Roadmaster Spare Tire Carrier Product Overview

Roadmaster Spare Tire Carrier Product Overview

Hi, I’m Toby with and I’m
here with David Robinson of Roadmaster and we’re gonna talk about the Spare Tire Carrier
and some of the key features that make this such a great product. Well before we talk about key features, lets
just talk a little bit about why you need it. Imagine driving a car cross country without
having a spare, you just don’t do it. And in fact all cars come with one, but thats
just not the case with motorhomes. Motorhomes don’t come with spares as a general
rule. So, when you do have a flat you don’t want
to be stranded on the side of the road with cars whizzing by as sixty miles an hour. Maybe your stranded outside of Phonix some
where and its a 120 degrees. When that guy gets there to replace your tire
and wheel you wanna have it at hand, plus you able to control the cost of the wheel
and tire. It enables you to get back on the road in
a hurry with the right match tread for your motorhome. This actually has a receiver hitch built right
into it, so whats gonna happen is the spare tire carrier will insert into your normal
two inch receiver where you would put your ball mount or your tow bar and whatever you
were towing before you just gonna put right in here. Ok now, David, how much weight will this thing
carry? First of all I should mention that this is
a universal tire carrier. This one size one SKU that fits everything,
16, 16.5, 19.5 22.5, all the way up to the 24.5 inch tires and wheels. The stinger is a solid steel stinger, its
a 10,000 pound capacity with a 400 pound tongue weight, so you can flat tow a car, you can
tow a boat trailer, you can put a bike rack, any normal hitch accessory. A spare tire on an RV is extremely heavy,
what makes this easy for the customer, I mean a lot of customers out there, they’re worried
about the weight of the tire. It may be difficult for them to get this tire
up into position. You’re right they’re really heavy. So, what we have done is, we’ve put a lever
bar. Its built into it, and it stores right with
the product. You pin it in place, there is a pull pin on
the back side. Its spring loaded so it automatically locks
when you raise it up. You pull that up, hinge it all the way down
to the ground. And then the next step is, we are gonna wanna
bring a tire right up to this plate. What we want is to get this top hole first. And I’m gonna adjust this here just a little
bit, here we go. Slide that through, you notice that there’s
some teflon washers there, thats just to make sure that you don’t scratch the wheel. Tighten that up. And then the beautiful part about this carrier
is these slots, and these slots enable you to fit a wide range of tires and wheels. And of course you’ll wanna torque these down
and make sure they’re getting tight. And then you just raise it back up. Automatically locks. Of course the bolts aren’t tight yet which
is why its wobbling. And then secure it, with the T-handle. So once its secure it shouldn’t move around
at all? No, yeah I didn’t get my wrenches out, so
that’s the reason you’re seeing that wobble there but, it will be just as rigid and solid
as this receiver is. Ok, well perfect. If you have anymore questions about the Roadmaster
spare tire carrier or are curious to know if it will work on your application, you can
visit us online at or you can give us a call.

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  1. Thank you, I just purchased one from E-Trailer. Looks like it will be a great addition to our Motor coach plus free up a lot of space in the basement.

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