Reviewing Car Guy Movie Scenes

Reviewing Car Guy Movie Scenes

– What’s going on everyone? Gels from Fitment Industries
and I’m back with. – Dakota from Fitment Industries. – And what are you wearing? (Dakota makes high pitch sound) – The dopest hoodie that we
have ever released, all right? We’re doing a full build giveaway. – Yes we are. – With Cosmis Racing, Silver
Suspension, and Michelin Tires. – How about that? – How awesome is that? – Full wheel, tire, and
suspension package, huh? – Hell yeah! – How do you enter? – You just pick up the hoodie! It’s all you gotta do. – There you go. Link in the description below? – How neat is that? That’s pretty neat. – Yeah, how about that? Or,
whatever comes first. – Hell yeah. – So, we are here today to take a look at some of the most iconic/cringe-worthy/funny– – I’m gonna stop you right there, because there’s gonna be
people in the comments that says, “How did you not include… (Dakota claps) “blank?”, okay?
– Right. Well there’s a lot. And we are under time constraints so we just picked some of the fun ones. And if you guys like this series, please comment below with
what you’d like to see. – Yes.
– All right? Because we’d love to continue doing it, but we wanna know what you guys wanna see. – Right. So we’ll be taking a look at
some car movie scenes today. Some of them are from iconic movies, mostly “Fast and the Furious”
for this first episode. Like Dakota said, go
ahead and drop it down in the comments below. – Yeah, it doesn’t need to
be “Fast and the Furious” but “Fast and the Furious” obviously, The cheesy goodness is
just all over the place. – Right. – I like cheesiness. – So, are you ready for the first clip? We’re gonna be looking at, I’ll just ignore you. (Gels and Dakota laugh) So, up first: “Fast and the Furious” – Of course. – The first one.
– One? Oh. – Introduction of Johnny Tran. – I could just play it all in my head. – Introduction of Mister Johnny Tran. – Here we go. – All right, so, here it is. The part that made me cry. (motorcycle engine roars) It’s fine. You think it’s fine. You think it’s good. The two G’s gonna live for another day. – They got away from the cops. – Piston rings are fried. Screw it, he’s driving anyway. You know, whatever. – And then they’re like,
“Psych! You thought.” (Gels and Dakota laugh) – Say psych right now! (gunshots fire) – Hey this looks like the Cosmis deal. (Gels and Dakota laugh) They took the Cosmis wheels on there. – Hey! (motorcycle engine roars) Fire. – Just starts out right away. (motorcycle engine roars) I don’t think that– Why is the cabin– – NOS! (Gels and Dakota laugh) – Yeah, of course. (car explodes) – Like what initially started– and then of course you get the five different cuts of it blowing up? I mean it’s a dope scene
– What initially started on fire? – Exactly. If you look, the cabin’s on fire. – Yeah. It’s like, “Oh, they just shot it up.” And their kinda just sitting there like, “Oh that sucks.” (Gels blows) – So here, theoretically,
what it would be is the bullets going in and
hitting the gas tank? – Right. – And sparking? And then, starting that on fire? Is that what they’re going for there? What caused the initial fire? It would have to be that wouldn’t it? – [Gels] I would think. – [Dakota] I don’t know
what else would do it. – [Gels] Cause I feel like if you hit the nitrous
bottles right away– – [Dakota] Well, it
would’ve exploded, right? – [Gels] It would’ve
exploded right away, yeah. – If they even would do that. Interesting. So yeah, I’d give that scene, not that we’re rating these, but I’d give it a good
ol’ cheese out of 10. – Cheese out of 10? Give it a good ol’– – No I love that scene, though. – About a two-inch, two years– – By the way, yeah, when I
talk (beep) about these scenes, it’s not ’cause I dislike them. It’s just ’cause It’s so funny. – Moving to the next movie in the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, we got “2 Fast– – “2 Fast 2 Furious” Can you ever be too furious or too fast? (Gels laughs) – And we got the classic
bridge jump scene. – With the R-34. – And we got the Supra? – Supra. – And then, oh we got
Suki’s S2K coming on. – Oh no. That’s why this one’s in here. – The S2K which I believe
has a blow-off valve but no inter cooler. (Gels laughs) – Doesn’t have a front bumper
at the end of this either. (Gels and Dakota laughs) (car engine roars) One-liner here. – This is exactly what racing
is like in the whole movie. Look at this, this is
exactly what it’s like. – Yeah, you just go
into (beep) warp speed. 160 miles per hour is
warped speed by the way. – These cars would be so (beep). (Dakota laughs) They’d be torned after this. (Gels and Dakota laughs) He jumps over him. (Dakota coughs) It’s so ridiculous. – Oh. That’s all that they have then. – The popped tire? – I don’t know, look at
the breaks locked up. (car engine roars) (car crashes) – Lost another Supra. – Oh God. – Here we go. This is it. (Gels laugh) The god of all lines. – Oh hell no! (Gels and Dakota laugh) – Oh boy! – Woo! Smack that ass! – Smack that ass. – Smack, that ass. (Gels and Dakota laugh) – If you’re jumping a bridge in your car, (Gels laugh) You’re doing 140 miles an hour in a convertible, you jump a bridge at night and you just think, “Smack that ass.”
