Reviewing Sema Cars

– What is going on, guys? Joseph from Fitment
Industries, and I’m here with– – Dakota from Fitment Industries – We are roaming around
SEMA 2019, and we decided – It’s amazing. – What better way to go
and look at some cars first-hand and give them a quick rating. Because there are some
absolutely fantastic, spectacular cars that are roaming
around the booths of SEMA. 90% of them might be a Mk5 Supra. But we’re gonna get past that fact because they are all
just absolutely awesome. So, our first stop right here at the Seibon booth, and we have this– – Gorgeous, gorgeous. – Technically stock body Mk5 Supra. So, obviously right away, a
lot of carbon fiber goodies. You’ve got the carbon fiber hood, that is not only carbon
fiber, but it’s also accented with the red inlay
and everything like that. – And I must say, being
able to review a car in person, this is nice. It’s a little nicer than
looking at a Walmart tablet. This is cool. – Ya, we used to read a
car on our other series from the gallery that had this kind of carbon fiber on the roof of it. So, being able to see
this in actual person and get a closer look at it, it
looks absolutely gorgeous. – So, one thing I want
to say too about it, is there’s hundreds of Supra’s here. This is a stock body one,
and I really like it. A lot of them have a widebody kit on them, they look gorgeous with a widebody, but it’s refreshing to see somebody not cut it up right away,
keep the stock body, really show off what
these cars can look like. And then the carbon fiber–
– It’s everywhere. – Is just phenomenal on this. So, shout out to Seibon on this, because this carbon fiber weave, the red in there just
goes so well with the car. – [Joseph] And I believe it’s on the hood and also the trunk as well. – [Dakota] Ya, it has a lot
of carbon fiber goodies. We have a carbon fiber lip on this. – [Joseph] Some good old Gram Lights 57’s. – [Dakota] The wheels look really good, I love the fitment, kind of a track, more aggressive style on this. Carbon fiber mirror covers,
carbon fiber dorsal plates. The wing, the duck bill,
this absolutely crazy carbon fiber diffuser with an HKS exhaust. I love the HKS exhaust. – [Joseph] So, this rear with the accents of the carbon fiber with the diffuser, the HKS exhaust looks absolutely killer. – Looks like it’s meant to be there. – And then you’ve got
the trunk with the wing. – [Joseph] The wing is probably one of my more favorite parts of the
car, because it reminds me a lot of that traditional Supra wing. – [Dakota] Ya, I agree completely. – [Joseph] So, I think
this is one of the first cars that we saw when
we first came into SEMA, and it just drew our
entire team over here. – Oh ya, instantly came to
it, gravitated towards it. I absolutely love it. I love these new Supra’s. I’ve been saying it since the beginning. We started putting some
mods on these things. They look phenomenal. We could go on and on. I think we should give it a rate. It’s gonna be tough. – Ya. – Okay, rating SEMA cars. Get yourself in the mindset. It can’t be a 10. Not everything can be a 10. – So, think SEMA. – I kind of want it to be a 10. – I kind of want it to be a 10. – All right, let’s give it a rate. I’m not going to give you
too long to think about it. Three, two, one. – Nine. – Nine point five. – Oooo there.
– I like it so much. I really love the stock body. – Let’s get on the next car.
– All right. – What’s up guys? We’re at the next car. Now we’re at T.J. Hunt’s. We have the stock body. Now we’re at the crazy, insane widebody. – Probably one of the most anticipated widebody Supra’s of SEMA. – Street Fighter,
StreetHunter kit, It’s nuts. – Yep. – It looks phenomenal.
