Rim of the World | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Rim of the World | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Everybody’s gone! Honey, this summer 
is gonna be great. You’re going to make friends. There’s nothing
to worry about. Welcome to 
the Rim of the World Adventure Camp. Alex, I am your leader, Logan. -I love you.
-Mom! Zhenzhen!
Where are you going? I don’t think we should
wander this far. Maybe we should head back? Follow me. What was that? Never seen 
anything like them. It’s Independence Day. It’s June, Gabriel! We need to wait here until
the adults realize they left us. Go! Run! Did you see 
the size of that thing? Stop talking. Please stop. Was that an alien? Let’s go! It has the dog! We need to find our parents. We got to get to the city. Do not move! We’re at war.
You’re not safe here. -You’d better go.
-We can’t leave you! Take this key. It’s on you now. This is a cryptokey. It can activate 
our satellite defense. We should try to find JPL. It’s a NASA facility
70 miles away from here. How are we supposed to go
70 miles? 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1. I can’t drive a stick. -Yeah, Zhenzhen!
-Hold on tight! This is Animal Kingdom here. -Hang on!
-We have each other. And we can’t give up now. I’m your master now. No, the line is, “Now I am the master.” Okay, we really need
to get you a girl. May I propose a toast? Crap! This is from 1969. At least get fresh wine if this is gonna be 
my first time, right?

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  1. This movie sucked
    I can name so many movies and shows that did this trope better: stranger things, goonies, IT, Alien, signs. Tell me it doesn't remind you of those movies. Also this movies a whole cliche.

  2. I saw this movie… and it’s not very good. It had some character development, great acting, and decent special effects, but the problem with this is the story is absurd, the writing is bad, the jokes are flat, the action scenes were ruined by shaky camera shots, and the aliens make no sense. I’m giving it a 2 out of 5 stars.

  3. Hey um netflix a person was insalting and calling this movie dum and stupid and racis but i love this movie

  4. I watched this movie hoping to see a throw back to old classic monster movies like tremors or at least an entertaining family movie like Jumanji. This movie had it's moments but I felt it was trying too hard to be like both of them. I didn't like how they changed the campsite setting to the big city because I feel campsites is the heart and soul of adventure movies, the characters weren't totally hate bale but like I said this movie was trying a little too hard so I give it a C-

  5. Well, I loved it. Positive messages on team work and perseverance. I'm a Big Kid…. It had flaws … but I didn't care.

  6. is it just me or does the movie have a color glitch while streaming it on netflix at like 20 mins into the movie?

  7. What's with the mediocre kid cast…. cmon now the military gives a child the literal key to save the world… stop man…. stop this dumb fuckin concept already…. an stop makin the stereo type cast of kids with 80's-90's references that they werent around for…. fuckin dumb… you ppl make me fuckin sick…

  8. Cubers when watching early in the film: WhAt! AlEx HaS a AnGsTrOm 4×4 AnD 3×3?

    Edit:And I'm a simple Cuber I watch anything that has Rubik's cubes.

  9. Why all the bad reviews it was pretty good..some funny parts..I was entertained from beginning to end.. favorite part was stealing the car n playing NWA lol

  10. Watched last night, enjoyed it.
    Silly humor with some 80's & 90's music. It's probably good they didn't make this a series. 7.75 out of 10.

  11. This does have similarities to stranger things, but they both came out the same year, so it’s likely they had similar ideas WHEN it comes to them reaching JPL and Hopper and Joyce reaching Hawkins lab. In both film creations, you see the protagonists under pressure trying to fit two chips (or whatever) into their separate slots at the same time.

  12. Way to many swears and foul language in this movie for younger children, pre-teens that don't need to hear it and for alot of "other, virginal 👂'd teenagers" too. IF ya' KNOW WHAT i mean. "I" wouldn't watch this with my 17 Yr old grandaughter, and she's now in her first year of college, nor my Teen and Pre-Teen grandaughter's!!

  13. I didnt really like this movie every kid had basically the same story aka there dads, story line was weak and special effects just wasnt there. But out of 10 I would rate it a 5/10 just lost interest a quarter way thru

  14. Lmao this looks awful. The fuck are these useless little brats gonna do, save the world? Yeah right, these kids are so fucked.

  15. That’s all I see on Netflix the planet being destroyed or aliens coming WW3 definitely gonna happen this is just like the 9/11 they keep showing these things these are not just movies and shows

  16. The Casting makes no sense. They say that Alex rarely ever goes outside, Yet Jack Gore has so many Freckles. How?

  17. Talk about stereotyping! The amount of overusing the colour grading put into this movie is just ridiculous! I couldn’t bare to finish the movie. Yellow is way too yellow as if it was a cheap filter. Blue is too blue. What the hell…

  18. 1. LOVE the diversity. 2. Jack Gore’s the best of the child actors in this. 3. Jack looks like Cameron Monaghan 4. THIS. FILM. IS. ABSOLUTELY. TERRIBLE (was it written by one of the kids?)

  19. There was alot of pedophile jokes in this movie..like who would think that saying a young black boy having an alien penis in his mouth would be funny? And the same kid had a joke about putting his penis in the grown adult womans "box" and he had another joke with him talking about motorboating another grown woman. Yall literally played Ginuwines song "Pony" as kids walk into a kid camp!?!?!??! WTF? 😡😡😡🙈🙈🙈

  20. This Movie is underrated AF it's really good imo the only thing it has in common with Stranger Things is fucking Bikes and unlike ST not majority of the main characters are nerds

  21. hey stop comparing this to any movie and calling it cringy?? I know it’s stereostype but when I watched the movie I find myself not minding about it. it’s a great movie and funny HAHAHAHHAHAHA you’ll keep saying they ride bikes dzuhh didn’t you know they need to go somewhere like 70 miles and whatthey will just use their feet to walk?

  22. Why they always gotta wedge the white kid in there?

    Stupid forced diversity requirements…

    (Seriously though, despite the quite obvious pandering–the "protagonist" is STILL the white male…


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