– “Smack that ass.” (Gels laughs) – It doesn’t get much better than that. – All right. – That’s money. – Cheese out of 10,
what would you rate it? – I’m gonna give that
a Mozzarella out of 10. – (laughs) Mozzarella out of 10. – That is ridiculous. Smack that Gouda. – [Gels] Smack that Gouda. All right, so I’m seeing a trend here with all “Fast and the
Furious” movies coming up So I think this is gonna be just mostly a “Fast and
the Furious” episode. – Yup. – So. – That’s okay, though. – Moving on to yet the next series of the franchise.
– I’d like to see some from, “Born to Race” and maybe the “Need for Speed” movie or, I don’t know. Comment below. Please.
– Something that’s iconic. – Yeah. Oh! – So this whole, (dolphin whistles)
scene. All right so we gotta get
the whole story here, right? He’s leaving school. The football players
are teaming up on him. – Did he throw a baseball
through the window? – Mad that his car is not painted. So they throw a baseball. (glass shatters) I hate it when this– Oh wait, did you see that? He threw it. Okay, okay, Pause! Let’s just look at this. Pause that (bleep). He threw the baseball through the windshield ’cause there’s a hole in the windshield. – The rear windshield, right? – Yeah.
– Okay. – And then, all of a sudden, there’s a scene of it dropping
and hitting the ground. – What? Where? – Think about it. (glass shatters) Okay, so. (Gels laughs) It doesn’t make any sense at all. – All right, so now he’s pissed. But he’s smiling. He’s pissed. (laughs) There’s a clear hole. – Yeah! (Gels laughs) – If it wasn’t, It would’ve been indented or you know, cracked. – Here comes the ol’– – I hate it when the football team threw baseballs at my car. And he has a wrench on him. (laughingly) Where did
he get the wrench from? – He wielded it like
the (bleep) Wolverine. (Gels and Dakota laugh) (bleep) like 10 mills come out. – This car goes for 80 grand. – Goes for 80 grand. (crowd shouts) (Gels shouts) Burn! Burn! (bleep) (Dakota laughs) Oh. – Winner! Gets! Me! (Gels and Dakota laugh) – You can’t do that. I’d be like, “Have her. Then take her.” What the hell? – Winner gets me. – Winner gets an STD. (Gels and Dakota laugh) – We’re going back to the
home-improvement route. (Dakota laughs)
We’re going back to, A building development. Pull the bra. The drop of the bra. The cars go, right? – Yup.
– All right. There it goes. Just like that, they’re off. – This is your classic
race of not a straight line but going through a pre-determined course of a neighborhood that’s being built. And they both know exactly where the start and finish line is; However, you can take
whatever path you want. You go any way you want – Like a house. – Yeah, you can take a house route. You can just cut through
the middle of the map if you want. (Gels laughs) – I gotta say, the soundtrack– – How fast are the cars
if the truck is still in front of them? (lady in pink screams) – Fully-loaded with people. – (laughingly) These guys are gonna race. Let’s go get ahead of them. (Gels laughs) (rap song continues playing) But seriously, they just met. – Oh my God. – How did they know where to go? (people cheering) – It’s like did they– – What are they going, 20 miles an hour? There’s a bed full of
people in their, standing. (Gels laughs) – Oh, he’s going off-road. Can’t go off-road in a Viper. – We got cheat codes. (Gels laughs) – Oh, got to have– (tires screeching drowns out Dakota) (car engine roars) (tires screeching) – Okay.
– Almost there. – You pull that E-brake and power over. (Gels laughs) – This guy cannot take corners. – I wonder if– – That’s the whole
premise, he can’t corner! He’s gotta move to Japan
to learn how to drift. – Racing movies full circle. – His parents weren’t pissed
that he destroyed a whole (beep) city because he couldn’t drift. I get it now. Oh my. He’s just having the
time of his life, though. He was pissed about the
baseball breaking his car but he’s just going
through and trashing it. – I thought you loved me? – Oh my God. Don’t shift! (Gels and Dakota laugh) – He loves this. (Gels and Dakota laugh) – Oh well. (car engine roars) – Jesus Christ! (car crashing drowns out Gels) (Dakota mumbling) (Dakota laughs) – Guess I got a new date for prom. – Oh, she got a new date for prom. – This isn’t even “Fast and Furious”, it’s just “Home Improvement 2”. (Gels laughs) – (beep) got intense. Oh geez, Dad’s not gonna like that. (car crashing) – This is usually what I do when I race. – What, Smash up a viper? (Dakota laughs) I hit them. (Gels laughs) (car crashing) – Oh my God. – So, in retrospect, what did the baseball really do here? ’cause things are a lot worse right now. – It’s about to get a whole lot worse. He’s about to lose his Tabasco sauce. (Dakota laughs) (tires screeching) Oh God. – Here we go. Here is the good stuff. (woman in car continues screaming) Shut up! Jesus. – Oh! God! Ugh! (Gels laughs) (Gels and Dakota laughs) (bleep) (Dakota murmurs) (Dakota coughs) Oh, wait! Oh! – Oh here’s a– Not yet. – There it is.
