Road Hugger GT Ultra – Discount Tire

Road Hugger GT Ultra – Discount Tire

You might not be the first owner, but you’re definitely the best owner. You dreamed of the places you’d go and the good times you’d have behind the wheel. Now you’re following your dreams, and you
need a tire that can help you chase them. The Road Hugger GT Ultra, available exclusively
from Discount Tire, will keep you on the move. You’ll get dependable all-season traction
in wet or dry conditions, provided by wide continuous center and intermediate ribs, while
the three-dimensional sipes provide thousands of extra biting edges for slippery surfaces. The asymmetric tread design optimizes the
placement of the circumferential grooves and tread blocks, delivering outstanding maneuverability. You’ll get long-lasting tread life, too. – the silica-infused tread compound and interlocking 3-D sipes fight uneven wear through increased
tread block stability, giving the Road Hugger GT Ultra the ability to go the distance. Available in sizes from 16 to 20 inches, it’s
the tire that fits your car, your budget, and your dreams. The Road Hugger GT Ultra. Because getting there is half the fun.

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  1. they are Fantastic, Perfect Marriage for my 18s XXR 530s. hidden secret I am completely shocked and wasn't expecting them to perform I was skeptical but these tires look beautiful you need to get them they are made by Nitro. I wish I could show you a picture but they just look so good on a wheel all-season Tire

  2. I bought a used 07 Pontiac Solstice GXP these tires were on it… These are discount tires and from experience don't go well with a high performance vehicle …at times had low traction and on ice fishtailing everywhere …If you have a high performance / rear wheel drive vehicle invest in higher grade tires and do your research…

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