and other shows blocked they used to be open for free and they also released to free viewers to. What happened my favorite show that only comes online and now you have to pay for it? That's a big let down really I get you got to pay the bill's but you still could release the video later to the free viewers after the upload of the video. Not cool at all.

  5. What axle is in the front of clampy? I dont recognize the hub….

    Clampy is one of my top 3 favorites. Freaking love this rig.

  6. How many guys are going to start their own Clampy builds? Every time I see a Clampy video, I am more impressed.

  7. You guys need to do up a 70 series landcruiser into a rockcrawler. Being from aus there only set up as tourers

  8. I'm sorry but how flipping cool is this truck coupled with some fab driving skills!
    if you guys love car girls, fast cars, mad challenges and motorbikes please head on over to my channel and sub! I have a crazy little ford focus mk1 RS that's about to get a once in a lifetime mod!! be sure you are there to see

  9. I live in Reno and visit the Moon Rocks a few times a year, it's a great place not just for rock crawlers, many miles of great trails and dirt roads for motorcycles, atvs and side by sides surround this amazing location, always a great time when we go there. Something for ever level from beginners to advanced.

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