– There it is. Tabasco sauce. I love that. – Oh my God! There it is. (techno music plays) There… it is.
– That was a (bleep) trip. – That (bleep) gets me so hyped. (Gels laughs) For how corny and cheesy
the whole thing is. That final race scene– – And the chick that “Winner gets me.” I had everything you want; sex, action, crazy storylines. – Tabasco. – Tabasco sauce. Tabasco sauce goes on everything. – Baseball. Destruction. – I’d give that a Cheddar out of ten. – So for the final clip
we’re looking at today, we’re going on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Still seeing with the “Fast
and the Furious” franchise. – It’s so much different. It’s not the “Fast and
the Furious” franchise. – I’m excited to– From the last clip that we just watched to this clip and total of five movies in between. So let’s go ahead and
take a look at this one. See how much has changed from “Tokyo Drift” to… (Gels stutters) “Fate of the Furious”. Was that the last one? – I get the last few mixed up ’cause, I watched them once and then I don’t think I
really watched them again. – Yeah. So, all right. Here we go. So we got some Lamborghini’s on ice. (Gels laughs) We’re off to a great start! – We’re on link, Winnebago here, the walleyes are biting and we brought the Lambo out and some tanks and we’re gonna try and drill some holes. Let me see what we can get. – So this guy, not having the greatest time. (button beeps) (Gels holds laughter) – Really, Tej? – So we’re already, So, so far way (water splashes) from what we came from. – What is happening right now? – We literally went from two-G Eclipses, to Lamborghini’s being shot
by tanks with grapples. And again, a submarine, apparently. – Here, hold my Lamborghini, submarine. – Okay, yup. (Gels laughs) All right. Let’s think about the– I see Recaro Seats, so that’s something. This dude would be frozen (bleep) solid. He was just in– – Oh my God, they’re– – He was submerged underwater, and he pulled him out. Now this dude’s doing 120 pulling him on a door. – Come on! – In the middle of the North Pole. – Oh wait! He was about to get hit by a missile. – Oh God. Watch out for the missiles. – Have you ever went tubing, brother? That’s hard enough. Let alone, (laughs) the machine guns. Okay. – Lambo doors are also bullet-proof. (Gels laughs) – Dude, that is not how that works either. Oh my. Oh, the aim. If one of those guys could aim a quarter of as good as he can, this
whole thing would’ve been over. – Number 11 my– (Gels wheezes) – Pardon? (Gels laughs) – Pardon? – So as you can see we really stuck with– – Street racing.
– The same… – The car scene. – What happened? Now we have Cardi B coming
in for the next one. – Don’t say that. – My God. I heard Justin Bieber
is gonna be Paul Walker. (Gels and Dakota laugh) For the 20th (bleep) time! (Dakota laughs) – Justin Bieber is gonna be Paul Walker for the 20th– – Every time there’s news of a new “Fast and the Furious”, it’s literally about five minutes later, I see about five articles, “Justin Bieber confirmed
to be the new Paul Walker.” – We just play it off
like everything’s normal and just Justin Bieber all of a sudden. (Gels laughs) That’d actually be hilarious. – Oh God. All right. – Funny as hell. Change everyone. Just change everybody. – Just start over. (Gels and Dakota laugh) – “Furious and Fast” – God. So that’s gonna wrap it up for us reacting to some of the cars scenes
from some of the top car movies of their, dare I say. So let us know what you’re thoughts are in the comments below and let us know what scenes
we should look at next. – On the last one I gave a
Provolone out of 10, by the way. – Provolone out of– Do you not like Provolone or something? – I’m not saying “nah”, brother. I’m just saying it’s cheesy. (Gels laughs) I love cheese. – All right, that’s gonna
wrap it up for this episode. Don’t forget to pick up a
partnership giveaway T-shirt with Cosmis, Silver– – Not T-shirt, it’s a hoodie. – Oh God, I’m so– – Hoodie (breaks down laughing) – Hoodie (breaks down laughing) – Sorry, I’m so used to saying T-shirts. We’re giving out the hoodie. So pick up the hoodie. Check the description link below and you can head over to Pick up the hoodie then enter. You’re gonna win some free
wheels, tires, and suspension. – Yup. – That’s a lot. – I’m Gels. – I’m Dakota.
– We’ll see you later. Peace! (techno music)

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  1. What is your favorite scene from fast and furious? Don’t forget! We are giving away a set of Cosmis Racing wheels, Silvers Suspension, and Michelin tires! Pick up a hoodie to get entered!

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