Riding Bikes in China // 2019 BMX Qiansen Trophy

Riding Bikes in China // 2019 BMX Qiansen Trophy

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Beijing. Yoshi, you’re home, haha. You’re peeing, but at the same time you want to throw up, because of the smell you’re peeing in. Thanks for the explanation, haha. Good morning China. I was to enthusiastic with all the button in the plane that I didn’t sleep. I slept the whole bus trip. But glad I still had a decent night of sleep. Maybe I don’t look like it, but I’m feeling pretty alright. So I’m happy with that. You guys have already seen everything last year. I’ll do my best to make a good video again this year. It’s 5.30 in the morning. Been awake for an hour. So went for a little ride through the city. Yesterday I was wide awake at 4AM. So at 5 I went for a ride. Sylvain was laughing at me when he found out. This morning: 4.22AM. Sylvain, that’s what you get for laughing at me. Off to the track. Not 1, but 2 races today. So it going to be an exhausting one. Bit of rice for now. In 1 hour we will start with round 2!

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  1. Geez that noise must’ve thrown everyone off their game. Also, I now see why you prefer gate 8! Awesome video Niek!

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