– All right, so let’s go ahead and take a deep dive into this car. So, obviously this is
a brand new body kit, not even available yet. So the initial panels and
everything for this car were 3D printed and painted all last week. – It was a time crunch. – This thing has been put together in a very, very fast amount of time. – In typical SEMA fashion. – [Joseph] Ya, so the
HRE wheels themselves, I absolutely love the
design. I think the Grey on the wheels with the
black car, and then the off course the brush lips on
it really, really set it off. Not to mention, the
fitments pretty spot on too. – [Dakota] The fitment
actually looks amazing. – [Joseph] The rear is tucking a little bit much for my taste. – This car was put together really quick. – I think it truly is just the fit, the tires and everything
that he wanted on it. – It’s an aggressive set up. – It’s a very aggressive set up. – I really like this
wing on the back of here. It flows so well with the widebody. I know I was saying that I
really like the stock body and leaving it alone. This just proves me wrong. – Basically, everything about this car. So it is sitting on some Acura suspension, of course you’ve got
the ENDO-CVT tank in it. Probably one of my personal favorites as far as air suspension,
I absolutely love it in the E30. But ya, the amount of time crunch that went into getting
this car here and done along with all of his
other cars and everything is absolutely insane. So I’m
super happy to see this here. – And it looks really well put together. For being a little bit
rushed, a little bit quick, it doesn’t look that way. It might be hard to tell on camera, it does look
phenomenal in person. I can’t stress that enough. – The wing, absolutely killer. That’s probably my favorite piece. – Ya, let’s go over to the rear end. – [Joseph] So, with the wing on this car, I know he was going in and developing this with Street Fighter LA
and everything like that, he wanted to keep the
initial styling of the TRD spoiler for the Mk
Supra and all of that. So, with the carbon fiber center piece and the way that the
ends come up on the sides and everything like that, I think it ties everything together
really, really nice. – [Dakota] Ya, this entire
car is just, it flows. It looks like it’s meant to be this way. I really enjoy it. Maybe if I’m going to nit-pick this because I kind of have to, some of the molding
around the fender flares– – You’re going to have that. – That’s nit-picking, because
I feel like we’ve got to. But it does look phenomenal. It looks great. I think
we should give it a rate. – All right, ready? On three? Are you ready? – Ya. – All right. One, two, three. – Nine and a half. – 9.5 Yup. I was right back where I was with the stock body, but all right. Let’s check out another car. All right guys, so we’re
up to the next car. We were walking around,
just kind of stumbling around, and I seen it, well
actually Joe seen it first. – Ya. – He’s like, “Kalimantan.” – I’m like, “What, what, w-w-w-w-what!” So we ran over here, we’ve
got a Volkswagen Polo. I was like, “Okay, this
is one we’re reviewing”. It’s not in a booth or anything, but I didn’t give a (bleep). I was like, “We’ve got to
review this thing,” because I absolutely love harlequin, and I’ve never seen a harlequin Polo in person. – Right.
– So this is really cool. I’m used to seeing the Golf’s. Just checking it out,
they have the BBS wheels. I think the center caps
are absolutely killer. – [Joseph] Every wheel
is a different color. – [Dakota] Every wheel’s
a different color. Actually, anything on this car that can be a different color, is a different color. – [Joseph] We’re looking
at cassette tapes, we’re looking at water
bottles, we’re looking at seat belts, we’re looking at the bike. – [Dakota] Ya, it has, like, Toy Story cassette tapes in there
that are all different colors. The bike on top,
the intake manifold. Come. Let’s come look at the
engine bay over here. Going along with the theme of this thing, he just did the entire
engine bay, which looks frickin’ awesome. I absolutely love this car. I don’t know if I’d change anything. From the rear-view mirror
being a different color to the cassette player
that’s holding on top with a holder. Everything. The BBS wheels look absolutely amazing on it. The fitment is spot on. It could maybe go a little lower. – [Joseph] Could be a little lower. – [Dakota] But that’s nit-picking,
it’s really nit-picking. – It’s got the head lights that look dope. Everything about it. What do you think about it, Jos? – [Joseph] I love it, dude.
I love that it’s a Polo. And then the whole thing
with the side mirrors and everything, it’s just such a fun car. – [Dakota] They’re goofy looking… – It’s so cool. You’ve
got the rear-view mirrors a different color, you have the seats. Obviously, a lot of time
and effort went into it. I can really appreciate that. Just seeing this thing outdoors, outside of SEMA, it kind of blew my mind. I’m not going to lie. – Ya. – So, obviously we had to come run up to it, give it a quick once over. – The condition of it is… – Looks like he’s got his Instagram right down there, so if you want to hit this guy up on
Instagram, give him a follow. Check him out right there. So… – Ya, the entire condition
of this car, absolutely mint. It looks like it just rolled off the show room floor. But I think, ya, you
ready it give it a rate? – Ya. – All right. Three, two, one. – Eight and a half. – Nine. I really like it. It’s so cool to see. But, all right, let’s
check out another car. – All right guys, what’s up? We’ve stopped by Toyo
Tires, Treadpass booth. Probably my favorite booth so far. – It was kind of like a little
hidden gem here at SEMA. It’s way out in the back, nowhere. And then some of the best cars I have seen have been in this booth. It’s absolutely gnarly. And one of my favorites,
I’ve been following this one for a while, is Krispy’s Subaru Legacy. I absolutely love this car.
It has been through a lot and it turned out absolutely phenomenal, from the headlights, to the trunk set up, to the custom Rotiform
wheels, it just absolutely looks amazing. It’s going to be pretty easy to rate this one, I think.
But, just goin over, you have the turbo and
the grill down here, you’ve got the carbon
fiber inserts, a lot of custom work that’s been done to this. These headlights turned out super cool. I love the Recaro seats. Over here, if we come around to the back…even
the color of this car. The fitment, absolutely spot on. I don’t think it could get any better. It turned out phenomenal. – [Joseph] Ya, it’s
hard to talk about this because it’s literally perfect. There isn’t a piece of this car that really hasn’t been touched, honestly. Everything from the
lighting to the wheels, and then this trunk set up is
just absolutely phenomenal. – [Dakota] It’s super gnarly. – [Joseph] Everything matches. It matches his headlights and everything. – [Dakota] And triple pink. That’s a bold move. I don’t see too many triple pinks set up. But it turned out awesome. I love the lighting throughout this. The taillights are super cool, and I love how they match the headlights. – [Joseph] Yes. – [Dakota] They go along together. The whole car comes together as one, and that’s exactly what it needs to do. The fitment, I can’t get over the fitment. It’s exactly what I like to
see in a stance car like this. The fact that it’s a
wagon (claps), fantastic. – No, overall, everything from literally from the outside to the
engine bay, to the trunk, to the interior has been touched. There’s so many nice pieces
that don’t really seem like a whole lot at first,
but it really does help– – It just all adds up. – …ya, like you said,
tie it all together, which I think is absolutely phenomenal. This is a 10 out of 10 build. – I love it. I absolutely love it. Well, even though you kind
of gave it a rating… – Sir, no photos. – Sorry, sorry. (laughter) – [Joseph] We’re about to
rate your car, come here. – Ya, why don’t you come in here. Ya, we’re doing a live review. – On three, ready?
– Yep. Three, two, one. – 10.
– 10. – Out of a hundred guys?
That’s messed up (laughter) – We went and rated…no,
it was actually out of 200. – For real, we went and reviewed five cars we want to do for this video, yours was the only one we rated a 10.
– Thank you. I appreciate it. – So, it turned out awesome,
man. I absolutely love it. – Look at that. Purple forged carbon fire. – I know, every…Oh my God! You’re hiding good things in there. – [Krispy] I know. – [Dakota] I didn’t even
know that was there. – [Krispy] Ya. The whole center console is that or (mumbles). Uh huh. – It’s just balled out, right? – A little too much. – A little too much. – I’ve got to calm down a bit. (laughter) – Well, thank you so much. – Thank you guys, I appreciate it. 10 out of 200… – All right, so that’s going to wrap it up for rating SEMA cars. I
hope you guys enjoyed that. We got to take a look at some
absolutely fantastic cars. Let us know down in the comments below. – And maybe we’ll do a part two. There’s a lot of cars left here. – It’s our first day, there’s
a lot more cars we’ll see. – My feet are on fire.
– Ya, all right. I’m going to go take a
nap. We’ll see you later. (upbeat music)

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